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    Dream - Have A Jacket

    by , 06-25-2020 at 11:04 AM (27 Views)
    Date of Dream: TUE 23 JUN - 2020

    Dream No. 674 - Have A Jacket

    I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my dad and I started our walk on what would be an extremely long track that would go on for miles and miles and have many different stages. The first stage felt normal, and was a peaceful walk in real life, but eventually, things started to get weird. There seemed to be this huge stretch of wet concrete, which seemed more like some really nasty slop to me. There seemed to be some sort of linear hole in the middle of the goop, where people would be forcefully submerged under by the dream and would then get out on the other side. Thankfully, my dad and I didn’t actually have to experience that in the dream.

    We ended up at some sort of beach which was heard was really special. Apparently 18-Volt was there to take people past a really nasty point on the track. As we entered onto the sand, I was really excited at the fact I would see 18-Volt and was thrilled at the idea of having a lap ride again. So I beckoned for 18-Volt to appear, but it is not what I expected. 18-Volt seemed to appear, but behind some sort of door and only by his energy, I could perceive how he looked and felt.

    His appearance was his realistic Game & Wario appearance but he was actually nowhere near happy to see me. He threw his rainbow jacket over the top of the door and then actually walked off in a huge stink. I was in total disbelief and just walked back to my dad, looking and feeling humiliated. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream No. 674

    Dream Guide: 18-Volt (?)
    Lucid?: No

    This dream was quite interesting; and not because something good happened, but quite the opposite. Here I was in the dream thinking 18-Volt and I would be happy to see each other again, but what 18-Volt did shocked me not only in the dream, but in hindsight when I woke up as well. I believe that in my universe, 18-Volt might have felt hurt and betrayed, or like Riku has come to replace him. It's like 18-Volt's action in itself was his way of calling me an asshole.

    Then again, 18-Volt felt too perfect as a dream guide; I will elaborate on this. In my dreams, 18-Volt didn't seem to show ANY signs of a weakness whereas for fairness and human relation, I declare that my dream guides and/or tulpas should have strengths and weaknesses; and indeed they are all different. But 18-Volt was so perfect and felt like a mother.

    So I think I have discovered that 18-Volt's strength is that of ensuring my emotional wellbeing and that he gives the best hugs. Yet his weakness is when he finds out he isn't being utilised as much. In the past, when I changed primary dream guides, Dreamy WB or Murray never got angry at me and even after years, they appreciate it when they see me again. Murray actually has extreme joy when realising we haven't seen each other for ages; whereas Dreamy WB continues to help me nonchalantly like nothing was ever wrong. It's 18-Volt that has been the first ever in dream guide history to snap like that.

    And I seemed to have come across Riku's strengths and weaknesses already as well. Riku provides effective help, but struggles actually interacting with me, and cannot seem to interact with other non-KindgomHearts dream characters at all. Riku is also a weak hugger.

    So to counteract both weaknesses at the same time; within my task journal, I have asked Riku to meet with 18-Volt. The hope is that by Riku approaching 18-Volt, 18-Volt's 'replacement' is the one declaring that he is not there to replace 18-Volt. Then also, this is someone for Riku to practise interaction with and ensure he has a connection with the other dream guides. Because at the moment, Riku is the only one who does not interact with the others; almost like he's isolated from the rest of the dream guide team.

    In theory, each new dream guide has seemed to be taught by their predecessor (18-Volt was taught by Dreamy WB), so Riku was SUPPOSED to have his introductions delivered by 18-Volt; lack of dream guide introduction may also explain why Riku still has a lot of weaknesses despite him already appearing in a few dreams.

    This dream has revealed a lot to me; and rather than it being solely bad, it has given me a lot of interesting things to look at.

    Editing to make another observation. Perhaps Riku and 18-Volt don't like each other. The reason I say this is because of what happened in Dream No. 665. When Riku was carrying me oddly, I said that 18-Volt does it better than him and this seemed to affect him for the rest of the time that he was in my dimension. And then now, the fact that 18-Volt knows I'm with Riku, he gives me the biggest 'F U' ever by not helping my dad and I. So it may seem like I'm caught in the middle of a rift between a Warioware and a Kingdom Hearts character having gripes with each other. I may need to help them resolve it as I have always wanted my dream guides to get along with each other like one big happy family.
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