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    Dream - Looking For A Birthday Card

    by , 06-25-2020 at 06:07 AM (170 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 3 FEB - 2020

    Dream No. 643 - Looking For A Birthday Card

    Lucid Dream 35

    I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was at a very distorted version of Waverley Gardens shopping centre. It was bigger than in real life, with a vast number of walkways, and it also had a lot of features mixed from Dandenong Plaza as well. For the time being, I was walking around the shops and looking for an ď8th birthdayĒ card for my brother. At one point, I arrived at a card shop and started sorting through their cards that were sitting in a big tray. I found a card with an 8 on it but I didnít like the look of it, so I left.

    I went back towards the area of the shopping centre that I started at, feeling frustrated that I couldnít find a good card and that there werenít many other card shops either. A thought had entered me though; not one to say that I was dreaming, but I seemed to gain an essence of common sense and problem solving initiative as if I was awake, therefore I classify the rest of the dream as lucid. I realised that I was not supposed to look for an 8th birthday card, but rather a 25th; my brother would be turning 25 this year (also true IRL!). I also realised I could just call a dream guide and get them to help me find a card shop; so I proceeded to call for 18-Volt.

    A man approached me, wearing 18-Voltís clothes, but he was skinnier than usual and he also had light skin, also not wearing his glasses or headphones. Although the surrounding energy was telling me this was 18-Volt, I was doubting if this was really him. However, he just stood there, not doing anything and rather just patiently waiting for me to come closer to him; the dream also didnít do anything to tamper with his presence (I felt like I was in control, hence lucid). After a few seconds of hesitation, I went in to hug him and as we hugged, thatís when his skin became darker. Though when he spoke, he did not have an American accent, rather a Balkan accent which I was weirded out by. However as the dream would progress, his speaking would no longer phase me.

    I told him I was looking for a card shop but couldnít find one anywhere that sold decent cards. I forgot what he said, but he put an arm around me and we walked off back through the shopping centre. There were a few moments within in the dream where I would get stressed, nervous or frustrated about certain things. 18-Volt seemed to be aware of this and every time he noticed me shaking, stuttering or excessively sighing, he demanded that we stopped where we were. Straight away, he would pull me into a hug and say some reassuring phrase in his Balkan accent, calming me down immediately.

    We reached the front of Big W, where 18-Volt now went behind me and hugged that way as we walked through the store. However, the dream camera changed to third-person mode from an aerial view and a middle-aged lady was seen sneaking up behind 18-Volt and touching him in an inappropriate way. 18-Volt immediately turned his head back in shock and looked absolutely disgusted, gritting his teeth at her, urging her to let him go as he still kept a hold of me.

    There ended up being an entire sub-scene where the lady was shown by herself and her face had the most horrifying look on it, this most twisted, exaggerated evil smile as she spoke of her plot to get 18-Volt for herself. I canít remember anything she said though, just what her intention was. And a part of the sub-scene also showed a man beside her, looking very similar to her as if he was her brother, but the dream at the very least portrayed him as a Ďsidekickí to her. I myself felt all this tense and nervous energy as this sub-scene was playing.

    Back to the normal course of the dream; the lady was in the distance again, but she quickly approached 18-Volt and actually knocked him unconscious! She then sent all these Ďenemiesí in for me to deal with. I realised that her plan, so she could have 18-Volt to herself, was to get rid of me but to do that, she had to make 18-Volt inactive for a while so he couldnít protect me. I screamed and felt like crying when I realised what the lady had done to 18-Volt and what my fate was. I canít remember what happened towards the very end of this dream.

    Dream No. 643
    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: Yes

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