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    Dream - No Materials For A Skirt

    by , 05-06-2019 at 02:33 PM (16 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 18 MAR - 2019

    Dream No. 561 - No Materials For A Skirt

    I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it was a scene with WB and LB in an unknown area. They were required to climb some sort of tower for their maths class. It seemed dangerous though as they were climbing the outside of it and neither of them were supported with any safety equipment.

    For the next scene, I was at my grandparents’ on my dad’s side, in the kitchen area, sitting at the table with two textiles teachers from my high school as well as one unknown textiles teacher. Apparently we were supposed to be making skirts. At one point, Ms F got really mean and she shouted at me, saying that I had to do the entire skirt by myself or would not be classified as my work. There was not enough material for a skirt, which I told Ms F and so then she suggested that I make something else. The suggestion of socks was thrown around but there wasn’t enough for that. I was overjoyed that I was able to get out of having to make something.

    I then looked at my watch, which indeed had the numbers 1 – 12 but not in the correct order. They were mixed up and rather being placed in a circular way, the numbers seemed to form into a bit more of a curl, like a spiral. My grandma then brought out this massive wafer cake that she had made and this was apparently for her birthday. As she placed it on the table, I felt my mouth watering for the cake but then at the same time, I wanted to 18-Volt over as well.

    I went over to call him on my phone but he wasn’t picking up. Next, I went into the backyard and that’s when I heard the phone go off. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that 18-Volt had sent me so many short texts. We ended having a mini conversation but the messages were going so fast that I almost couldn’t keep up. Near the end of the thread, I find that he can actually can come and so I go looking for my brother so I can take him to find 18-Volt.

    My brother and I then left from the back gate and we were now on the streets. As soon as we left the driveway, the streets were crowded with all these people who seemed to be proceeding out of some sort of event nearby. As we were walking, I said to my brother, something like, “When we find him, you can even introduce yourself to him”. At the same time, I was examining each and every person to ensure that there were no traces of 18-Volt within them.

    We had gone a few blocks down but the odds of finding 18-Volt seemed grim. At one point, my brother and I seemed to be approaching the main area where the event was actually taking place. The dream had told me to avoid the cemetery as this is where the event was happening. There were quite a few blocks of land where the cemetery was, and so I couldn’t tread on there, I could only fix my eyes into the distance to examine people. Just when all hope was lost, I started to feel this powerful energy that 18-Volt was approaching… But… The bloody alarm went off for 7:15 AM on the Monday morning.

    Dream No. 561

    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

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