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    Dream - Gaining Powers

    by , 09-15-2017 at 12:57 PM (169 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 27 AUG - 2017

    Dream No. 186 - Gaining Powers

    I don't remember the precise order of events in this dream. I think first of all, there were these TAFE classes going on, on a Thursday or Friday. I was then in this unknown area and didn't know where I was going. I said to myself that although it's not ideal to be following TAFE teachers around outside campus, KG was the only familiar person in this area. So I quietly snuck behind him and walked to where he was going without him spotting me. He ended up going to the public buses and I knew that this was how to get home.

    I noticed that he had met up with KHa at the bus stop. My brother NB then appeared in the dream and he was planning to find his way home as well. NB and I both made ourselves known to KG and KHa. It was planned that NB would go back with KG and I would go back with KHa.... We ended up getting on the same bus. The dream played a bit of the bus ride and then I think the scene changed.

    The next scene took place at my old house in the backyard but I forgot what I was dojng at the start of that scene. I noticed this pillar just next to the stairs that go up to the verandah. This dark grey stone pillar had the four elemental symbols carved into it. From top to bottom, the order of the elements were electricity, ice, earth and then fire. I figured out that the symbols were not active. I had to activate them by adopting the breath of that symbol and breathing onto it. The symbol would turn from its dark grey carving to the coloured glow of that particular element.

    I got ready to breathe out electricity. I made a z-z-z noise and as I did, real electricity cake out of my mouth, slowly filling up the inside of the symbol with bright yellow energy. The next pillar symbol to fill in was ice. I made some sound that I thought resembled the ice breath. What came out was a light blue, cold mist with traces of small white dots in it. The ice symbol was full but then I looked up and realised that there was not enough electricity. The electricity symbol was only filled in about 2/3 of the way. So I changed my breath back to electricity and made the yellow symbol full.

    I then moved onto earth, which was the easiest breath to release... It required the least effort and rather, a calm mind and body. The effect was the same as ice but the mist was green. Additionally, the earth symbol on the pillar was quick to fill up. The last symbol was fire which I took a really deep breath in to fill. What was released was indeed a very hot orange mist with warm white dots. Once all the symbols were filled, I stepped back from the pillar and noticed that I now had full power of the elements. I think the dream finished there.

    Dream Trophies Achieved
    - A Sprig Of Thyme (Use your earth abilities in 1 dream)
    >> Using earth to charge the green symbol on the pillar.
    - Sparkie (Use your electric abilities in 1 dream)
    >> Using electricity to charge the yellow symbol on the pillar.
    - Brave The Elements (Use all 4 elements in 1 dream).
    >> Filled up each of the 4 symbols on the pillar with a different element.

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