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    Dream - Ice-Cream Parlour & Buzz's Dungeon & Please Speak To Me (Lucid Dream 37)

    by , 08-27-2020 at 01:51 PM (62 Views)
    Date of Dream: TUE 11 AUG - 2020

    Dream No. 711 - Separated Sections

    Dream 711 A - Ice-Cream Parlour

    I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum, brother and I were going for a drive to Canberra. I was driving them in my mum’s car and decided to take the scenic country route. We decided to stop in a medium sized country town and we were on our way to supposedly a well known ice-cream parlour of the place.

    I forgot what my mum and brother ordered and I remember looked at all the ice-cream tubs and was overwhelmed for choice. What caught my eye eventually though was this blueberry ice-cream. As I looked up to the see the deals, I realised that we could get a maximum combo of three flavours. Even though the amount of ice-cream would be more, I begged and pleaded with my brother to let me have three flavours and that I may even ask for a lesser amount of some. He said okay and this made me really happy.

    I ended up ordering two variations of the blueberry flavour and then I also asked for the ‘Boost chocolate bar’ flavour; so my ice-cream was a mix of this electric blue with some brown on top. I tried some of the ice-cream and it tasted so good, I wish it existed in real life. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 711 B - Buzz's Dungeon

    I can’t remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was supposedly in some unknown study room, doing a SAC (school assessment task) for one my high school science subjects. Though in the dream, it seemed like my parents felt like I was slacking off, although I really wasn’t, and wasn’t trying at all.

    The scene then went into my backyard in the evening and it’s like there was a new dad in the family to straighten me out. I looked through the kitchen window and there was my mum along with a man dressed in an army uniform. The man then spoke and he had an American accent. It wasn’t long before his language became brutal and abusive and I didn’t even know what I did wrong. In-fact I felt that this was straight out abuse and so I had to get away from this man.

    As he kept yelling at me, I braced myself and bowled over into the strip of garden next to the fence to try and hide. There was another girl lying there in my high school winter uniform, her name was Brooke. I could tell that she was also hiding from the man and so I was going to help her escape; for the meantime, telling her to stay quiet. It didn’t work though as the army dad seemed to sniff us out like a hound and I sensed that he was coming.

    I told Brooke that we needed to leave immediately and I actually took her in my arms as I ascended into the air. I said that to cross over to Kingdom Hearts (supposedly we were going there for Riku to protect us), we needed to first go through Buzz’s Dungeon (Spyro 3) and only if we reached Buzz’s dungeon, we’d be safe. As a flew towards the fence, I was scared I didn’t go high enough and so we’d fall and the rogue army dad would catch us. There was a sigh of relief from me though as we JUST got over the fence and fell into Buzz’s Dungeon.

    I seemed to be on my own now; and was going to be no ordinary hurdle. I was actually facing the boss of Spyro 3 myself and to be able to go to Kingdom Hearts, I had to defeat Buzz! I had everything including my own version of a health bar and gem counter, and Sparx was with me too! It wasn’t long before the ‘brown toad’ in this dream (the dream made his graphics realistic to suit me) started rolling around the arena. I even made reactions as the giant toad hit me and I lost sections of my health bar.

    Two hits and I thought I was going to win, but the toad rolled at me from surprise, and I lost all my health and ‘died’. I now disappeared from the dream’s view and it was now back to first-person mode like I was now spectating the boss battle; but why was it still going? A holographic menu appeared, in Spyro 3 font and format, titled ‘Big Boi Time’. I was to choose an action that Sparx would do to defeat Buzz and only if Sparx failed to defeat Buzz, then the whole thing would be over.

    I took a little while to scroll down the list and see my options, but I soon decided to choose the option named ‘Combustion’. This would power Sparx up with the ability to shoot fireballs at Buzz. The dream then went to Sparx’s ‘aiming’ perspective and Buzz started running. Sparx shot three fireballs in quick succession, but they all missed Buzz. Going with the rule of 3; I thought Sparx had used them all up and so it was game over; but then he shot a fourth one and I though this one was going to miss, but it actually ‘tracked’ Buzz and hit him while he was in the horizontal ‘wind tunnel’; and this won us the boss battle! So now I would be granted entry to Kingdom Hearts.

    The dream exited the scene entirely though and I thought I was robbed of the chance to go to Kingdom Hearts. However, it’s like I was on a ‘scene select’ screen on a movie and I actually had to control a pointer a click on the next sequence. As I did so, the TV was still up but the scene played in a little box. It was inside some old house and Riku was half-way between sitting and lying on a couch in his KH2 appearance but with a realistic vibe to him. The dream ended before I myself could actually go to meet him in Kingdom Hearts.

    Dream 711 C - Please Speak To Me (Lucid Dream 37)

    I seemed to be in my current house, but it was slightly distorted and in the dream, my parents’ bedroom was actually my room. This room in the dream seemed to constitute the main scene all throughout; it’s like this was the area for the false awakening; from here, I would have dreams within dreams. So in the bedroom, it simply started off with my having in mind that I had dream tasks left to do and so I tried to call for Riku to get him to talk to me about Sora.

    I then fell asleep on the bed and entered my first sub-dream. I can’t remember it well but I do know for a fact that it was an utter failure to get to Riku. In-fact, I think Master Yen Sid appeared and then disappeared, almost as if he was signalling that Riku didn’t want to talk about the matter. I then woke up back into the dream bedroom and despite what happened in the sub-dream, I was determined to get an answer from Riku as only I knew what I needed to do. I went for a few more sleeps but failed to reach Riku in all of them.

    When I woke up back in the dream bedroom, I became frustrated as I kept waking up quickly without achieving anything. I went over to my parents’ dresser cabinet and saw a small wooden mirror sitting on the top drawer compartment. Treating it like a magic mirror, I looked into it and called for Riku; he appeared but then disappeared again in the blink of an eye.

    I still refused to give up; I forced myself beck onto the bed to enter another sleep. Just as I got on the bed, my mum came into the room and placed a clock on the dresser. She then set a time on it and said that if the clock hit that time; the alarm would go off. She set the clock to be about 1.5 hours from the current time. She also then put to weird incense into the clock but she said it was supposed to help me and when it started releasing, it didn’t feel bad.

    My mum ended up leaving the room and therefore leaving me with what I had to do to get more progress in my sleep. I now drilled myself, saying that I had to beat the alarm. I also kept saying to myself out loud ‘be in control!’. Whenever I started to find my mind wandering elsewhere, I stopped and drilled myself further; with a constant ‘be in control!’ as well as some other lines in-between; and soon, I drifted off back into a sub-dream, with the scene going into a black void to represent the transition.

    I then ended up at a distorted version of The Final World from Kingdom Hearts 3; it was more cloudier here; and there was every single KH character there… Except for Sora. I immediately took to looking for Riku but could not find him easily amongst the maze of KH characters. However, I came across a person in a black coat and that’s when I realised I could execute another task. From the back, I identified that this was Xigbar and so I immediately got his attention and interrogated him. He actually openly confessed that he (talking for the whole O-XIII in this case) was responsible for Sora’s ‘dream paralysis. He gave me a lot of information but I have forgotten everything that he said. I then let Xigbar go, giving him a stern look like ‘I’m gonna get to the bottom of this mess you made’.

    After I was done with Xigbar, I went back to wondering aimlessly within the maze of characters; and then I had caught sight of Riku, just like a game of Where’s Wally, except he was only in his t-shirt; he did not have his jacket on. I changed my tone from serious (when I was talking to the Organisation) back to child-like in order to be able to connect with my dream guide. I had found him and so was afraid of losing him again; so ran towards him as I cried out; “Riku, Riku please!”.

    It’s as if this time he knew what was coming as he tried to ignore the fact that I was around. However, I kept begging and pleading with him, going; “Riku please! All you have to do is tell me something about Sora and how you connect with him”. Riku eventually gave in as he said “alright fine” and then gave a slight sigh, looking annoyed. He then pulled me close to him so no one else could hear, supposedly nuzzling me as he said “he’s the only one that I feel I can talk to”. It seems like he was rushing an answer as I could tell from his energy that he was trying to hold back his emotions regarding Sora.

    Riku then immediately asked me “is that enough information for you?”. As I was still in a frantic state but happy that he finally answered, I went “yes thank you” and more. He took no hesitation then to release me and let me go; and I think he was glad that I decided to let him go. Once again, I yelled out thank you to Riku as I walked away and got ready to depart the scene altogether. I was now in the black void again but was a slow glow of stars, acting like a horizon and while I still had the chance, I decided to say thank you to everyone. I said something like “Thank you for your time Kingdom Hearts! And remember Riku, we still have two more things to do!”, hoping that the message would be able to reach them.

    I must have become lucid at some point as I seemed to gain satisfaction with all I had done, and declared that I would finally be ready to wake up. So then dream went back to the ‘false awakening’ bedroom, in which I realised I had beaten the alarm clock (there was about 45 minutes left) and was so relieved; the Kingdom Hearts scene felt so long yet the clock showed less time. And then I woke up again to get to waking life, where my real bedroom clock said 10:43 AM and I was surprised that such a big dream took almost no time at all.

    Dream 711 A

    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 711 B
    Dream Guide: Karla (Me)
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 711 C
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: Yes

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