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    Dream - Fiddly Hospital Gown

    by , 05-24-2021 at 02:26 PM (37 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 25 OCT - 2020

    Dream No. 766 - Fiddly Hospital Gown

    The dream started in an unknown outdoor area, with two girls from unfamiliar video games talking to Riku. I didn’t know who one girl was at all, but I thought that perhaps the other one could have been Shiki from TWEWY. For the first scenes, Riku was in his KH3 appearance. Later in the scene, there are many groups of two girls with a video game character. Characters I remember seeing were Mario, Link, and of course Riku; there were many others but I couldn’t identify them.

    Towards the end of the first scene is where I came in to be able to be a part of my own dream. There was a hologram showing me who was participating in the story at the moment and giving me the option to switch characters (between Riku and Sora), I decided to keep going with Riku and so two girls continued to interact with him. It was almost at the tail end of the scene that I felt it would be easy to get Riku in this dream. And so onto the next scene, I started calling for him.

    The next scene was playing in the backyard of my house as I was walking down the incline while continuing to call for Riku. My voice seemed to be a bit quiet at times but I was able to control it and get it to a reasonable volume that I thought I would be heard at. At the bottom of the incline, in-front of the music room, Riku appeared in his KH-DDD (15yo) appearance, but I have forgotten our first interaction.

    The scene did transition to my ‘fortress’ (a repeating reference to an environment I used in my childhood fictional stories) but Riku left as he didn’t think I needed him anymore. As I wondered around the corridors of the fortress, I thought to myself, ‘since it’s easy to get Riku this time, is there anything else we can use him for?’. I then looked over to the corridor leading to the hospital and agreed with myself that I could have him take me for elevator practise again. It was then that I went into the corridor myself but was shuddering at the sight of the four elevator doors, all placed next to each other.

    As I walked out of the corridor again, I called for Riku; but he wasn’t coming straight away. At the end of the corridor I was walking down, I saw my dad in an office, behind a tinted window. Apparently he heard me calling for Riku as he pointed to the right, signalling to me that Riku was in another office that was identical to his but just a bit further down. And indeed as I got to Riku’s office and called him, Riku himself (KH-DDD 15yo appearance again) signalled for me to wait and that he would join me soon.

    I went back and thought I’d wait near the elevators, but after looking at them again, I changed my mind. Walking backwards again, I was hoping to be put out of my misery and thankfully I was met with Riku now coming towards me. As we stopped to talk, I told him that we were in the hospital area, and so to put on a hospital gown, just for general safety and precautions.

    He slipped on a blue gown with three buttons and a tie string to close the back. He looked like he was struggling to close the gown as he asked me for help. The buttons weren’t too bad to do up, but the tie string was very flimsy and even though I was being very careful, I almost broke it by the time I had tied it successfully. I then still had to put my gown on but Riku couldn’t help me as he was the unfamiliarised visitor; however, I managed to catch the attention of a ‘staff member’ walking by and he was happy to help me close my gown, doing it quicker that what I did with Riku’s.

    Riku and I were then ready to go as he carefully escorted me towards the elevators. I shivered as Riku pressed the central button and we waited for one to open. The second one out of four did, Riku coming to put his arms around me as he took me in (now not in our hospital gowns anymore though). As always, I perched my head off his shoulder as I tried to get a grip on my fear. Weirdly, the inside of the elevator was nothing but four sides of empty, white plastered walls, just looking like the empty room of a house.

    I saw the elevator numbers going up to 14, and so I wondered why… I had no idea what floor Riku was going to select when we went in at the start. He told me he selected a floor that would help me get a reasonable amount of exposure; so he evidently selected the top floor. As the elevator was still ascending with him holding me, I woke up.

    Dream No. 766
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No
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