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    Dream - Tricky Clock And Fingers

    by , 12-08-2017 at 12:05 PM (219 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 8 DEC - 2017

    Dream No. 239 - Tricky Clock And Fingers
    Lucid Dream 8

    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I remember, I was walking down the main corridor at Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. I ended up seeing CF there but she didn't want to talk to me and I thought to myself “why?”. Apparently she was too busy hanging out with E.Gen and I.Hick who were walking down the corridor just after her. A few seconds later and I saw CF's dad, trying to say hello to him but he said nothing back.

    The next scene took place at my current house. I forgot what I was doing at the time but my dad ended up turning on the TV. Channel 7 news was playing and there was this interesting concept that the TV viewer could “get up close and take a selfie”. When I got in front of the TV, precisely I appeared like I was the one actually starring on the news... So therefore, the TV was actually a TV/mirror. I got my phone and positioned myself the way I wanted to on the TV and then took a few photos. Once I looked at the photos myself, I thought they were amazing... One shot showed me standing next to some gold statue amongst the pyramids of Egypt.

    The dream flowed well and rather didn't skip to the third scene, but I walked to the third scene myself. I went down the stairs to see what my brother was doing in his bedroom. Just then, all of a sudden, this random guy comes barging into the downstairs area. I stick my head out my brother's door and see a man with black curly hair wearing a Chisholm t-shirt and carrying a cardboard box full of paper. I don't how he just let himself in like that... I said to him, “excuse me, but rather than just letting yourself in, could you please knock next time?”.

    He said sorry very quickly and then was telling me that he was here to deliver my diploma results. He then told me how I was doing great things over there at the moment and that I will just do so much better in the next stage; I mentally knew he was referring to organisation of the cultural day which is exactly what took place in real life. Then I stuck my head into my brother's room and chilled until I thought of what to do next. I saw the cat sitting on the tiles, slapping her tail onto the ground many times. Eventually I went up to my bedroom but the cat was following me.

    For some reason, I now think I'm awake because I am lying in bed and I can see grey sky, out the window, as well as hearing spits of rain. I think to myself, “I hope it stops raining so grandma can see her friend”. I look over to the bedroom clock and it says 9:28, so I'm still convinced that I'm really awake. But upon staring at the number longer, the 2 starts to distort itself. I look away and look back; the clock is trying to say 9:30 but a bar is missing off the number three. I squint my eyes shut and open and now the 9:30 shows in full form. The same thing happened in respect to 9:31. The next number set on the clock is 9:57. And then the clock goes to 11:37. Now when I squint, it keeps changing time on me non-stop.

    The time on the clock is going absolutely crazy and so I decide to give up that technique, now with the addition of knowing I'm certainly not awake. Still, to reinforce and question the fact if I'm dreaming, I decide to look down at my fingers. At the start, they look normal, but when I move them to one side of the room, I can only see four. I now move them across to the left and see some fingers disappearing and others slowly appearing. Additionally, my fingers were long like a witch and whenever they'd change, the bones in them would hurt really bad. I didn't want to witness the pain anymore and so I was now finally and utterly convinced that I was lucid.

    At this stage, I'm actually amazed within the dream that I've finally obtained lucidity again. I then think to myself, “what do I want to do now?”. I then decided that I wanted the cat to go away. The cat kept walking into my room and I told her to shoo repeatedly. It took a while but the cat eventually slinked off and left. Once again, I thought “what do I want to do now?”... Although I was lucid, I wasn't prepared and so didn't have any intentions in mind.

    Then once I had time to gather my thoughts, I said to myself, “I want to get Dreamy WB over here”. I went over to the bedroom door, stuck my head out and started calling for her. Because I was so lucid, I was so focused and persistent. I had called heaps and heaps and there was still nothing. I thought to myself, “why isn't she coming?”. I still kept calling while walking over to one of the multiple mirrors in my bedroom. I quietly said “Dreamy WB, are you there?” as I looked through the mirror.

    Only in the mirror did I catch a glimpse of something amazing. In the dream dimension there was still nothing but in the mirrored dimension, a greyish-black silhouette appeared in the doorway of the bedroom and was very slowly and mysteriously approaching me from behind. When the silhouette got as close as possible, it just stood there, waiting for me to turn around and discover its identity. I turned around and indeed it was Dreamy WB in human form! Her appearance was the afro and the black pencil dress.

    I was so ecstatic to see her, maybe too excited that I could wake up but she brought me back to the moment. Both she and I ended up getting onto the bed and lying down, wrapping each other in a tight hug for a few minutes. I then stuck my head out from her arms and said to her, “I'd like another dream like this”. What I was really saying to her is that I wanted another lucid dream some time soon. I mentally knew that I had nothing else to do in this dream, so I stuck my head back into her chest to prepare myself for waking up. For the whole scene, Dreamy WB was completely quiet, she didn't speak or utter a sound.

    The dream eventually faded out and I was holding my Mario plush in the exact same position that I was hugging Dreamy WB in the dream. I looked at the real life clock and it said 7:34. I never went back to sleep because it took hours to recap every single detail of this dream.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - Explorer (Have 1 lucid dream).

    This was an interesting dream. The lucidity starts from the bedroom scene. What was unfortunate though is that the dream took me so much by surprise that I didn't know what I actually wanted to achieve in this dream.

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