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    Dream - Wrong Man In The Van

    by , 08-08-2018 at 02:50 PM (138 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 8 AUG - 2018

    Dream No. 391 - Wrong Man In The Van
    Lucid Dream 24

    There is one scene I can recall in the non-lucid segment of the dream. I was walking around Jells Park and I came across Murray just standing on the grass, off one the footpaths; he was in his Sly 2/3 appearance. I came up to him and we spoke. I forget everything we said but I do clearly remember this one line he said, which was “Africans talk with their mouths, but hippos talk with their muscles”, as he then flexed an arm. I consciously knew he was making a hilarious but mocking reference at Dreamy WB’s expense.

    In the next scene that I can recall, I was in my house and it was pitch black at night. Everyone was in bed sleeping but I was up and walking about. I find myself in the sitting room next to the kitchen and my brother is laid out on a mattress on the floor. He wakes up and for some unknown reason, he is speaking to me, but with a violent tinge.

    I become somewhat scared of him but for some reason, decide to go into the kitchen and when I looked towards the oven, I saw the clock and the time said 12:33.1 when in real life, the oven clock would show 0:33 (24hr time). I then gave a slight gasp and said to myself, “I’m in a dream!”, then walking back into the sitting room. My brother lifts his head up and once again in a mean tone, tells me I’m not dreaming.

    I ignored him because I was intelligent enough to know that he was trying to tamper with my dreaming efforts. Instead, I looked up to the clock at the other end of the room and there I see it, evidence. The clock still has twelve numbers in the analogue position but not in the order of 1, 2, 3… and so on. Rather, the order was like 2, 10, 6, 4, 13… 13? This must mean that one number between 1 – 12 was replaced with this 13. As soon as I saw that 13 on the clock, I was definitely convinced that this was a dream.

    My brother, still with a terribly mean and angry disposition about him was trying to tell me otherwise but I now just ignored him. I walked past the bar stools and stopped near the dining room. In the loudest voice I could, I yelled “Can I please have Dreamy WB and Murray in this dream?!”. Then a huge gush of wind started up and I was picked up and carried with it and a very fast and furious pace, being shot out through the top front window and off the balcony!

    I soon discover that the dream has placed me onto Dreamy WB’s lap but I can’t see her, she was invisible in this dream. Gently, she descended from the balcony very slowly and then ascended up the court in the same manner. In the dream, the court seemed longer that in real life. Also, because I was lucid, I was able to perceive extra feelings when I was on her. At one point, I noticed that when the dream plonked me onto her, I wasn’t quite centred properly; so I squiggled slightly, even fixing my pants this time, and then a feeling of bliss came as I sunk into her.

    Just as we were about to reach the top of the court, slowly, she turned around. I wondered why but then I saw a blue van coming up the road… It was a real life render of the Cooper van! It parked almost below where Dreamy WB was hovering. Still in the air, I saw Sly and Bentley, who were very small in this dream and also with very realistic graphics, standing behind the van. They didn’t end up doing any thing in the dream though. And then Dreamy WB descended and gently slid me off her.

    With my feet now on the ground and me standing upright, Dreamy WB directed me to get into the van. She especially said for me to sit in the front. Since she was invisible, I only envisioned her with my conscious mind, hopping into the back. When I got seated though, this was not Murray at all! The dream character that was in the driver’s seat (left in Australian driving laws) was my dad! I wasn’t happy about this. I yelled out to the dream that I wanted Murray but nothing happened.

    Then we took off and I saw that we were driving along a freeway, still in the middle of the night. All throughout the drive, I’m looking out the window and shouting to and cursing at the dream that I clearly wanted Murray… The dream still wouldn’t budge. The only thing it did was bend a facial feature of my dad’s but it would very quickly rebound to normal which made me less than pleased.

    The venue we ended up at was some strange restaurant but it wasn’t one building, rather it was a whole complex. My dad was no longer with us and rather it was just me and Dreamy WB exploring the building, Dreamy WB who was now visible in a physical human form. She was wearing a black Kathmandu puffer jacket with black leggings and black canvas shoes. Her hair was straight and tied up in a ponytail.

    This restaurant complex didn’t necessarily have a warm environment everywhere, in-fact, some areas were cold and factory-like. Eventually out of nowhere, other girls joined us and it’s now like we were having a social outing. In one the larger factory-like rooms, the group was all standing around in a circle besides some metal stairs and I noticed that Dreamy WB had a canned drink with her. I saw that it was some fizzy mango fruit drink but then she had also mixed it with some regular milk and once she had a swig of it, she offered for me to try some.

    I came up to her, hesitant to try it at first but I did end up taking some. She asked me what I thought and at first, I said I liked it. But after having another sip, I changed my mind and thought it was disgusting, so I gave the drink back to her and let her finish it off. For the rest of the scene, the group were talking with each other but I forgot what about specifically. The dream then moved onto the next scene.

    I found myself to be in my bedroom on a bright sunny morning. I got out of bed and walked around the house for a bit but then I still had a lucid awareness with me and so noticed some things were starting to become off. Finally, I notice I’m still in a dream and so I call out to the dream, “Hey! I’m not finished yet! Take me back to where I was!”.

    The dream does take me back to the complex but it is day time and the grounds look more like a school, especially the undercover walkways. It was the same group of girls as from the night time scene but there is something different about Dreamy WB. She’s wearing the same clothing but she has the same facial features and voice as of R.McN, including the added glasses. This only phases me slightly and so I still do talk to the character as if it were Dreamy WB. At one point we were falling and so I was concerned but this so-called Dreamy WB reassured that she would be looking after me. The dream ended there from what I can recall.

    Dream Tasks
    - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
    - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
    - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

    - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

    Dream 391: Results (Competition #6)
    Competition Night: 7
    Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
    Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
    Emergency Team: None
    Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

    Points For This Entry: 34.0
    Calculation Details:
    - First Lucid Of The Night (10.0)
    - Was Introduced By DILD (5.0)
    - Summon Dream Guide: Dreamy WB (10.0)
    - Fly: During the wind scene (4.0)
    - Perform Reality Check: During the false awakening (5.0)

    + Previous Total: 25.5
    Total Accumulated Points: 59.5

    Although Murray successfully appeared in the non-lucid segment, I'm not marking him as a valid dream guide because I don't want to reward my dream for what it did in the lucid aspect. I also drew up what reality checks I did in the house (night time scene) as well as for anyone who may be curious, the position I usually take on Dreamy WB in all the lap-riding dream scenes.



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