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    Dream - Lessons With Strangers

    by , 10-01-2017 at 11:07 AM (111 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 18 SEP - 2017

    Dream No. 197 - Lessons With Strangers

    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was doing the TAFE diploma in my dream. I can't remember what the class specifically was on Monday morning... It was a mixture of communications and accounting theory. The teacher seemed very strict to start with. She did say to the class that she would treat us better if we could look after her daughter.

    The dream scene then skipped to being outside somewhere, next to this Venice-like canal. Next to the canal, there was this purple, glowing-like figure in a glass capsule that resembled a baby. I said to myself it's the teacher's daughter!. I opened the capsule, took the baby out of it and started playing with her. I played for a while, trying to impress the teacher, who wasn't in this scene though.

    Eventually, things started getting weird and the baby was starting to lose her purple glow. Some mysterious energy had pulled the baby in the canal and was slowly destroying it... Trying to drown it. Soon, the figure didn't resemble a baby and was rather all these mashed up cubes of weirdly coloured jelly. I ended up screaming WB! The Baby! Don't worry about looking after me anymore... Get the baby!. I then suddenly felt energy that was originally with me, starting to fade out. Then I look over to the dark, slimy canal and see the jelly have its purple glow return, with the figure slowly morphing back into a baby. Dreamy WB (still invisible) had directed the baby out of the canal and that's when the dream scene changed.

    The dream scene was now in some computer lab on a Tuesday afternoon and a diploma MYOB class was taking place. SI wasn't teaching this year and so I thought we might have RH instead... That wasn't the case. I looked confused when this young looking Asian guy came into the room. I found out that we were having him and his name was Terrence. At first, I was concerned with the way he taught but eventually, I really liked his methods and personality.

    The final scene of the dream gave an overview of all the subjects in the current diploma term. I found out that on Tuesday morning, we had a guy called Steve for law. The dream then showed the name of the teacher we had on Monday morning and it was some really long, European name that I can't remember. Also for the Monday morning subject, the dream showed that we were using mostly all this coloured craft paper for all our projects. The dream then ended.

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