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    Dream - Grandpa Returns

    by , 01-03-2018 at 07:18 AM (177 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 3 JAN - 2018

    Dream No. 256 - Grandpa Returns

    The dream started at my old house when I was planning to go on a bike ride by myself. I envisaged riding all the way to Cranbourne and I would stop part way there to pull out Dreamy WB on the phone and have a lengthy chat with her. I then went to my mum who was in the kitchen. I told her that before officially going on the bike ride; I would check my phone to make sure it was fully charged. I then set off on the bike to grandma's house which is also my current house. I saw my grandma but forgot what she was doing.

    I then went into the backyard and saw my dad doing some paving work with a radio playing in the background. We spoke briefly and then he came up with me to the laundry. He kept nagging me to bring these snacks with me called “Fix-its”. I said to him “Dad, the more times you say something; the less likely I am to do it”. Then I walked off into the dining room when I peered my head into the front room and saw my first unusual sight of the dream.

    I saw an old man with white hair standing near the heater, facing the wall. Slowly, he turns around and starts approaching me into the area where I was. As soon as he enters the dining room, he just stood there; a smile slowly bending into a creepy shape. When his smile had reached the widest point, he says in a muffled tone, “how are you?”. I was completely paralysed, thinking to myself; “how the **** are you still alive?”. This dream felt so real, I didn't even think of calling for help. Rather, I gave the loudest, most high pitched screams until I was forced to wake up.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - Five Nights At Grim Reaper's (wake up from a nightmare 5 times)
    >> 1. Woken by the creepy SML puppet (145)
    >> 2. Woken by a counterfeit Ms L. in the garden (166 B)
    >> 3. Terrified by torture device about to be played on the radio (229 A)
    >> 4. Woke up from painful overwhelming spider bites (232)
    >> 5. Woke up from terrifying sight of deceased grandfather (256)

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