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    Dream - Hospital Confusion

    by , 08-23-2017 at 08:57 AM (119 Views)
    Date Of Dream: WED 16 AUG - 2017

    Dream No. 179 - Hospital Confusion

    For the first part of the dream, I was at some unknown athletic reserve with my family, I forgot what I was doing there. Next we were going to see grandma, from my dad's side, in hospital. Apparently her room was number 611. My parents wanted to ask someone where the room was but I wanted to find it on my own. The doors had heaps of numbers on them but I took a guess as to which was the correct room. I eventually concluded that I couldn't find the room. My parents started walking off and so I ran after them.

    They told me to stand with them on the lookout. I was right not to because it was a lift that shot them up super fast. I stood with my arms folded and a closed mouth smile and then continued to walk off somewhere else. My parents eventually came back down to where I was and told me off for not going with them. We ended up climbing heaps of flights of stairs but never found grandma's room. The dream then shifted to me being at the shops and looking at all these fancy pairs of shoes. This scene was short and I can't remember anything else about the dream.

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