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    Dream - Speedy Elevator & Hiding From Mum

    by , 10-28-2020 at 12:29 PM (30 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 24 AUG - 2020

    Dream No. 722 - Separated Sections

    Dream 722 A - Speedy Elevator
    I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was with a school group, specifically my high school, and doing something at a completely distorted version of Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre. In the dream, the food court was on the second floor and the floor above spanned the entire area of the shopping centre. The only thing I can clearly remember about this scene was that elevator usage was compulsory to get to the next area and I was nervously preparing.

    Eventually, the scene changed and now it was time for the huge school group to have the induction assembly for what was going to happen. I realised that the leaders and facilitators of this event were the Kingdom Hearts Guardians of Light (all except Sora who’s deemed missing and this has also translated into my dreams). All Guardians of Light were aware of my elevator phobia and it was Terra that was going to go with me as he approached me and escorted me towards the elevator as all the other students continued to chatter amongst themselves, waiting for their time to go down.

    As grateful as I was for Terra’s offer, I wanted to go with Riku more, so was hoping we’d bump into him. Indeed it was the case that Riku was incidentally walking the other way and so I was able to get his attention. This initially made Terra confused but the dream then showed the boys seeming to have a mini private conversation between each other and I could make out some of it. Riku said to Terra that he was more than willing to take me and that he should anyway as he is my dream guide. Terra seemed happy though and as he walked off, gave me a smile insinuating that Riku was going to look after me well.

    Riku then locked me into a hug as he continued us toward the elevator. As we got nearby, I became extremely frightened as I got a feeling that this was going to be no ordinary elevator despite it MOSTLY looking normal. There was one arrow pointing up on the outside, but there were abnormally two arrows pointing down. A normal down one and then another one some space below it. I knew that we were going to be going to the ‘very bottom’ as our destination was supposedly underground; so I was anticipating that the elevator would be going extremely, uncomprehendingly fast.

    I remembered that from other dreams, I’d keep my eyes open to try and work on my fear, but I wasn’t taking a chance in this one. As Riku walked me in, with him still holding me, I clenched my eyes shut as tight and got as much up against Riku as I could. Indeed the elevator went down like the speed of lightening and felt like it was doing so for a very long time, but Riku was keeping me in a tight but snug lock so I didn’t feel like I would lose balance.

    We eventually exited the elevator to be at our next required destination, which was some really massive stadium slash swimming pool complex. I noticed that everybody was already seated in the rises while I was at the main table with Riku as well as Kairi (also KH3 appearance) who now joined us. In-fact Kairi was wearing normal clothes but Riku was wearing just his t-shirt, but it was light yellow. I realised that two guardians of light (out of 8, Sora missing) were responsible for each house. I was in yellow house that was under the lead of Riku and Terra. The others were as follows: Kairi and Axel (Red house), Aqua and Xion (Blue house), Ventus and Roxas (Green house).

    Looking at the table, I noticed that there was an envelope for Kairi and then another one for Riku. I stood with Riku as we opened each envelope to look at the paper that was in it. I have forgotten exactly what the papers were but I do know they were something in relation to the dream project I’m working on IRL. Once we had finished looking through the envelopes, I looked at the stadium rises once again and this time, I could identify some of the people. I noticed that Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter was in red house.

    As everyone was staying and chatting in the stadium, I went up to Riku and told him that I needed to go to a destination that was even lower than the stadium and so basically had to take an elevator again. Confirming that I was ready, Riku took me to the elevator which now had an even more weird formation of arrows than before. Upon entering, Riku tightened his grip around me as the elevator crazily descended again. When we were at the required destination, Riku seemed to be going back to the stadium, as he said to me to call him when I was ready to back.

    On my own, I noticed that a large group of people from my primary were having a mix between a party and a dance. Apparently each class was responsible for performing an act. One of the girls, ILoS, was the main DJ and was excited when she saw me, chatting as well as the fact that I offered to DJ when her class had their act on.

    Until then, I wondered around on my own, but that didn’t seem to be a good idea as I eventually realised I was lost, and her act was now on; judging from the time she gave earlier. I tried to hurry back but I just couldn’t get there in time. Then when I finally returned, I felt so bad for not doing what I promised I would, but she said (in a displeased tone) that it was okay as DZ did the Djing instead. This left me feeling bad and somewhat useless for the rest of the dream.

    I wandered off again, once again getting lose; but this time, the situation also seemed to be worse. As I entered into some sort of undercover car park, there became a flood, with water rising up and starting to chase me. I power walked up the nearest ramp as fast I could, but the water was always on my tail. There become a point where the water got to me, but the impact wasn’t as bad as I though. I called my mum on my phone and said to her that I was going to call Riku in order to go back. Before Riku could come back to collect me, the dream ended.i

    Dream 722 B - Hiding From Mum
    I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum and I were at Chadstone Shopping Centre, starting off in the Coles supermarket, after we had apparently been to Review. We were just at the checkouts in Coles when something went amiss and so now I had to avoid my mum and even hide from her.

    I quickly headed to the corridor in the mall where the bathrooms were. I quickly went into the Female bathrooms but then remembered that there was a secret lounge room next door if my mum decided to come and search these bathrooms. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 722 A
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 722 B
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

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