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    Dream - Inside The Game

    by , 12-07-2017 at 09:00 AM (101 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 6 DEC - 2017

    Dream No. 237 - Inside The Game

    At the start of the dream, I was in this emptiness, just some plain white void and no, it has nothing to do with lucidity. In that scene, I said to myself, “I want to find Dreamy WB, I think she'd be in the forest again”. So then the scene shifted to a more realistic surrounding. I was flying really fast down this long road, it almost felt like car travel. At one point, there were a lot of rocky areas that made it look like I was flying through some caves. I thought to myself “this doesn't look right” and I may have wanted to turn back but I always continued. I eventually got to an area where there were a lot of trees and I was flying right over them. This is where I perceived Dreamy WB's energy but in this dream, I was expecting her to come in her human form.

    The scene then shifted and I was actually in WB's room, seeing what she was going. She was on her computer and I saw she was looking at the scores of a facebook game she was playing, called something like “Raptor Hunt”. On the screen was an assortment of these cute looking, blob-like creatures. I thought to myself “that's a game I actually want to try out. It turns out I was indeed going to try out the game, not only by playing, but by actually being in it!

    Me and my brother were then supposedly in the scene which was inside the game. We were on these grasslands when eventually, I came across this pink Sonic-like animal holding a pink egg. There was some writing in the sky which says something like “you've found the first hidden egg”. My brother was following me around when we came across the second hidden egg which was orange. The third and final hidden egg in this game was blue.

    Once we had supposedly found all the hidden eggs, the dream changed scene and my brother and I were at some high point of the grasslands. The three characters were all there with the respective coloured eggs in their hands. They were talking to us and for some reason, the characters' appearance were changing slightly. They all still had Sonic the Hedgehog hair-does and the slim figure but their faces were changing. The pink one's face was turning to Murray the Hippo, the blue one to Bentley the Turtle, and the orange one to Sly the Raccoon. I forgot specifically what they said to us. Then that's all I can remember about the dream.

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