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    Dreams - Snacks At A Ransom Price

    by , 02-11-2018 at 03:37 AM (144 Views)
    Date of Dream: SUN 11 FEB - 2018

    Dream No. 281 - Snacks At A Ransom Price

    I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was driving towards the area of Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. Just as I was passing the Shell petrol station, I noticed that there was a problem with the way that other people on the roads were driving. In Australia, the laws are that you drive on the left side of the road but everyone was driving on the right side of the road, so I thought they would smash into my car. Thank goodness that actually didn't happen, rather, the cars went to the correct side of the road to overtake me but then they went back to the wrong side.

    As I was driving into the entrance of the Shopping Centre, I saw AD on the footpath but I forgot what she was doing specifically. I continued to drive into the carpark and the area was a lot different in comparison to real life. I soon realised what I was doing and that I was supposed to meet my mum in the shops later on in the dream; but for now, I just drove around the carpark, exploring it a bit. There were heaps of escalator and lift entrances, I parked near one of them. Looking on one of the shopping centre maps placed in the carpark, I saw a Kmart and realised that the shopping complex was a lot bigger than in real life.

    Behind the lift entrance, there was actually a convenience store in the underground carpark! I went into the convenience store which has heaps of food supplies compared to what would be in a normal petrol station. I decided to get a couple of snacks and so I went to the all the shelves to have a look around. I finally decided on some flavoured water as well as a double chocolate bar pack with a bonus Ferrero Rocher.

    When I got to the counter, I was shocked to hear the lady say that all these items came to a cost of $1,294.00. I didn't agree with the pricing and so I told her it was too expensive. There was some young Asian man next to me at the counter that was supporting the lady's methods. I wasn't happy and I said that they were charging a ridiculous amount. The man finally gave up and said that they would charge me $888.88 instead.

    I still wasn't happy, and to prove the ridiculous pricing to them, I went over to the shelves to check the marked prices for myself. I came back and I told them, “The water is $5.90, the chocolate pack is $4.39, therefore that should actually be coming down to $10.29. Now because of your stupidity I would be tempted to give you nothing, but because I am a good samaritan, I will give you the $10.30”. I reached into my bag and pulled out a 10 dollar note, putting it onto the counter when I then opened my purse and got out a 10 and 20 cent coin to make up 30 cents. The dream then changed scenes.

    For the last scene of the dream, I was at this random house; the house was unknown as shown from the outside. When it came to the inside of the house though, I was in my bedroom which appeared exactly the same as it is in real life. It's day time (probably the morning) when I am in bed and Murray, Sly 4 appearance, is lying down with me. He told me to get closer to him for a hug. So I slid slightly closer and he locked me into a lengthy, tight hug. This lasted until I woke up.

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