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    Dream - Hardware Town & The Legend Of Karla

    by , 12-02-2017 at 11:16 AM (127 Views)
    Date of Dream: SAT 2 DEC - 2017

    Dream No. 233 - Separated Sections

    Dream 233 A - Hardware Town

    I can't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was walking around a random area in Dandenong on a hot day. I was doing something by myself at Bunnings in the first scene. The second scene is where NN discovered I was in the area and so called me on my mobile phone, asking me if we wanted to catch up. He offered to meet me at the Mitre10 store (which does not exist in real life). Originally, he said we'd meet at 11:45 AM but I said that wasn't early enough, then he said 11:30 AM which still didn't suit me... So we negotiated on a time of 11:40 AM. That's call I can remember.

    Dream 233 B - The Legend Of Karla
    I was in a completely unknown area with three other girls. I only remembered one of them from real life. There were these random enemies coming at us and the girl insisted that she and her friends deal with them... Little did they know that I was a powerful figure in this dream; my elements had returned. The girl was so insistent dealing with the enemies by herself but I jumped right in front of her and activated fire which came in the form of an invisible hot breath.

    For the rest of the dream, the girl stood back and was speechless at what she was seeing. The enemy was white with a bluey-greenish tinged round crystal on its head. Fire didn't seem to be doing anything, so I changed the position of my mouth to unleash ice. What I thought was the ice position unleashed a fast wind, which I deemed to be Earth. I discovered that in this dream, in order to release ice, I had to blow. When I blew, a sharp whistling sound was produced and cold air came out, which eventually knocked the enemy over and then it disappeared.

    I then discovered that we were on Skabb's ship, just like the plot of Spyro The Eternal Night and what was also accurate was that I didn't have electricity available to me yet. The next enemy didn't have any distinct colour to it but it was breathing fire at me. I thought that to defeat it, I had to breathe ice to counteract it's nature... I was wrong as ice was doing nothing. Fire in this dream was first hot air from me but in this scene, it came out as spouts of bloody red lava from the enemy. When I breathed fire on the enemy, it was also bloody red lava which was bubbling as it hit the enemy.

    The enemy eventually collapsed but I found out that I had lost the ability to use fire. I had a solution, I told the girls to wait while I just lay down on the ground and literally fell asleep within the dream. I was hoping that like in Spyro The Eternal Night, I would enter a dream and in this case, Dreamy WB would come and assist me to retrieve my element back. When sleeping, she didn't show up... Rather, I could see the girls all moving around me and looking confused, wondering why I had fallen asleep on them. That's all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - The Ice Age (Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams)

    >> Paralysed the lady with cold air and then shot her out the door (184)
    >> Using ice to charge the blue symbol on the pillar (186)
    >> Attempted to use ice on the enemy (233 B)

    - Black Friday (Use your fire abilities in 3 dreams)
    >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element (184)
    >> Using fire to charge up the orange symbol on the pillar (186)
    >> Defeated the enemy with lava from the fire element (233 B)

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    1. Lucidit's Avatar
      Incredible scene, loved it! Especially the part where you fell asleep,the girls were like: what the hell, don't sleep now!
    2. KarlaB18's Avatar
      I know, when I woke up to recap the dream, I found the girls' reactions hilarious. More epic dreams coming soon!
      Lucidit likes this.