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    Dream - I Don't Belong Here

    by , 01-10-2021 at 01:48 PM (56 Views)
    Date of Dream: THU 17 SEP - 2020

    Dream No. 742 - I Don't Belong Here

    This dream, with its surroundings in the KH3 graphics, started inside the Mysterious Tower. For some reason, I felt like I didn’t belong with the Kingdom Hearts and Disney group, all because I didn’t like that Master Yen Sid disapproved of me not bowing at him like everyone else. As I was walking off, there was a voice in my head saying something like “I need to go somewhere where I’ll be happier; I’m just not happy here”. The dream then played a sub-scene which showed me sitting at the computer in my study room as the voice in my head said “If you go home, you won’t remember anything about being with Kingdom Hearts”; I also wouldn’t be able to come back. And as the sub-scene was playing, the energy around me felt dead and empty, and like I was just living a normal life.

    Back to the actual dream scene, as I was heading into the room that had the portal to my house (literally a round-shaped void of white light against a wall), Riku walked in behind me and spoke to get my attention. He said something along the lines of “Did you want to talk this out?”, but still being super upset from Master Yen Sid, I was adamant about going home and seemed to overlook the consequences of forgetting everything once on the other side; perhaps also thinking that Master Yen Sid may have sent Riku to speak to me as Keyblade Master duties. However, Riku’s energy suggested that he was desperate for me not to go and that his heart was breaking from the thought of losing me, that he wasn’t doing it for Master Yen Sid but for me.

    After I rejected his offer to talk about the matter, he became quiet as he carefully but quickly pondered how else he could convince me to stay. Through his energy once again, I could sense that he was recalling on the fact (based on the real life KH game lore) that he never hugs anyone, but he turned to me and said “Here, if this makes you feel better”; but as he was coming to hug me, I once again seemed to reject the offer. As I was about to go through the portal, the dream camera seemed to centre on Riku, showing him standing very still and although he tried to keep a straight face, a tear rolled out of his right eye and down his right cheek.

    However, right as I was about to be sucked up into the white void, I could here a voice saying “I think she’s being unreasonable”, with the female voice seeming to agree. My two main teddy OCs (from fiction I write IRL; they were human size in this dream!) came out of nowhere, from the left, running as fast as they could to stop me and pushed me, making me skid over onto the floor. I realised that they were listening to the conversation with Riku the whole time. As they pushed me to the ground, they then scrambled to get an anaesthesia mask and shoved it over my face in a bid to knock me unconscious to stop me from leaving. Apparently their plan was to gas me for a few days as to give KH members time to try and repair things.

    For this next part, a plethora of scenes seemed to be playing at one time; so the recap is done in the most logical way. An image was shortly shown of me ‘at the hospital’ which seemed to look more like a normal bedroom looking out onto a daytime setting. My two teddy OCs, Selvian (Male) and Sierra (Female) were sitting beside my bed but chatting amongst each other while I was asleep. The camera was then back in the Mysterious Tower as Riku came to the realisation that I hadn’t left and that I was indeed still in their world. Riku stated in a sense of urgency that I was still around and that he needed someone else to go and speak to me, in which Ventus volunteered. Riku went on to say that I was in the hospital in Traverse town.

    It was now fully the scene in the hospital (more like bedroom) and even though I was asleep, the dream camera was playing the scene from my perspective as if I was awake. Ventus was seen looking down at me, examining me as I still slept under the anaesthetic the teddies had put me under. It was then that Selvian came to the bedside to speak to Ventus in a friendly way as Sierra stayed in her chair, seemingly manning the ward phone if anyone was to call. After a while of Ventus and Selvian chatting, the dream changed scenes.

    I was now back at the mysterious tower and everyone, especially Riku, was happy to see me. Mickey ended up saying something like that they were a part of Disney and so their values are to accept everybody and make them feel like they belong, and that they appreciate me for who I am. The dream then ended.

    Dream No. 742

    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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