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    Dream - Self Tour Of Shinjuku & The Answer To No Is No

    by , 08-27-2020 at 02:59 PM (49 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 19 AUG - 2020

    Dream No. 718 - Separated Sections

    Dream 718 A - Self Tour Of Shinjuku

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I seemed to be at this Disney theme park and was about to go on this roller-coaster ride with a group of my dream friends. At first it would seem like a normal roller-coaster ride. However, as everyone was screaming, evenrybody else continued on but I fell off and ended up plummeting through a night time sky into a completely different place.

    I realised and said to myself that I had ended up in Shinjuku, noting one of the seven tasks for the KH report. I walked around the eerily dark and silent streets to see what I could find out about the area I was in. Firstly, this area did not have tall and/or corporate-like buildings. Instead, it was rather empty land with quite a few houses around. Every house had a fence which I described as having Ďblack archesí, making it look like an entire cemetery and that they were all haunted houses.

    I then ended up in what was supposedly a small town square of Shinjuku. The now local guide of the place told me that the Christmas lights that were flashing were very dim compared to what they were in the past; they did not give much light to the area at all. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream 718 B - The Answer To No Is No

    The dream started with me in my house, my attention being brought this this letter sitting on my kitchen bench. There were two reasons I could tell this letter was from Riku. Firstly, the paper looked like treasure paper, so most likely from the Destiny Islands. Secondly, it was likely linked from the last dream with Shinjuku, as the writing rambled something like ĎI canít take you, I canít, I just canítí; a lot of ĎI canítís in there. I wasnít having this though and announced to myself, something like, Ďoh yeah? Then how Ďbout I go to hospital for two months?í.

    A brief scene then played where I was being wheeled into a distorted version of the Monash Medical Centre, in through the main front entrance and then through some skinny corridors, but it did not show any people with me. So it didnít show that I was being looked after by anybody, I was just all on my own it seemed. And then the sub-scene ended up with me in one of the seemingly old fashioned wards, sitting up in my bed, looking miserable, like I had just been crying.

    Then it came to Ďcurrent timeí in the dream again where from a third-person perspective, Riku (KH3 appearance) was seen to enter into the ward. He didnít seem the happiest but he sighed, and managing to keep a calm tone, told me to take everything I wanted and put it within my curtained area. Apparently the whole area would be affected with him taking me to Shinjuku. After the dream showed me up and on my feet and starting to gather items I wanted, I woke up.

    Dream 718 A

    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 718 B
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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