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    Dream - Protests In The Streets

    by , 06-25-2020 at 09:56 AM (24 Views)
    Date of Dream: THU 18 JUN - 2020

    Dream No. 671 - Protests In The Streets

    I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, the dream had just changed to another scene. My brother and I were walking around this unknown town, but it didnít remain peaceful for too long. Apparently the dream started initiating the sense of protests and riots in this town as well. There was this man that was one of the troublemakers but he seemed innocent. I was talking to him on the streets for a while until he said he had to go because we could feel the presence of the police closing in. I was slightly devastated that I couldnít talk to the man more because he seemed like a good guy.

    As the guy went into the block of houses, the police car pulled up and parked at the side of the street. There was only one police officer in the car and when he got out, he ended up speaking to me and my brother. Even though he was a guy, he seemed to have some womanly features as well. As he was talking to us, he had this seemingly creepy grin and he was saying way too much to try and sound like the good guy. In-fact, he was talking to my brother and I as if we were babies and we didnít understand anythingÖ I did not like this one at all.

    The police officer eventually went away to try and find the man from before and when he did, my brother all of a sudden got really angry at me. He accused me of saying something to the police officer when in-fact, I said absolutely nothing the entire time. I tried to explain to my brother but he just wasnít having any of it. Eventually, he got so mad with me that he actually started to walk away. I kept trying to beg for him to listen and understand but he just stormed off and actually left the scene.

    Everything that was happening made me now feel unsafe, but what amplified this the most was the way I was treated by my own brother, and so I was under the belief that he too was affected by the surrounding riots. I decided that it was time for me to find a dream guide before things got any worse, so I could be taken to safety. I thought I knew who I wanted, but at the same time I didnít. As I was walking down the sourrounding suburb streets in a mix between a calm but panicked manner, I first called for 18-Volt, but then I changed it to Dreamy Wabbi, but then I changed it again, this time to Riku.

    I seemed to stick with Riku though as I repeatedly called his name as I tried to walk further and further away from the town. Eventually, due to Rikuís energy, I turned around and noticed him walking into the scene from one of the backstreets; he even went around a parked car. I stood as I watched Riku coming towards me. As he then traversed the grass to get to me, the sides of his hair (he was in KH3 appearance) seemed to sway slightly back and forth. In this dream, his hair ended up looking really soft and silky and the white on his t-shirt was almost visually piercing.

    As he was finally in-front of me, he hugged me briefly. On releasing me, Riku then gave me a slightly serious look like he knew I was in danger and was telling me I needed to get out of this place. Although he himself wasnít, his energy made it feel like we were linking arms as I walked beside him to be escorted out of the area. However, that energy didnít last long and I realised that Riku was actually gone, but not by his own will.

    I was shocked as I looked down to notice two pieces of a small laminated Riku in my hand. My heart sank as I realised his head was separated from his body; the dream basically ruining his existence. I knew I had to keep walking in the direction Riku had started me on though. I did so with a look of despair and disappointment, but at the same time, feeling obliged to make this Riku whole again. Eventually I was able to stop and had a roll of sticky tape with me. I took a piece off as I tried to connect Rikuís head back to the rest of his body. Even though I had used the sticky tape, I came to the realisation that Riku would never be the same again. The dream ended there.

    Dream No. 671

    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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