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    Dream - Mystery Of The Possessed Kingdom Hearts Characters

    by , 07-12-2020 at 12:27 PM (121 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 28 JUN - 2020

    Dream No. 676 - Mystery Of The Possessed Kingdom Hearts Characters

    I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it was a simulation of Kingdom Hearts and for some time, the first-person entity in the dream was Sora (in his KH3 appearance; in-fact, all characters were in their KH3 appearance). He was in this world which seemed to be like a forest with ancient ruins scattered throughout it. The King (Mickey) was instructing him throughout a mission which seemed to, though, have some dark, creepy and somewhat psychotic vibe about it. Sora had to collect these red coins (120 of them) and the later the coins, they were harder to find and some even triggered weird events for Sora.

    The dream seemed to change scenes but it was regarding the same situation. I was now amongst Riku as well as Aqua and Terra in a different, seemingly more peaceful part of the forest. The King wasn’t there, but through his energy, we knew that Sora was in trouble. In-fact, Riku, Terra and Aqua spoke to me, wanting me to go on a scouting mission for them. Ventus was with them but he didn’t really say anything and was rather hiding being Terra and Aqua as if he was their child. I realised that the reason they wanted me to go is because as I am not an official member of Kingdom Hearts; Organisation XIII would not recognise me and so I could do whatever I wanted without being caught.

    The dream now split into two different scenes of what each party was doing. Firstly, the dream went to Riku, Ventus, Terra and Aqua who now seemed to set up base under a great big majestic tree and they were there waiting for me. Terra and Aqua were sitting on an additional stump on the side and were casually conversing with each other (though there was no sound from them, just visual) as Ventus seemed to be eating a bowl of porridge, but not by himself. Riku was spoon-feeding Ventus and I believed Riku was practising his feeding technique as a dream guide for when I would return. As Terra and Aqua had a calm, casual energy, there was a nervous energy coming off Riku like he was extremely worried that I wouldn’t make it back safely.

    Now the dream went to my scene. I was walking to this more open area and I saw these characters glowing with some light-greenish data shield around them; they were recognisable Disney characters from Kingdom Hearts. In the real life games, Donald and Goofy are Sora’s main companions but in this dream, they were his closest, nastiest prison guards. Sora didn’t have any obvious restrictions but if he moved from in-between Donald and Goofy, the possessed characters would hurt him very badly (any characters with the shields moulded around them).

    Even though the characters were extremely nasty and creepy when possessed, I walked around without a care as I recalled I would not be recognised by any of them; though my energy was that of sheer nervousness. Upon assessing the group, I shockingly noticed that Kairi was also possessed and so could also very well hurt Sora. The dream camera then went to a close-up of Sora, Donald and Goofy. Whoever was possessed would be able to say some of the nastiest, most horrible things in somewhat of a deep robotic tone; and this was Goofy at the moment, threatening Sora… Sora did dare not move or say a word. However, Goofy’s shield seemed to switch off and he was trying to cram as much in as he could naturally. However, it wasn’t long before his shield came back on and he was as psychotic as ever. Donald just stood there all the time, looking like he could hit Sora with a baseball bat.

    Goofy seemed to now be giving the ultimate speech of sheer terror and Donald now looked so violent like he was ready to pounce. I even felt Riku’s energy of sheer terror from afar, being worried sick about his dreamer. The speech did it; as Donald and Goofy remained on the hill to bar Sora; the rest of the possessed characters, including Kairi, got violent with each other. The dream camera even ended up doing a close up on the Pirates of the Caribbean group who were punching each other in the face while laughing in their faces like drunkards. I had seen enough and I figured it was time to head back to the group at the great tree before something would indeed happen to me too.

    As I quickly but quietly slipped away, I started off with a little dash and propelled myself into the air. I gained the best feeling inside me as I was to fly across the forest to return ‘home’, this energy of sheer joy and excitement to see my Kingdom Hearts family again. Flying felt so much fun as I went up and down and then straight forward, but making a slight left curve to steer towards the great tree, and now this triumphant sounding music was playing as I continued towards the great tree.

    Now as I was flying straight again, as soon as I caught sight of the great tree, Aqua and Terra smiled and started waving at me. However, Riku seemed to have his back turned and was still doing something with Ventus. Terra took a quick second to tap Riku on the back and had a look like ‘told you she’d make it’. Riku turned around quickly in a flustered manner and had the most surprised look on his face, like he was gasping in astonishment, as he then smiled and waved to welcome me back along with Terra and Aqua. While I was still at full speed, just before I entered under the shade of the tree; the dream ended and I woke up.

    Dream No. 676
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

    I also ended up discussing this dream, so I'm also going to share here what I said about it on my Tumblr account:

    I’ve treated Kingdom Hearts differently compared to the past video game worlds I’ve incorporated in my dreams. Because Kingdom Hearts is such a large group and they all seem to be ‘friends’ with each other, I felt bad about using only Riku and therefore perhaps taking him away from the rest of them; so I’ve devised a 3 Level system in which the whole KH group can contribute. As Riku is my dream guide; he’s the only one on Level 3. Those that are not dream guides but I think still have a strong competence are on Level 2; they are Aqua, Terra, Roxas and Sora; they can act as substitutes if my dreams were to impair Riku in any way. The rest are on Level 1 which are those who are... Casual players; they are Kairi, Axel, Xion, Ventus and Namine. For those shocked about Kairi; I MAY promote her to Level 2 depending on how she performs IRL in Melody of Memory. It’s funny because I think the Level system was really demonstrated in Dream No. 676, but I’ll get to that recap eventually.

    So, since Riku was maintaining significant weakness as a dream guide; I decided to write a letter to Aqua and Terra in my IRL task journal, asking them to ‘speak to him’ about some points I as a dreamer wanted to address. I wrote to Terra because he’s Riku’s predecessor in their world; and then I included Aqua because I creatively thought ‘what if Terra gets another spell of darkness or some kind of rage?’. It was amazing to actually see results, but I was not expecting Dream No. 676.

    I’ll give the actual full dream recap in another post, but here’s some discussion on it. In Dream No. 676, Riku, Terra and Aqua appeared to me (after the first scene was about Sora rather than me). Ventus was also there, but he seemed to be ‘hiding’ behind Terra and Aqua like a kid; so that there emphasises my Subconscious’ (SubC’s) assertion that I had put Ventus on Level 1; whereas Terra and Aqua’s Level 2 was demonstrated by them ‘outlining the mission’ to me; and in this dream, it also seemed that they were teaching Riku about being a dream guide. In-fact it felt like the Wayfinder Trio were the main ones featured but Riku was brought along as that link between me and them.

    In a sub-scene, while I was gone; Aqua and Terra were sitting at the side on a stump and were talking with each other. Then there was Riku and Ventus at a table; Ventus had a bowl of porridge and Riku was spoon-feeding it to him. I feel like Aqua and Terra had asked Ventus to be a ‘practise dummy’ for Riku and Ventus had agreed. Riku may never spoon-feed me a meal in a subsequent dream, but it was just a metaphor at least of general caring conduct as a ‘dream guide’ in my universe.

    Like Riku still has a way to go to be a fully-fledged dream guide in my universe (he still has to master hugging and carrying), but he tried so damn hard in Dream No. 676. In-fact, Riku was the sole one to have the fear of God in him that I wouldn’t make it back alive (like a parent, he was worried sick for my safety), whereas the energies from Aqua and Terra showed that they were always confident I’d make it back to them safely. In-fact when I was returning, it was Terra that tapped Riku on the back and Riku was absolutely shocked. Ventus just continued to twiddle around at his end of the table. So with our group, it felt like a family of 3 ‘adults’ (Riku, Terra and Aqua) and 2 ‘children’ (me and Ventus).

    I loved the interaction I had with these guys in Dream No. 676, so I decided afterwards to draw us. I’m the one in-between Riku and Terra. My outfit is consistent; I devised this to be my Kingdom Hearts OC outfit; I thought my usual school uniform would not suit, so this is my new get-up. The background is externally sourced from a wallpaper image but this is similar to what the environment was like in the dream. As I said; I’ll put the actual dream recap in a separate post. Don’t hesitate if you want to ask me about any of my ‘universe laws’ and/or my various interactions.

    Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post!!

    DREAM VIEWS: I'll post the image I sketched about the dream below:


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