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    Dream - The Nice Family Celebrations

    by , 06-25-2020 at 07:45 AM (23 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 5 APR - 2020

    Dream No. 653 - The Nice Family Celebrations

    I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was in WBís house, which in the dream was in a completely unknown location and just looked like the inside of some random house. Her entire extended family were having a party and my mum, dad, brother and I were also invited. They ended up having a full on party with a focus on their African culture. I canít remember every specific thing that happened at the party.

    Near the end though, just as we were about leave, my mum and I sat on the couch and WBís mum ended up bringing us some food to take home. It ended up being European deli items, but not just a bit. She seemed to be putting every single thing in to fill up my mumís massive Coles bag, like a production line and I was actually wondering when she was going to stop. In-fact, I started getting concerned that she was still going, though she ended running out of items when my mumís bag was completely full.

    We then left and decided to go to some place called St. Kilda, but not any version that exists in real life, it was rather the name of this beach-side town and holiday resort. Little did we know that WB and her family had planned to go there for an after-party holiday. I was hoping we wouldnít bump into them again because it would be a bit embarrassing and like we were trying to go after them but at the same time, I reckon they wouldnít have minded seeing us again and would have been happy for us to be in their company.

    For the time being, my family and I walked around and explored the area. I ended up walking past the cinema area and there was also an outdoor pool, although it was only surrounded by this very rough slab of concrete and the sky above was grey. In-fact, the entire place looked like a very industrial holiday location rather than what you would actually find on the beach in real life. My mum and I ended up exploring some more areas whereas my dad and brother went separately.

    Later on in the dream, I decided to go and explore some areas on my own, telling my mum that I would eventually be back. Eventually, I had seen all the areas I wanted to see and decided to try and find my family again. As of now, I had the ability to fly and did so in order to try and get back. The area was the same, however, things didnít feel right, but no matter what I thought, my body seemed to keep taking me further and further into nowhere.

    It was when I had crossed some sort of old train tracks and was on the outside of a school, that I knew I had gone too far and now I was in trouble, I was completely lost. No matter what I did, I couldnít get back to the main area of the industrial resort. However, thatís when I ended up in some sort of dim lit room and there ended up being a holographic projection on a piece of paper. Somehow, something was being written onto the paper with pencil. It said something like ĎItís Dreamy Bo---, please call me on 3788Ö (forgotten the rest of the number) as I need to address some concerns with you'.

    It was Dreamy EBo and I realised he was watching over me this whole time; and I also seemed to anticipate what his concerns were. I had this feeling that he pulled me aside because I had gotten so lost and he was going to say something like ďyou got lostĒ and state that I actually was supposed to find WB and her family again as well. The theme suddenly changed though as I started to feel this anxiety like I wanted to cry as if I literally lost my mum. Thatís when Dreamy EBoís energy descended on me, focusing on my shoulders which would relax the rest of my body, and the paper was flipped so another piece could be written on.

    This time, there was another projection layer behind the paper and it was actually of the location that my mum was at! Through writing, Dreamy EBo told me that she and my dad were at some of hotel and this time the place looked like a real beach area. He told me the location of the hotel, that it was somewhere on the islands before Asia and so I had to catch a flight to get there. He then wrote the number of the hotel and told me to call it. I did not hesitate to go to my phone and call this number, but as I was flying out of the room to get to my phone, the dream ended.

    Dream No. 653

    Dream Guide: Dreamy EBo
    Lucid?: No

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