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    Dream - The Volt Brother

    by , 06-25-2020 at 05:35 AM (25 Views)
    Date of Dream: TUE 14 JAN - 2020

    Dream No. 639 - The Volt Brother

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at some unknown area and ever since the start of the dream, I was looking for 18-Volt. However, at constant stages throughout the dream, it was fading out on me and trying to force me awake. I seemed to know each time this happened though and stayed still until the dream stabilised back again.

    Back to the actual dream, I came across this African man with even darker skin that was claiming to be 18-Voltís brother, he called himself 19-Volt. He wore a cream coloured jumper with medium-wash denim jeans. Throughout the whole dream, he was helping me find 18-Volt. It was close to the end of the dream where I was by myself and I finally found 18-Volt. He was in his realistic Game and Wario appearance but also with his default green clothes.

    18-Volt just stood there, looking at me warmly with a closed mouth smile. Right as I was about to touch 18-Volt for a hug, the dream was vigilant in forcing me to wake up; I released from him quickly. Rather, I went over to find 19-Volt again and hugged him as a thank you for helping me find 18-Volt. 19-Volt returned the hug and then the dream ended properly.

    Dream No. 639
    Dream Guide: 18-Volt and 19-Volt
    Lucid?: No

    2020 has been a year, and things have changed since I first recapped the dreams with their sensitivity threshold, so some subsequent dreams may not be posted on DreamViews, however they do remain as valid events in my private journal.
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