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    Dream - I'll Fly Myself Home

    by , 06-23-2021 at 02:33 PM (17 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 8 NOV - 2020

    Dream No. 773 - I'll Fly Myself Home

    I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, some weird things were happening at Brandon Park Shopping Centre. I realised that I had to rush home; however I have forgotten the exact reason of why I had to do so. I ended up testing positions for travelling the road, in which I determined, ‘if it feels ‘soft’ and ‘comfortable’, then Riku’s there’. However, there was no extra energy on the entirety of the road, which meant Riku wasn’t there, and so I ended up reluctantly flying myself home.

    As I was going along the road, I thought that my mum would be angry at me for staying out for so long. I ended up calling on a stranger to come and protect me. As I was coming into the driveway, a stranger man did appear indeed, and with a warm energy about him, he escorted me into the house, but my mum didn’t seem to be angry about this. The dream ended there.

    Dream No. 773
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

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