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    Dream - The Dreadful Tax Exam

    by , 06-25-2020 at 09:43 AM (26 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 15 JUN - 2020

    Dream No. 669 - The Dreadful Tax Exam

    I can’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my old high school, however, I was using this as my primary place of study; it felt almost like home to me. There were a few scenes showing me in the year 12 rooms and I was worrying about the material as well as that I was not going to leave myself enough time to sit the exam properly.

    The subject coordinator had given us a practise exam for some of the revision materials. I was now at the library in the year 12 study room as I seemed to recap in the dream what the practise exam was based on. Apparently, in the real exam, the subject coordinator was going to also be giving us questions completely unrelated to tax to distract us, and so there were some in the practise exam as well. There were some really hard questions about biology and then there was one question which wrote ‘what is a baka?’. I had a feeling that the subject coordinator was trying to call us an idiot as I envisioned the answer being ‘baka means idiot in Japanese’.

    In the dream, the exams were still being sat at the Chisholm 311 campus but everyone had to do it on the computers. As it was getting stressfully close to exam time, I was going to ask for Riku to take me to campus. Even though he wasn’t yet present, I didn’t end up yelling or even declaring; I seemed to use a calm voice instead like I was talking to somone in the area. I said; ‘Riku, please take me to Chisholm 311 and please include my laptop, the Australian Taxation Textbook, the Australian Taxation Study Manual, the Australian Taxation Legislation Guide, and a calculator’. I said this because I didn’t have those materials currently with me, and I wanted to use my laptop because I didn’t trust the Chisholm computers. Riku didn’t necessarily appear to transport me like I expected but his energy started to amplify and there was a slight hologram of him in his KH3 appearance as I then seemed to suddenly be teleported to the location, with the requested materials magically appearing in a neat stack in my arms.

    Unlike in real life, the campus wasn’t in the correct suburb and was rather in the CBD of Melbourne. I first seemed to be hovering and looking at the campus from the outside, like Riku was yet to release me. Inside, I saw some familiar classmates already working at the computers, so it seemed that I was already late and had find to make my way to the examination room quickly. Social distancing protocols weren’t being measured either; people were sitting next to each other.

    The dream scene then changed and I seemed to be inside the distorted building, on Level. I had to make my way to Level 3 as that’s where the classrooms for our exams were. The only way to get to Level 3, like in real life, was via an elevator. I eventually found an elevator but it said that it leads to ‘MYER’ and so I grew a look of disgust as MYER was the last place I needed and was definitely not related to the exam.

    There were no other elevators around and so I figured I had to traverse the huge building (campus is really small in real life) to find another one. As I walked through Level 1 and 2, I realised the majority of this area of Chisholm was actually a public cinemas entreprise, not an education institution. I kept the look of disgust at all the irrelevent, pointless features of the campus, but a feeling of worry and panic started to increasingly build up as well. The scene ended and I never found my way to Level 3.

    I was though back in the library of my high school and as I walked through room, there were now other students around. Strangely, they were all crying for some reason and I could make out why. Everyone was wearing dresses and even though this is an all-girls school, there were boys in dresses too! I approached the library man at the desk to have myself marked off for the study period. In this dream he seemed nasty and asked my why some details weren’t there. I said that even though I was there, I was not enrolled as a student in a homeroom, and it hasn’t been that way since 2017 through to 2020.

    Eventually I was able to go to the year 12 study room next door again and there were people in there. There were two people that came up to me and spoke to me, and it was actually Sora and Kairi in uniform even though they didn’t actually identify themselves! Sora was the only boy in the dream not wearing a dress but proper shirt and pants instead, and even the navy blue jumper over the top. Sora asked on behalf of himself and Kairi about going to the Chisholm 311 campus because apparently they had the same exam there. I said that I was asking Riku (whom they seemed to not know in this dream) to take me and that he could take them too.

    I walked out of the room by myself and proceeded to ask Riku like last time; but I asked just for myself. I figured that once he had me at the campus; I would ask him to go and do another trip for Sora and Kairi. Just as Riku was fading into appearance to take me across to campus, the dream ended and I woke up.

    Dream No. 669

    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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