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    Dream - Falling To A Game Over & He's In The Sitting Room & I've Grown To Trust Him

    by , 10-07-2018 at 07:26 AM (230 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 7 OCT - 2018

    Dream No. 445 - Separated Sections

    Dream 445 A - Falling To A Game Over

    I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was inside this bizarre complex that I can’t quite describe. It was a mix of inside a house, a shopping centre, it looked like a bit of everything. My other grandma was there and also she didn’t really speak in the dream, I could somehow tell that she was the one behind me being trapped in this complex. At one point, I tried to find a way out through the windows but they were bolted with a fly-screen on the outside and at one point, my grandma walked past and so I had to get away from there.

    A bit later in the scene, when my grandma was gone, Young Cricket happened to appear, once again not speaking, and directed me to one of the windows. I went over to that window myself and tried to be as quiet as I could to work my way out of there so my grandma wouldn’t catch me. I thought it would just be one or two panels to open but I counted them and there was actually fifteen of them! It felt like ages but soon, air was flowing into the complex and I did not hesitate to get the heck out of there.

    I was now in this completely unknown area but somehow, it felt like the inside of some game. I wasn’t myself either and rather, I was playing the perspective of Violet Parr who was wearing her casual clothes but also her mask and had this really bright purple aura around her. There were other characters in this game simulation, which I can tell were controlled by other members of the American Gamerland Podcast community. Some of the other characters included Mario, Yoshi and Sonic.

    As Violet, I moon-jumped to some very high places. I was curious to see how high I could go and so that’s just what I did. She ended up on top of this very tall tower which the dream was making me think was the top of the Empire State Building in New York. The dream camera showed this lower area below where Violent was expected to land when she jumped off the tower. She jumped off with no problem but for some reason, Violet wasn’t landing anywhere close.

    She was actually nowhere near the required area and rather landed on the concrete, in-fact missing the grass by just an inch. The dream camera shook as she hit the ground on impact and then I could here one member of the Gamerland Podcast community saying, “Oh oops, it look’s like Karla’s gone. I wonder what character she’ll come back as”. I didn’t end up returning though and rather the dream ended.

    Dream 445 B - He's In The Sitting Room (Lucid Dream 28)
    I don’t remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was in the backyard and I was talking to a few people. Ever since the start of the dream, I had active intentions to seek 18-Volt but I only really got that conscious awareness when I got into the garage. Someone was following me but I forgot who it was. Then after that, the person disappeared and I seemed to be by myself.

    I was now looking at the position of the cars in the garage and I believed this to be the start of my strong lucidity. First of all, it was just my mum’s car in on the left side and the right side was empty. Without the roller door opening, my grandma’s car drove itself into its usual right side position in the garage. Because I was lucid, I noticed that the car did not park very well and it was so close to my mum’s that it could scrape the side doors.

    I verbally instructed for my grandma’s car to fix itself in which it started reversing. It reversed in a way that it would get closer to the other car though, so I had to instruct it to stop again. I then told the car to turn the opposite way as it reversed. Due to full consciousness, I felt somewhat frustrated at times when the car would get so close to my mum’s again. Eventually though, the car did end up fixing itself so it was correctly centred into its position in the garage.

    Then it time for me to head into the house and that’s when I saw my brother downstairs. I asked him if he knew where 18-Volt was and he said he didn’t. I then decided to stick my head around the corner and look in my brother’s bedroom. I was expecting to see 18-Volt maybe sitting on the couch but he wasn’t. I then went upstairs and asked my mum if she knew where 18-Volt was. She told me “he’s in the sitting room”.

    I slowly and carefully wondered into the sitting room and indeed I could perceive a hint of 18-Volt’s energy. Once again, I bent my head the other way and noticed that something was happening on the far armchair next to the window. The throw that was draped over it began to rustle… But just as 18-Volt was about to appear, the dream forced a fade-out on me

    Transition (445 B -> 445 C)
    I actually knew what the dream was doing! It was trying so hard to wake me but I literally bolted my eyes shut. I was in the void for a long time and at some points, I felt like I was definitely going to wake but I still kept holding on. After what felt like even a few long minutes, the dream entered into exactly the same setting and I was able to link the concept of the previous dream into this one.

    Dream 445 C - I've Grown To Trust Him (Lucid Dream 28+)
    This time, I started out in the dining room where I had originally asked my mum the question, “where’s 18-Volt?” but this time, I was in the area by myself. I was going to go back into the sitting room to attempt to speak to 18-Volt again but I stopped myself, with my mind telling me, “It’s not worth it. If you do that, you’re just going to wake up again”. So instead, I made the decision to head over to the kitchen and confront my mum.

    Indeed, my mum was standing in the kitchen, looking as if though she had just been washing the dishes. I came to her with a look of disbelief on my face, like I felt she was the one behind the forced fade-out. But then because I was lucid, this scenario felt pretty normal, like I was dealing with her as if we were having a real life argument. I eventually gathered up the strength to speak to her.

    I said, “Mum, please, like, can you please let me do this?”. Also just like in real life, she looked at me suspiciously as if I plotting something… As if. I told her, “I’m trying to make an effort here so that I can face up to my fears”. She asked me “why?” and that’s when I thought “you must be dumb or something”, I found it so hard to get through to her and her challenging ways. I said out loud to her, “Because of the work experience thing”.

    I was now absolutely annoyed with my mum and her overprotective ways. I think I finally knew what she was thinking; was she thinking that maybe 18-Volt was a sleaze and that I just wanted to get out with some boy? To sum it up, she didn’t trust 18-Volt. I managed to stay calm and I told her, trying to reassure her “Mum, I’m doing this for a reason. He’s been really good to me, he’s helped me throughout some very difficult times and I’ve grown to trust him”. As I was saying this, I perceived an energy from 18-Volt again, I managed to visualise him smiling at me in a warm, humbled manner, like he could actually hear what I was saying and he was in awe of it.

    My mum was trying to act like she was okay with it but deep down, I could tell that she still wasn’t convinced; she looked as sour as ever. For a moment, it looked like she was going to let me continue on with the dream and I was hoping this would be the case. But when I leased expected it, the dream faded out on me and I was back into the void.

    I still wasn’t going to give up and glued my eyes shut for dear life. I was still in the void when this happened but there started to become projections of funny cat videos on Facebook to try and distract me out of my focus. Additionally, the tingly sensation increased as if I was being forcefully lifted out of the dream. Eventually, I thought to myself, “It’s okay, you’ve done well, you haven’t lost. You tackled a problem” and so I decided to wake up.

    Dream 445: Results (Competition #8)

    445 A

    Competition Night: 2
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
    Dream Guide: Young Cricket
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    445 B
    Competition Night: 2
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Lucid
    Dream Guide: None
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    445 C
    Competition Night: 2
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Lucid
    Dream Guide: None
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    Points For This Entry: 19.0
    Calculation Details:
    - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
    - Control Another Object or DC: Violet Parr (1.0)
    - First Lucid Of The Night (10.0)
    - Was Introduced via WBTB (2.0)
    - Subsequent Lucid (5.0)

    + Previous Total: 4.5
    Total Accumulated Points: 23.5

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