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    Dream - IKEA In Croatia & Forget Me Flashbang

    by , 10-28-2020 at 12:45 PM (27 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 26 AUG - 2020

    Dream No. 724 - Separated Sections

    Dream 724 A - IKEA In Croatia

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum, brother and I were walking along a gravel road outside, supposedly outside our guesthouse that we were staying at in Croatia. There was mention that we would still be in Croatia by the time my birthday came and so questions arose about he we would contact my dad who was staying home in Australia. I canít remember the response of if there was one at all.

    Apparently I then woke up at 3:00 AM for the next morning and the plan was for us to have breakfast from this IKEA menu in the Croatian store. At first, the staff would serve out 50 free plates at particular times and so you had to be quick to get a serving of a jam english muffin, cut in half, as well as an egg, sausage and bacon breakfast burger.

    I missed the 3:00 AM round but didnít feel to bad. The next serving round then came at 8:00 AM and I tried to get into that one. However, people were pushing me from all angles and just as I was ready to speak to one of the staff, they told me it was all gone. I now wasnít feeling happy. I had to wait until 12:00 PM for the next round and I was determined to get a serving this time. Once again though, they had given everything away before I could get there and they werenít having anymore arounds.

    I got upset and went crying to my brother that not only did I have to wait 9 hours to get breakfast but that they basically cheated me, giving me nothing. My brother said we could just order it from the menu and pay for it, which was a reasonable idea, but I was still mighty upset with the staff. Eventually, my brother and I looked at the menu, ordering the english muffins and the breakfast burger, which were separate items on the menu, and so we had to pay more than we anticipated. Although JO from my high school called on my brotherís mobile and so even though we had ordered the food, we could not eat it until JO let us go.

    Later on, I was in the supposed lolly section of the food market of this distorted IKEA store. Within the food market area, I saw my university friend Regina and so ended up picking up some sweets with her. As I left the checkout area however, I realised I had forgotten to get a sweet that I had wanted and so rushed back in to get it. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 724 B - Forget Me Flashbang
    For the first scene of this dream, I was walking down Corrigan Road when I came across Riku in his KH3 appearance, standing in the middle of the road, warmly smiling at me. When I came close enough, Riku and I hugged, me perching my head on his right shoulder as I looked at the side of his hairdo, feeling his arms tightly around me. Surprisingly, he then moved me off as to help take me home, as thatís where he knew I was going. I had to tell him he was in the wrong lane though, and so he moved to the correct lane which would turn right to get onto the highway instead of wrongly left. The dream then changed scenes.

    It was some unknown area and Edward (Ed) B played the role of my pastoral primary school teacher in this dream; I believe I was positioned in upper-primary school (grade 5 or 6) although my age sat normally at 21. He was talking to us about the wrestling show he runs and was pitching an idea to the class about what he wanted to do. I had feedback that I wanted to give and so waited in order to give it. However, Ed seemed oblivious to me and kept on talking as well as listening to everyone elsesí ideas but mine. Eventually I got tired of trying to be noticed and felt like he was purposefully ignoring me, so I got up and walked out, feeling like I had no purpose to be where I was.

    The dream was now set within the local streets of a suburb, seemingly close to sundown. As I walked further and further from the now house, Ventusí (KH) theme was playing in the dream, which I also had the power to project into Edís hearing, as a notice to him of how I felt and where I stood. As Ventusí theme continued to play, I was now casually strolling towards an empty block of land which was supposedly a park. I looked up the hill, I realised everybody there was wearing a face-mask and because I didnít have one, the police would find me and take me away, but much so against my will.

    I compacted my right hand into the shape of a mask and put it over my mouth, with my thumb over my nose, as I then turned back from the park; desperate to go back to the refuge of Ed but remembering I couldnít as he didnít care about me. This changed though, as over Ventusí theme, I could hear his voice pleading with desperation for me to come back. I came to the realisation that he was calling me back this whole time, ever since I set foot outside his property. He was aware of the meaning of Ventusí theme the entire time.

    As to not get jumped by the police, I made a route straight back to Ed, who was now in a house that was under construction; it was literally just the wooden frame sitting on a large concrete base. As I stepped onto the slab of the concrete, with Ed now in sight, Ventusí theme had stopped playing. He came up to me and apologised for making feel like I had no purpose and now he was begging for me to tell him what I had wanted to tell him before my departure. I finally told him that ĎJhakeí should be involved in the ĎMoney In The Bankí match and he was really keen on this idea. And then the dream ended.

    Dream 724 A
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 724 B
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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