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    Dream - Owing Lots Of Money

    by , 10-28-2020 at 12:52 PM (80 Views)
    Date of Dream: SAT 29 AUG - 2020

    Dream No. 726 - Owing Lots Of Money

    I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, my family and I were at our holiday in Apollo Bay, but it was a completely distorted environment. We were buying either lunch or an afternoon desert from a Cafe that was owned by Edward (Ed) B’s dad. A little while after we made our way out of the cafe, a staff member came running after us and stopped us. They explained that as we had each apparently taken snacks that added up to a total amount, that we now owed Ed Snr. (this is his name IRL too) certain amounts of money.

    The staff member then went though the amounts. My parents only owed about 3 or 4 dollars each. My brother owed a slightly bigger amount, being $28.50. But when it came to me, apparently I owed him $300. But I came to the conclusion that it was not because of the most food taken, but it’s because I had been the most generous with Ed Snr.; hence why I owed him the most, for offering myself the most. And then being self-explanatory, my brother wasn’t as generous but still was a bit, hence the $28.50, and my parents putting in almost no effort, owed him next to nothing.

    Since we had to scrounge up all this money now to give to Ed Snr., our holiday plans were ruined and we had to go home to find and sort the money we needed. As we walked out of the canyon-like walkway, I ended up encountering Sora and Master Eraqus who each flashed between their normal colour palette, and some weird x-ray like palette, but not completely inverted. As I was then at the exit, which looked like the foyer of the Flinders Street Train Station, they both were in their ‘x-ray’ forms, as they both smiled at me, and then walked off.

    The dream now went to my house where my family was back to sorting out the money situation for Ed Snr. My family was wondering whether the clain of $28.50 for my brother was correct, so my dad asked me to do a ‘ledger’ to see if it was correct or not. I went into the laundry, and leaning on the lid of the washing machine, seemed to be filling out some sort of spreadsheet template on a piece of paper. Thankfully, the end result did match up to $28.50 and so the claim was correct. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream No. 726

    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

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