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    Dream - No Way Into DreamViews & Too Much Chocolate For Me

    by , 07-23-2018 at 09:00 AM (150 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 22 JUL - 2018

    Dream No. 380 - Separated Sections

    Dream 380 A - No Way Into DreamViews
    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in some random parking lot of an unknown shopping centre. I was on one of the levels of the car park, talking to one of my friends CF. In the middle of the car park complex was a lift shaft that covered 10 stories. CF was asking me if I wanted to come with her but I felt apprehensive. Then I came to my conclusion, I still wasn't ready.

    I tried calling out for Dreamy WB many times but nothing happened. After a while of CF patiently waiting for me, she decided to enter the lift, asking one last time if I was coming with her. I said, “Dreamy WB's not with me and so I can't. What level are you going to?” and CF tells me, “level 27,500”. My mind figured out that the level numbers were actually going up by 2,500, so this was actually level 11 of the car park.

    The next scene was back in my bedroom. I had supposedly woken up from the dream and it was night time... But I don't usually go for my phone when it's dark in real life. In this perception of being awake, I switched on my phone and tapped into the DreamViews forum website. When I was on it as a guest, I could see that I had some notifications, consisting of many likes and comments. No matter how many times I tried to log into my account, the dream wouldn't let me.

    In guest mode, I navigated myself to a post that I remember posting recently. One of the users, Jewel, had left a comprehensive reply, quoting many aspects of the post I had written. I can't remember exactly what the post was about, only that I was explaining my “dream concepts” again and Dreamy WB was mentioned. I wanted to reply back but I remembered I couldn't until I was logged in, so I tried for more attempts... Ultimately failing and the dream just leading me back to the DreamViews home page with different or missing labels on the top bar. I then thought to message spellbee2 about the login button not being available but the messaging option disappeared as well! And now it was a very empty function bar...

    For the third scene, I was at my old house, just in between the sitting room and the kitchen. In real life, the side alley of the house was just a skinny strip of concrete. In the dream, this was replaced with a large area containing the exact same lift shaft that was in the car park in the first scene. For a moment, I just stood there paralysed, thinking to myself “Shit... How did that get there?”, referring to the lift shaft.

    When I was finally able to calm myself down, I started frantically calling for Dreamy WB, multiple times, at a really fast pace. This time, when she wasn't coming, I began to get nervous again. My brother came to see what was going on and I hinted to him about Dreamy WB but didn't reveal the exact intention or who I wanted to do it with. He walked to the front door and looked out the window beside it to check if there were any changes to the dream response... All I told him is that I'm expecting someone to come.

    I then came to the window and my brother walked back into the kitchen to join my mum. When I looked through the window, I finally saw Dreamy WB emerging from the distance, casually strolling down Cleveland Court. She was going to reach my house sooner or later so I positioned myself at the front door, readily anticipating when she would reach the door. Just as she entered under the car port, I opened the door and greeted her.

    Just as she was about to step into the house, I just stood there for a fraction of time, assessing her appearance. In this dream, her features were fairly accurate; only some extremely minor distortions. Her hair though was more of an orange colour in this dream, almost like a light rust. The do was a bun but it wasn't at the centre of the top, it was only slightly more downwards towards the back, but still close to the top of the head. She was wearing her year 12 hoodie with black leggings and white shoes at the bottom.

    So once she stepped in, we hugged each other and stayed locked in the hugging position for the rest of the dream. And here's one thing I find strange, I didn't think to the shut both the wooden door and wire door and rather just obliviously left them open. In the hugging position, she walked me into the kitchen, past my mum who was preparing something, and then out a special door that exists only in the dream.

    We were now outside at the base of the lift shaft. In order to reach the first part, we actually had to climb a small set of stairs that were wrapped around the bottom of the glass shaft; some being see-through and other parts of the shaft not being see-through. When we were at the top of the stairs, Dreamy WB started gently rubbing my back with her hand to attempt to make me as calm as she could. She reached out with her other hand and told me, “look”, as she pressed a button next to the door. I looked up, seeing the lift come down from the top and that's when I started to get nervous. Dreamy WB slightly tightened the hug and after that, I can't remember anymore of the dream.

    Dream 380 B - Too Much Chocolate For Me
    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my old house but this was only the appearance at the front. This house was actually a combination of my old and current house and more towards the back of my house was the current appearance. I see this huge two-piece chocolate bar sitting on the coffee table. Looking at it in a concern, I told my brother that the whole chocolate bar was too much for me.

    I then saw LB sitting on the other side of the desk in my study room, on the chair to the left of my computer chair. I whispered to my brother about giving the other half of the chocolate bar to LB. I said though, something like, “But she's not gonna talk to me”. My brother had a look on his face and a spark in his eye like he was confident she would. I then went into the study room, in hesitation, but she happily took the bar of chocolate, still with the default, expressionless look on her face. That's all I can remember for this dream.

    Dream Tasks
    - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
    - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
    - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

    - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

    Dream 380: Results (Competition #5)

    380 A

    Competition Night: 21
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
    Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    380 B
    Competition Night: 21
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
    Dream Guide: None
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    Points For This Entry: 3.5
    Calculation Details:
    - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
    - Summon A Dream Guide (1.0)
    - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
    - Ask For Advice (1.0)

    + Previous Total: 104.0
    Total Accumulated Points: 107.5

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