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    Dream - Groundhog Graduation & Mulgrave's Special Guest

    by , 11-17-2018 at 10:59 AM (355 Views)
    Date of Dream: SAT 17 NOV - 2018

    Dream No. 485 - Separated Sections

    Dream 485 A - Groundhog Graduation

    I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it was year twelve event again. It was the last day of school and so the year level were going to be having their graduation celebrations. The morning was spent in the library and while everyone had to read sort sort of long script and remember the entirety of it. I was given a book by SD'M and it had suggestions of cool stuff to do and hobbies to get up to over the Christmas Holidays… I think I got the better end of the deal. At the end of the session, Ms L told everyone that they would only have a 10 minute break and had to be back in the library on time.

    During the break, I went into to one of the classrooms to attempt to say farewell to a few of the teachers. Ms Ta. noticed me and started yelling at me. I then pointed to the back of the room and said “What about everyone else that came in?! You’re not getting angry at them!”. She then answered, “I know but you just barged in through the door without knocking and you’ve been running around everywhere in here”… I clearly don’t remember any fast-paced movement.

    I then went to the toilets and I found myself mistakenly to be in the men’s toilets. I tried to get out as quick as possible but just I was outside the doorway, I was really badly verbally bullied by a large group of boys and some girls. Within the group was an old granny that started yelling at everyone in defence. The granny and I actually got along with each other and spoke well.

    Then dream then went back into the library and now the year level of girls was doing further celebration preparation. Everyone was seated at the main side of the library in a big circle and the guest speaker was CW, supported by her mum RW. CW was telling us what her graduation celebrations were like a few years ago. That’s all I can remember for this dream.

    Dream 485 B - Mulgrave's Special Gust (Lucid Dream 29)

    In the first scene, I was on the oval which was next to the local primary school, just on the other side of the linking footpath. It seemed to be dusk when this scene was playing. I was coaching 18-Volt’s fourth grade teacher on how to provide effective and meaningful discipline to her students. She wasn’t physically in the scene though, rather I seemed to be shouting to the sky, also figuring that she could see any movement I did on the oval.

    I seemed to act somewhat like Jo Frost in this scene. I also spoke a lot but I have forgotten everything I said, I’ll recap what I can. The first thing I told this teacher was that a 15 minute timeout was the most ideal length. I then said, “If the timeout is too short and the student doesn’t have enough time to think, then how on Earth does the student know what they did wrong?”. I also stated to the teacher that she needed to tell the student what they did wrong.

    The next bit reminds me of a combination of the Supernanny naughty corner and stay in bed technique. I said to her, “For the first time the student exits timeout, say to them, you’re in timeout, the second time, say to them, timeout, and when you take them back the third time, you say nothing”. The next I said was “And whatever you do, don’t make them stay back after school for one and a half hours just to waste their time, that’s the worst thing you could do”.

    After that, I now saw a very feint hologram of all the school students floating around the oval (in-fact you almost couldn’t see them at all). After looking at them for a while, I yelled out “Now if I can demonstrate on one of your students, anyone…?”, hoping that someone would voluntarily come to me. Indeed, a hologram of 18-Volt came up to me in his Game and Wario cover art appearance and he was slightly more visible then everyone else although he was still fairly feint. I then spoke to him as if I was placing him into timeout but he kept a straight face as he knew I was only demonstrating. This marked the end of the first scene.

    For the second scene, I was still in the local area but was lower down, closer to the shopping centre, walking up the footpath beside the main road. I was constantly think about 18-Volt and I said to myself “Herr, I wanna see if I can become lucid in this dream”. My eyes were now darting everywhere as I headed up the street, trying to read every single piece of writing I came across. Eventually, a bus came up the road and I was reading the advertisements on the back of it… This text is what made me become lucid. I then decided I wanted to do another reality check to confirm my lucidity and it was confirmed when I read another piece of text, I forgot what the text was though.

    I was then at my house, in the front room with a roll of laminated paper. At the end of the roll was a picture of 18-Volt as he would appear in WarioWare Gold. I got onto the floor, lay down next to the roll and cuddled with it. My mum then walked in and giving me a strange look while she points to the roll, asks me “who’s that?”. For a moment I felt like panicking but I immediately sat myself up, pointed to his picture on the roll and said “That’s my dream guide, 18-Volt, would you like to meet him?”. My mum was actually alright in this dream and she said yes. She then went to sit on the couch while waiting for me to get him.

    I went to stand just outside the front room and then I seemed to call for 18-Volt very quietly. At some points, I almost couldn’t hear myself and so I called slightly louder. It worked this time, as I was looking across the whole main part of the house, I saw 18-Volt emerging from my bedroom. He was of the same appearance as on the roll of laminated paper. Compared to the real life game, he was slightly darker, including the tone of green on his clothing, his teeth were more gritted than they were in-game and he had more of a frown as his natural disposition.

    His graphics were the same as in-game though, completely cartoony… Although he looked real enough to my lucid awareness. Once again, I actually found the fact scary that he was slowly coming towards me, avoiding all the furniture in his path as if he actually knew the route of the house. I stood there paralysed, feeling nervous but at the same time excited, my heart racing as I thought, “I can’t believe this is actually happening”. I managed to ease up when he was right in front of me though. As 18-Volt stood in-front of me, he spread his arms out and when I got right up to him, he gave me a ginormous hug. He also now had a more accurate facial expression, precisely matching all facial features and their positions in WarioWare Gold, he wasn’t frowning as much.

    Once he released me, I followed behind him into the front room. He then walked over to my mum on the couch and bent down to shake her hand. My mum was on the left side of the couch and 18-Volt seated himself right side of it, closest to the door. I then came and sat in-between them, feeling really happy and at peace that my mum was actually getting along with a dream guide this time. After a while of enjoying both my mum’s and 18-Volt’s company, my mum said “I’ll leave you two to it” as she then got up and left.

    I then thought about what I wanted to do while I had 18-Volt and so got up off the couch. He then got up off the couch as well and followed me back out the door and into the dining room. At first, I thought I would ask him to help me with elevator exposure again but then I said, “There actually aren’t any elevators in the house...”, so then I asked him to help me with the bathroom fan. As we walked over, we held each other in a hugging position, moving our legs in a certain sequence so we wouldn’t trip over.

    I ended up opening the door to the toilet room, with 18-Volt standing and watching in the background as I flicked one of the switches. It was extremely loud and the wrong sound, so I took no hesitation in switching it off again immediately. After summoning multiple switches and none doing the right thing, being too loud or too quiet, 18-Volt came up to me and told me to try the bathroom instead. He then said he was going to leave me to fiddle around in there for a while and then he completely walked off.

    It felt like almost half an hour when 18-Volt came back and he asked me how I went with whatever I was doing before. I told him and described what had happened. We kept having a friendly chat for a while, then he gave me a quick pat on the back. He then went a step further and gave me another hug. As 18-Volt was gently embracing me, I proceeded to wake up, being satisfied with the outcome of this dream.

    Dream 485 A
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 485 B
    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: Yes

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