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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Dream - Neurology On Level Two & Thirteen Blankets

      by , 08-27-2020 at 02:51 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 17 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 716 - Separated Sections

      Dream 716 A - Neurology On Level Two

      The dream started at my old house in the sitting room. It was supposedly a teacher from my high school, yet she looked like my primary school French teacher. It was also the fact that a new subject was being offered at my high school and this was French. I said to the teacher that I had already completed Year 12 but she wasn’t having it said that I still had to enrol in French as a Year 12 student this year; I was now wearing high school winter uniform

      The teacher then told us to get into groups of 4. Once I had found three other girls, she took us outside into the front yard, under the carport to take us through our French exam. We were each supposed to recite lines off some sort of script that we were given. What we were being assessed on was how well we could speak French; the tone in our voices, how well we used the languages details, and even how we moved our mouths.

      At the end of it all, the teacher gave us our results. Everybody else got a 0 and I got a 1, meaning I passed but the other girls didn’t. The teacher then told us why I passed and they didn’t. There was a drawing on our papers that could move and this was the teacher apparently showing us how each of us spoke. Some girls were moving their mouths too much, some not enough. I moved my mouth the right way and my accent was fluent. So I was dismissed and go back inside while the other girls had to redo the exam. I could not remember the rest of the scene.

      For the next scene, I was still in my winter uniform, but was now walking down the corridor of some hospital with a little Asian boy who I realised I was looking after. He was due to attend his neurology appointment which we gauged was on Level 2. We were currently on Level 5 and so worked out that elevator usage was compulsory, which as always, sent me into a panic. I called out for Riku numerous times, but he never came, eventually, having me extremely worried. However, as I kept calling for Riku, I noticed Terra casually meandering down the corridor for his own purposes. I thought quick-smart to call out to Terra instead, hoping I’d get his attention.

      For a second my heart almost stopped as I thought he was going to leave the scene but he noticed me at the last minute and came walking directly to me. As he stood in-front of me, I immediately asked him if he could help me with the elevator and also said that he reminds me of Riku. Terra accepted but then seemed to turn his attention to the kid, asking me how I was supposed to receive his help if I had to handle the kid.

      Just then, a blonde lady came from the faraway corridors, who was identified as the boy’s mum. She picked the boy up and then Terra picked me up, supporting my weight quite well, I ended up laying on his two arms stretched out, like a bed. He helped us into the elevator and then as it slowly descended, the dream ended.

      Dream 716 B - Thirteen Blankets

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I was in my bedroom, when Roxas came in wearing his Organisation XIII coat. I was lying in bed, originally with no blankets on. I found out that Roxas wanted to cover me, not with 1, but 13 blankets. Apparently he was supposed to make me extremely hot so that when I fell asleep in the dream, I’d enter a nightmare and Xehanort would kill me in the nightmare.

      I realised what was going on and was kicking off the blanket each time Roxas put one on. Trying to mask his intentions, Roxas looked surprised as to why I didn’t want him to cover me, but I made it clear by my facial expression that I knew what he was up to. After a few rounds of me constantly kicking the blanket off, Roxas gave up and left the room. There was then my own voice saying that I should add what happened in this dream to the paper IRL. I then woke up.

      Dream 716 A

      Dream Guide: Terra
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 716 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. Dream - Ice-Cream Parlour & Buzz's Dungeon & Please Speak To Me (Lucid Dream 37)

      by , 08-27-2020 at 01:51 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 11 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 711 - Separated Sections

      Dream 711 A - Ice-Cream Parlour

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum, brother and I were going for a drive to Canberra. I was driving them in my mum’s car and decided to take the scenic country route. We decided to stop in a medium sized country town and we were on our way to supposedly a well known ice-cream parlour of the place.

      I forgot what my mum and brother ordered and I remember looked at all the ice-cream tubs and was overwhelmed for choice. What caught my eye eventually though was this blueberry ice-cream. As I looked up to the see the deals, I realised that we could get a maximum combo of three flavours. Even though the amount of ice-cream would be more, I begged and pleaded with my brother to let me have three flavours and that I may even ask for a lesser amount of some. He said okay and this made me really happy.

      I ended up ordering two variations of the blueberry flavour and then I also asked for the ‘Boost chocolate bar’ flavour; so my ice-cream was a mix of this electric blue with some brown on top. I tried some of the ice-cream and it tasted so good, I wish it existed in real life. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 711 B - Buzz's Dungeon

      I can’t remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was supposedly in some unknown study room, doing a SAC (school assessment task) for one my high school science subjects. Though in the dream, it seemed like my parents felt like I was slacking off, although I really wasn’t, and wasn’t trying at all.

      The scene then went into my backyard in the evening and it’s like there was a new dad in the family to straighten me out. I looked through the kitchen window and there was my mum along with a man dressed in an army uniform. The man then spoke and he had an American accent. It wasn’t long before his language became brutal and abusive and I didn’t even know what I did wrong. In-fact I felt that this was straight out abuse and so I had to get away from this man.

      As he kept yelling at me, I braced myself and bowled over into the strip of garden next to the fence to try and hide. There was another girl lying there in my high school winter uniform, her name was Brooke. I could tell that she was also hiding from the man and so I was going to help her escape; for the meantime, telling her to stay quiet. It didn’t work though as the army dad seemed to sniff us out like a hound and I sensed that he was coming.

      I told Brooke that we needed to leave immediately and I actually took her in my arms as I ascended into the air. I said that to cross over to Kingdom Hearts (supposedly we were going there for Riku to protect us), we needed to first go through Buzz’s Dungeon (Spyro 3) and only if we reached Buzz’s dungeon, we’d be safe. As a flew towards the fence, I was scared I didn’t go high enough and so we’d fall and the rogue army dad would catch us. There was a sigh of relief from me though as we JUST got over the fence and fell into Buzz’s Dungeon.

      I seemed to be on my own now; and was going to be no ordinary hurdle. I was actually facing the boss of Spyro 3 myself and to be able to go to Kingdom Hearts, I had to defeat Buzz! I had everything including my own version of a health bar and gem counter, and Sparx was with me too! It wasn’t long before the ‘brown toad’ in this dream (the dream made his graphics realistic to suit me) started rolling around the arena. I even made reactions as the giant toad hit me and I lost sections of my health bar.

      Two hits and I thought I was going to win, but the toad rolled at me from surprise, and I lost all my health and ‘died’. I now disappeared from the dream’s view and it was now back to first-person mode like I was now spectating the boss battle; but why was it still going? A holographic menu appeared, in Spyro 3 font and format, titled ‘Big Boi Time’. I was to choose an action that Sparx would do to defeat Buzz and only if Sparx failed to defeat Buzz, then the whole thing would be over.

      I took a little while to scroll down the list and see my options, but I soon decided to choose the option named ‘Combustion’. This would power Sparx up with the ability to shoot fireballs at Buzz. The dream then went to Sparx’s ‘aiming’ perspective and Buzz started running. Sparx shot three fireballs in quick succession, but they all missed Buzz. Going with the rule of 3; I thought Sparx had used them all up and so it was game over; but then he shot a fourth one and I though this one was going to miss, but it actually ‘tracked’ Buzz and hit him while he was in the horizontal ‘wind tunnel’; and this won us the boss battle! So now I would be granted entry to Kingdom Hearts.

      The dream exited the scene entirely though and I thought I was robbed of the chance to go to Kingdom Hearts. However, it’s like I was on a ‘scene select’ screen on a movie and I actually had to control a pointer a click on the next sequence. As I did so, the TV was still up but the scene played in a little box. It was inside some old house and Riku was half-way between sitting and lying on a couch in his KH2 appearance but with a realistic vibe to him. The dream ended before I myself could actually go to meet him in Kingdom Hearts.

      Dream 711 C - Please Speak To Me (Lucid Dream 37)

      I seemed to be in my current house, but it was slightly distorted and in the dream, my parents’ bedroom was actually my room. This room in the dream seemed to constitute the main scene all throughout; it’s like this was the area for the false awakening; from here, I would have dreams within dreams. So in the bedroom, it simply started off with my having in mind that I had dream tasks left to do and so I tried to call for Riku to get him to talk to me about Sora.

      I then fell asleep on the bed and entered my first sub-dream. I can’t remember it well but I do know for a fact that it was an utter failure to get to Riku. In-fact, I think Master Yen Sid appeared and then disappeared, almost as if he was signalling that Riku didn’t want to talk about the matter. I then woke up back into the dream bedroom and despite what happened in the sub-dream, I was determined to get an answer from Riku as only I knew what I needed to do. I went for a few more sleeps but failed to reach Riku in all of them.

      When I woke up back in the dream bedroom, I became frustrated as I kept waking up quickly without achieving anything. I went over to my parents’ dresser cabinet and saw a small wooden mirror sitting on the top drawer compartment. Treating it like a magic mirror, I looked into it and called for Riku; he appeared but then disappeared again in the blink of an eye.

      I still refused to give up; I forced myself beck onto the bed to enter another sleep. Just as I got on the bed, my mum came into the room and placed a clock on the dresser. She then set a time on it and said that if the clock hit that time; the alarm would go off. She set the clock to be about 1.5 hours from the current time. She also then put to weird incense into the clock but she said it was supposed to help me and when it started releasing, it didn’t feel bad.

      My mum ended up leaving the room and therefore leaving me with what I had to do to get more progress in my sleep. I now drilled myself, saying that I had to beat the alarm. I also kept saying to myself out loud ‘be in control!’. Whenever I started to find my mind wandering elsewhere, I stopped and drilled myself further; with a constant ‘be in control!’ as well as some other lines in-between; and soon, I drifted off back into a sub-dream, with the scene going into a black void to represent the transition.

      I then ended up at a distorted version of The Final World from Kingdom Hearts 3; it was more cloudier here; and there was every single KH character there… Except for Sora. I immediately took to looking for Riku but could not find him easily amongst the maze of KH characters. However, I came across a person in a black coat and that’s when I realised I could execute another task. From the back, I identified that this was Xigbar and so I immediately got his attention and interrogated him. He actually openly confessed that he (talking for the whole O-XIII in this case) was responsible for Sora’s ‘dream paralysis. He gave me a lot of information but I have forgotten everything that he said. I then let Xigbar go, giving him a stern look like ‘I’m gonna get to the bottom of this mess you made’.

      After I was done with Xigbar, I went back to wondering aimlessly within the maze of characters; and then I had caught sight of Riku, just like a game of Where’s Wally, except he was only in his t-shirt; he did not have his jacket on. I changed my tone from serious (when I was talking to the Organisation) back to child-like in order to be able to connect with my dream guide. I had found him and so was afraid of losing him again; so ran towards him as I cried out; “Riku, Riku please!”.

      It’s as if this time he knew what was coming as he tried to ignore the fact that I was around. However, I kept begging and pleading with him, going; “Riku please! All you have to do is tell me something about Sora and how you connect with him”. Riku eventually gave in as he said “alright fine” and then gave a slight sigh, looking annoyed. He then pulled me close to him so no one else could hear, supposedly nuzzling me as he said “he’s the only one that I feel I can talk to”. It seems like he was rushing an answer as I could tell from his energy that he was trying to hold back his emotions regarding Sora.

      Riku then immediately asked me “is that enough information for you?”. As I was still in a frantic state but happy that he finally answered, I went “yes thank you” and more. He took no hesitation then to release me and let me go; and I think he was glad that I decided to let him go. Once again, I yelled out thank you to Riku as I walked away and got ready to depart the scene altogether. I was now in the black void again but was a slow glow of stars, acting like a horizon and while I still had the chance, I decided to say thank you to everyone. I said something like “Thank you for your time Kingdom Hearts! And remember Riku, we still have two more things to do!”, hoping that the message would be able to reach them.

      I must have become lucid at some point as I seemed to gain satisfaction with all I had done, and declared that I would finally be ready to wake up. So then dream went back to the ‘false awakening’ bedroom, in which I realised I had beaten the alarm clock (there was about 45 minutes left) and was so relieved; the Kingdom Hearts scene felt so long yet the clock showed less time. And then I woke up again to get to waking life, where my real bedroom clock said 10:43 AM and I was surprised that such a big dream took almost no time at all.

      Dream 711 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 711 B
      Dream Guide: Karla (Me)
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 711 C
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: Yes
    3. Dream - Wrong Man In The Van

      by , 08-08-2018 at 02:50 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 8 AUG - 2018

      Dream No. 391 - Wrong Man In The Van
      Lucid Dream 24

      There is one scene I can recall in the non-lucid segment of the dream. I was walking around Jells Park and I came across Murray just standing on the grass, off one the footpaths; he was in his Sly 2/3 appearance. I came up to him and we spoke. I forget everything we said but I do clearly remember this one line he said, which was “Africans talk with their mouths, but hippos talk with their muscles”, as he then flexed an arm. I consciously knew he was making a hilarious but mocking reference at Dreamy WB’s expense.

      In the next scene that I can recall, I was in my house and it was pitch black at night. Everyone was in bed sleeping but I was up and walking about. I find myself in the sitting room next to the kitchen and my brother is laid out on a mattress on the floor. He wakes up and for some unknown reason, he is speaking to me, but with a violent tinge.

      I become somewhat scared of him but for some reason, decide to go into the kitchen and when I looked towards the oven, I saw the clock and the time said 12:33.1 when in real life, the oven clock would show 0:33 (24hr time). I then gave a slight gasp and said to myself, “I’m in a dream!”, then walking back into the sitting room. My brother lifts his head up and once again in a mean tone, tells me I’m not dreaming.

      I ignored him because I was intelligent enough to know that he was trying to tamper with my dreaming efforts. Instead, I looked up to the clock at the other end of the room and there I see it, evidence. The clock still has twelve numbers in the analogue position but not in the order of 1, 2, 3… and so on. Rather, the order was like 2, 10, 6, 4, 13… 13? This must mean that one number between 1 – 12 was replaced with this 13. As soon as I saw that 13 on the clock, I was definitely convinced that this was a dream.

      My brother, still with a terribly mean and angry disposition about him was trying to tell me otherwise but I now just ignored him. I walked past the bar stools and stopped near the dining room. In the loudest voice I could, I yelled “Can I please have Dreamy WB and Murray in this dream?!”. Then a huge gush of wind started up and I was picked up and carried with it and a very fast and furious pace, being shot out through the top front window and off the balcony!

      I soon discover that the dream has placed me onto Dreamy WB’s lap but I can’t see her, she was invisible in this dream. Gently, she descended from the balcony very slowly and then ascended up the court in the same manner. In the dream, the court seemed longer that in real life. Also, because I was lucid, I was able to perceive extra feelings when I was on her. At one point, I noticed that when the dream plonked me onto her, I wasn’t quite centred properly; so I squiggled slightly, even fixing my pants this time, and then a feeling of bliss came as I sunk into her.

      Just as we were about to reach the top of the court, slowly, she turned around. I wondered why but then I saw a blue van coming up the road… It was a real life render of the Cooper van! It parked almost below where Dreamy WB was hovering. Still in the air, I saw Sly and Bentley, who were very small in this dream and also with very realistic graphics, standing behind the van. They didn’t end up doing any thing in the dream though. And then Dreamy WB descended and gently slid me off her.

      With my feet now on the ground and me standing upright, Dreamy WB directed me to get into the van. She especially said for me to sit in the front. Since she was invisible, I only envisioned her with my conscious mind, hopping into the back. When I got seated though, this was not Murray at all! The dream character that was in the driver’s seat (left in Australian driving laws) was my dad! I wasn’t happy about this. I yelled out to the dream that I wanted Murray but nothing happened.

      Then we took off and I saw that we were driving along a freeway, still in the middle of the night. All throughout the drive, I’m looking out the window and shouting to and cursing at the dream that I clearly wanted Murray… The dream still wouldn’t budge. The only thing it did was bend a facial feature of my dad’s but it would very quickly rebound to normal which made me less than pleased.

      The venue we ended up at was some strange restaurant but it wasn’t one building, rather it was a whole complex. My dad was no longer with us and rather it was just me and Dreamy WB exploring the building, Dreamy WB who was now visible in a physical human form. She was wearing a black Kathmandu puffer jacket with black leggings and black canvas shoes. Her hair was straight and tied up in a ponytail.

      This restaurant complex didn’t necessarily have a warm environment everywhere, in-fact, some areas were cold and factory-like. Eventually out of nowhere, other girls joined us and it’s now like we were having a social outing. In one the larger factory-like rooms, the group was all standing around in a circle besides some metal stairs and I noticed that Dreamy WB had a canned drink with her. I saw that it was some fizzy mango fruit drink but then she had also mixed it with some regular milk and once she had a swig of it, she offered for me to try some.

      I came up to her, hesitant to try it at first but I did end up taking some. She asked me what I thought and at first, I said I liked it. But after having another sip, I changed my mind and thought it was disgusting, so I gave the drink back to her and let her finish it off. For the rest of the scene, the group were talking with each other but I forgot what about specifically. The dream then moved onto the next scene.

      I found myself to be in my bedroom on a bright sunny morning. I got out of bed and walked around the house for a bit but then I still had a lucid awareness with me and so noticed some things were starting to become off. Finally, I notice I’m still in a dream and so I call out to the dream, “Hey! I’m not finished yet! Take me back to where I was!”.

      The dream does take me back to the complex but it is day time and the grounds look more like a school, especially the undercover walkways. It was the same group of girls as from the night time scene but there is something different about Dreamy WB. She’s wearing the same clothing but she has the same facial features and voice as of R.McN, including the added glasses. This only phases me slightly and so I still do talk to the character as if it were Dreamy WB. At one point we were falling and so I was concerned but this so-called Dreamy WB reassured that she would be looking after me. The dream ended there from what I can recall.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

      Dream 391: Results (Competition #6)
      Competition Night: 7
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 34.0
      Calculation Details:
      - First Lucid Of The Night (10.0)
      - Was Introduced By DILD (5.0)
      - Summon Dream Guide: Dreamy WB (10.0)
      - Fly: During the wind scene (4.0)
      - Perform Reality Check: During the false awakening (5.0)

      + Previous Total: 25.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 59.5

      Although Murray successfully appeared in the non-lucid segment, I'm not marking him as a valid dream guide because I don't want to reward my dream for what it did in the lucid aspect. I also drew up what reality checks I did in the house (night time scene) as well as for anyone who may be curious, the position I usually take on Dreamy WB in all the lap-riding dream scenes.

      2012 Mass Panic?-scaled-200-dream-no.-391-reality-checks.jpg

      2012 Mass Panic?-scaled-200-general-dream-lap-position.jpg
    4. Dream - No Way Into DreamViews & Too Much Chocolate For Me

      by , 07-23-2018 at 09:00 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 22 JUL - 2018

      Dream No. 380 - Separated Sections

      Dream 380 A - No Way Into DreamViews
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in some random parking lot of an unknown shopping centre. I was on one of the levels of the car park, talking to one of my friends CF. In the middle of the car park complex was a lift shaft that covered 10 stories. CF was asking me if I wanted to come with her but I felt apprehensive. Then I came to my conclusion, I still wasn't ready.

      I tried calling out for Dreamy WB many times but nothing happened. After a while of CF patiently waiting for me, she decided to enter the lift, asking one last time if I was coming with her. I said, “Dreamy WB's not with me and so I can't. What level are you going to?” and CF tells me, “level 27,500”. My mind figured out that the level numbers were actually going up by 2,500, so this was actually level 11 of the car park.

      The next scene was back in my bedroom. I had supposedly woken up from the dream and it was night time... But I don't usually go for my phone when it's dark in real life. In this perception of being awake, I switched on my phone and tapped into the DreamViews forum website. When I was on it as a guest, I could see that I had some notifications, consisting of many likes and comments. No matter how many times I tried to log into my account, the dream wouldn't let me.

      In guest mode, I navigated myself to a post that I remember posting recently. One of the users, Jewel, had left a comprehensive reply, quoting many aspects of the post I had written. I can't remember exactly what the post was about, only that I was explaining my “dream concepts” again and Dreamy WB was mentioned. I wanted to reply back but I remembered I couldn't until I was logged in, so I tried for more attempts... Ultimately failing and the dream just leading me back to the DreamViews home page with different or missing labels on the top bar. I then thought to message spellbee2 about the login button not being available but the messaging option disappeared as well! And now it was a very empty function bar...

      For the third scene, I was at my old house, just in between the sitting room and the kitchen. In real life, the side alley of the house was just a skinny strip of concrete. In the dream, this was replaced with a large area containing the exact same lift shaft that was in the car park in the first scene. For a moment, I just stood there paralysed, thinking to myself “Shit... How did that get there?”, referring to the lift shaft.

      When I was finally able to calm myself down, I started frantically calling for Dreamy WB, multiple times, at a really fast pace. This time, when she wasn't coming, I began to get nervous again. My brother came to see what was going on and I hinted to him about Dreamy WB but didn't reveal the exact intention or who I wanted to do it with. He walked to the front door and looked out the window beside it to check if there were any changes to the dream response... All I told him is that I'm expecting someone to come.

      I then came to the window and my brother walked back into the kitchen to join my mum. When I looked through the window, I finally saw Dreamy WB emerging from the distance, casually strolling down Cleveland Court. She was going to reach my house sooner or later so I positioned myself at the front door, readily anticipating when she would reach the door. Just as she entered under the car port, I opened the door and greeted her.

      Just as she was about to step into the house, I just stood there for a fraction of time, assessing her appearance. In this dream, her features were fairly accurate; only some extremely minor distortions. Her hair though was more of an orange colour in this dream, almost like a light rust. The do was a bun but it wasn't at the centre of the top, it was only slightly more downwards towards the back, but still close to the top of the head. She was wearing her year 12 hoodie with black leggings and white shoes at the bottom.

      So once she stepped in, we hugged each other and stayed locked in the hugging position for the rest of the dream. And here's one thing I find strange, I didn't think to the shut both the wooden door and wire door and rather just obliviously left them open. In the hugging position, she walked me into the kitchen, past my mum who was preparing something, and then out a special door that exists only in the dream.

      We were now outside at the base of the lift shaft. In order to reach the first part, we actually had to climb a small set of stairs that were wrapped around the bottom of the glass shaft; some being see-through and other parts of the shaft not being see-through. When we were at the top of the stairs, Dreamy WB started gently rubbing my back with her hand to attempt to make me as calm as she could. She reached out with her other hand and told me, “look”, as she pressed a button next to the door. I looked up, seeing the lift come down from the top and that's when I started to get nervous. Dreamy WB slightly tightened the hug and after that, I can't remember anymore of the dream.

      Dream 380 B - Too Much Chocolate For Me
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my old house but this was only the appearance at the front. This house was actually a combination of my old and current house and more towards the back of my house was the current appearance. I see this huge two-piece chocolate bar sitting on the coffee table. Looking at it in a concern, I told my brother that the whole chocolate bar was too much for me.

      I then saw LB sitting on the other side of the desk in my study room, on the chair to the left of my computer chair. I whispered to my brother about giving the other half of the chocolate bar to LB. I said though, something like, “But she's not gonna talk to me”. My brother had a look on his face and a spark in his eye like he was confident she would. I then went into the study room, in hesitation, but she happily took the bar of chocolate, still with the default, expressionless look on her face. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

      Dream 380: Results (Competition #5)

      380 A

      Competition Night: 21
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      380 B
      Competition Night: 21
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 3.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Summon A Dream Guide (1.0)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Ask For Advice (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 104.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 107.5

      Updated 08-07-2018 at 12:06 PM by 93119

      false awakening , memorable , non-lucid
    5. Dream - I'm Sorry I Didn't Hear You Earlier & Ditching A Dreamer For Croatia

      by , 07-21-2018 at 01:03 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 21 JUL - 2018

      Dream No. 379 - Separated Sections

      Dream 379 A - I'm Sorry I Didn't Hear You Earlier
      I don't remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was out on the nature track near my house but rather than just being one straight track, it sometimes went off into many different directions. I wanted to do something but I forgot what specifically. I remember calling out for Dreamy WB but no matter what I did or how hard I tried, there was no response. I decided that I would go and look for some shade so I wouldn't be scorched by the sun the whole time I was calling for her.

      The scene then moved to me being at my other grandparents' house. Despite the location, I felt as if I was awake, having no bizarre surroundings or dream events happening. I stood beside the dining table and the little bench next to the wall and was checking my phone; apparently I had received a Facebook message from “WT”, which is the legal name of my dream guide. The only weird thing is that she had the same profile picture as WB and the actual WB had a completely different profile picture. The message from WT (Dreamy WB) read, “Hey I'm sorry, I didn't hear you earlier”. She was actually referring to when I was calling her back at the track. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 379 B - Ditching A Dreamer For Croatia
      I can't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, it felt like yet another false awakening. I was in my bedroom and I was listening to what my parents had to say while they were in the kitchen, which is just outside my bedroom. My mum was stating how she, my dad and my brother were going to go on a three month holiday to Croatia. My dad states something like, “What about Karla?”. My mum states back to him that I don't like lifts and so I would just be nothing but trouble when they were stopping over in Singapore. My dad said something back and then my mum answers, “I'm doing this for you, and for NB”.

      The next part of the dream showed some sub-scenes of the three family members in Croatia, visiting various towns and various relatives in them. There were also sub-scenes about what I would be doing at home with grandma. In-fact I wasn't offended at all that I would be staying at home, I actually much rather preferred this myself. Some sub-scenes showed me driving around places in my mum's car and then one of also driving my grandma to her friend's place in the vicinity of Narre Warren. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      Dream 379: Results (Competition #5)

      379 A

      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      379 B
      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 6.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - 5-Day Recall Chain (5.0)

      + Previous Total: 98.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 104.0

      I find it cute how after the scene, Dreamy WB became aware of me requesting her presence, and so she apologised by messaging me on Facebook for her not turning up.

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    6. Dream - Where Art Thou Dream Guide & I Shall Live My Daily Life

      by , 06-03-2018 at 10:17 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 JUN - 2018

      Dream No. 348 - Separated Sections

      Dream 348 A - Where Art Thou Dream Guide
      I don't remember much of this dream. From where I can remember, I was at some unknown tanbark playground area with my mum; I did slightly resemble an area of Jells Park but I wasn't completely sure. We walked a bit further and decided to explore the dreamscape. For a while, it was still the parkland but eventually, it was becoming a suburban, built up area.

      Finally, we ended up at some pool complex which was known to be the Glen Waverley Aquatic Centre. When I was in there, people were treating me like I was a part of some school, slightly rough like I was a child and that I knew nothing. My mum and I end up in a restaurant next to the pool and we're sitting at a table with this really friendly Asian guy and we were talking to him.

      A minor inconvenience happened but I forgot what it was specifically. It was enough to make me get up and run out the place. When I was outside the building, I was now walking at a fast past, back from the way I had originally come. I was puffing and panting while constantly calling for Dreamy WB but no matter what I did, she wouldn't appear. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 348 B - I Shall Live My Daily Life
      I forgot what the first part of the dream was about; I can only remember the dream from where the false awakening occurred. I woke up and the clock said 9:53, I clearly in remember (in real life) falling back asleep at 9:16. I toss around in my bed and say in a whining tone “Dang-nabbit Murray, it's almost ten o'clock! It's not worth me going back to sleep now!”. In addition, I felt extremely tired like I got no sleep at all.

      Then the voice in the bed was still coming from my mouth but the voice changed to Murray who spoke in his deep, Sly 2 tone; I forgot what he said to me. I can vaguely remember that he was offering me to go back to sleep again and that he'd make sure I was up before breakfast. Then the voice changed back to me and I was asking him for something but once again, the details are gone. His deep voice said, “I think you should look up 'Clockwerk wings'”.

      So then I got onto my phone and turned on the Wi-Fi, indeed on Google Images I look up “Clockwerk wings” and I see a picture of Murray holding the wings. I then went back to the main app home-screen on my phone and accessed separate images. The image I accessed was one of Murray but things were odd because in real life, an image doesn't exist of him standing on top of the 'peacock sign'. I also tried zooming in to see him better but when my fingers had let go, the phone just bounced back.

      I started to get an inkling feeling that things just weren't right. It kept zooming out on me and I'm like, “Oi, stop that!” to my phone. Eventually though, the image stayed zoomed in and I continued to talk. Just as I realised further that things weren't normal, I actually woke up and the time on the clock said 11:21, so whereas I thought I slept for 37 minutes, I actually slept for 2 hours and 5 minutes.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 348: Results (Competition #4)

      348 A
      Competition Night: 2
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      348 B
      Competition Night: 2
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 3.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Dream Guide Automatically Appeared: 348 B (0.5)
      - Ask For Advice (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 4.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 7.5
    7. Dream - Torturous School & Catch Up To The Boys

      by , 04-08-2018 at 08:31 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 8 APR - 2018

      Dream No. 307 - Separated Sections

      Dream 307 A - Torturous School
      I don't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was back in year 12 again. The environment felt like Killester but it wasn't... It was some unknown school. The environment was unknown but my grade 4 teacher Mrs Br. was teaching the class and in this dream, she was strict and scary. What's worse is that I was sitting right at the front, all of us were on the floor with our legs crossed, just like in primary school.

      We were about to be on a two week holiday break when we received a list of the homework we had to do. The amount of holiday homework was ridiculous and was a lot more than what I actually received in real life in year 12. In the dream later on, it felt like I was on holidays but at the end of week 1, that's when we were returning to school. I freaked out because I hadn't done any of the set tasks. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 307 B - Catch Up To The Boys
      This dream started off like a false awakening. I woke up in the morning and got out of bed, expecting the typical Sunday morning breakfast of sausages mustard and bread. I stood around the corner of the bench, talking to my brother. I said to him something like, “you haven't seen your friends in a while. Are you going to arrange to see them sometime soon?”. He told me that they already arranged to meet up in the city at 10:00 AM this morning.

      As soon as I heard him say 10:00 AM, I freaked out. I wanted to go with them and it was already past 10:00 AM. My brother then actually disappeared from my sight without reason and so now it was assumed that he was well in the city and I was stuck at home. I knew my parents wouldn't take me and so I was well and truly imprisoned in my own home. Eventually though, I feel this strong energy from afar and that's when the dream scene proceeds to change.

      I am now in my bedroom of my old house and Dreamy WB is in there with me. Her appearance in this dream is the symmetrically parted afro, a black slit dress and black heeled sandals. We sat on the bed for a while and she gave me a massage. Soon after, we got up and proceeded to the kitchen. She said something to me while in the kitchen but I forgot what it was. I was then on a paint program and it actually showed details of my trying to sketch an image of Dreamy WB. I remember drawing the hair so carefully but found it difficult to fill in the sections with the black airbrush. In the paint program, I drew her afro in its asymmetrical parting.

      The dream then showed me and Dreamy WB walking next to each other in an unknown suburban environment. I could tell though that we were heading towards the Glen Waverley train station and she was going to accompany me to the city, helping me finally catch the boys. Once again we were talking about something but I forgot what was said. For the last parts of the dream, we never reached the train station; that's when I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      Dream 307: Competition Results

      307 A
      Competition Night: 7
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      307 B
      Competition Night: 7
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 1.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 3.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 5.0

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      non-lucid , false awakening , memorable
    8. Dreams - Snacks At A Ransom Price

      by , 02-11-2018 at 03:37 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 11 FEB - 2018

      Dream No. 281 - Snacks At A Ransom Price

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was driving towards the area of Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. Just as I was passing the Shell petrol station, I noticed that there was a problem with the way that other people on the roads were driving. In Australia, the laws are that you drive on the left side of the road but everyone was driving on the right side of the road, so I thought they would smash into my car. Thank goodness that actually didn't happen, rather, the cars went to the correct side of the road to overtake me but then they went back to the wrong side.

      As I was driving into the entrance of the Shopping Centre, I saw AD on the footpath but I forgot what she was doing specifically. I continued to drive into the carpark and the area was a lot different in comparison to real life. I soon realised what I was doing and that I was supposed to meet my mum in the shops later on in the dream; but for now, I just drove around the carpark, exploring it a bit. There were heaps of escalator and lift entrances, I parked near one of them. Looking on one of the shopping centre maps placed in the carpark, I saw a Kmart and realised that the shopping complex was a lot bigger than in real life.

      Behind the lift entrance, there was actually a convenience store in the underground carpark! I went into the convenience store which has heaps of food supplies compared to what would be in a normal petrol station. I decided to get a couple of snacks and so I went to the all the shelves to have a look around. I finally decided on some flavoured water as well as a double chocolate bar pack with a bonus Ferrero Rocher.

      When I got to the counter, I was shocked to hear the lady say that all these items came to a cost of $1,294.00. I didn't agree with the pricing and so I told her it was too expensive. There was some young Asian man next to me at the counter that was supporting the lady's methods. I wasn't happy and I said that they were charging a ridiculous amount. The man finally gave up and said that they would charge me $888.88 instead.

      I still wasn't happy, and to prove the ridiculous pricing to them, I went over to the shelves to check the marked prices for myself. I came back and I told them, “The water is $5.90, the chocolate pack is $4.39, therefore that should actually be coming down to $10.29. Now because of your stupidity I would be tempted to give you nothing, but because I am a good samaritan, I will give you the $10.30”. I reached into my bag and pulled out a 10 dollar note, putting it onto the counter when I then opened my purse and got out a 10 and 20 cent coin to make up 30 cents. The dream then changed scenes.

      For the last scene of the dream, I was at this random house; the house was unknown as shown from the outside. When it came to the inside of the house though, I was in my bedroom which appeared exactly the same as it is in real life. It's day time (probably the morning) when I am in bed and Murray, Sly 4 appearance, is lying down with me. He told me to get closer to him for a hug. So I slid slightly closer and he locked me into a lengthy, tight hug. This lasted until I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    9. Dream - A Comforting Conversation & Disasters Galore

      by , 01-31-2018 at 11:19 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 31 JAN - 2018

      Dream No. 273 - Separated Sections

      Dream 273 A - A Comforting Conversation
      This was the first dream of the night I had. The scene played like a false awakening, taking place in my bedroom just as the sun was rising. I was under the covers of my own bed, burrowed in right next to Murray in his Sly 4 appearance. In this dream, he was already awake and started talking to me; so I wiggled my way up slightly and pulled myself back to be able to see him. He said something like “Hey it's okay, we're gonna get her back”, straight away knowing that he was referring to Dreamy WB. He said some more stuff as well but I forgot his exact words; we spoke for a short while.

      We then heard footsteps in the distance and I knew they belonged to my grandma. I quickly told Murray what was going on as well as him making a small comment. When my grandma was just about to come in the doorway, Murray quickly pulled the covers over our heads and brought me back to his body with a tight hug, although he still remained awake. I just enjoyed the sensation until the next dream came. My grandma started to fiddle with the sheets to fix them for me but never pulled them off. The dream transitioned when I was alone again with Murray for a few seconds.

      Dream 273 B - Disasters Galore
      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was at my current house and my mum and grandma were expecting to be busy for the whole day. I was out in the local area doing something but I forgot what exactly. When I got off Haverbrack Drive and onto Police road, there was this big white bus just sitting there on the corner. After examining it for a bit, this lady popped up out of the seat and gave me this evil grin through the rear-view mirror.

      The bus then started up, revving it's motors and reversing. I thought to move out of the way so the bus could take its course but I did not know that the driver had different ideas. The bus started reversing towards me really fast and I could now tell that the lady had her sights set on running me over. As I prepare to run back down Haverbrack Drive, I am screaming for Dreamy WB while also watching the distance between me and the bus. Dreamy WB never came but I did reach home without being run down.

      Back at home, I found out what my mum was going to be doing. Her and my grandma had to be at the airport for a certain time to pick up my deceased grandfather (alive in the dream). My mum was stressing out big time saying that she had to do all these things, really demanding house chores. This scene played for a while but I have forgotten every single detail of it.

      The next scene played in the house but it was in an area that doesn't exist in real life. I was in the driveway when I caught sight of a mini fire in one of the upper rooms. I said to myself that I had to go up there before the fire got any bigger to see if I could rescue some of my toys and other belongings. The fire had stopped shortly after and I didn't move and rather thought nothing off it.

      Next, this internet service provider truck came into our driveway and rammed into a wall of the garage. The driver had hit a power cable which caused another fire in the same upper room. I got furious and muttered something under my breath; something like, “No wonder you stupid idiots are always cutting out the internet... Because you always run into cables and surge the power!”. This time I did enter the room but it was empty, with no objects in there. The fire grew bigger and there seemed to be no means of escape. I was absolutely scared and went into calling for Dreamy WB again, once again with no success.

      Eventually the flames actually died down and so I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked out of that room. I walked into some other random area that didn't look like my house at all and there were all these pictures on the wall. All these pictures appeared to be of the real life WB who did have a distorted appearance in the dream. What disturbed me the most was that she had all these piercings on her face, including multiple rings on her ears, nose and lips! I examined those pictures thoroughly and I thought to myself, “You have really mucked up in life...”.

      The dream scene then transitioned to me being at a random Coles store with my brother. We were looking at the shelves with all the Easter supplies on them. We were looking for these particular caramel eggs but some lady told us why they weren't there... I forgot what was said exactly. I remember that my brother and I weren't very happy and we mentioned something about my mum; then we left the store.

      The next scene took place in the carpark of this random shopping complex. The only way to reach the next area was to take the lift which I was having none of. For the third time in this dream, I put in every single string of effort to get Dreamy WB on the scene. My mum was pressuring me to go into the lift but I told her “Wait, I've just got to do something”. I didn't care who was near me, I just kept calling, like a broken record, “Dreamy WB!”. I walked back and forth, up and down the ramps, into the grassed area... Everywhere!

      Eventually, these transparent, ghost-like figures appeared and started floating around me. The first one I saw was just a random looking girl. I knew this wasn't Dreamy WB and I said “Hang on a minute, I don't want dream guide no. 33, I want dream guide no. 1!”. That's when Dreamy WB flew up to me and was hovering just above my head at the side. I knew it was her as I recognised that special, calming energy.

      Although transparent, her energy made it feel like she was physically touching me at some points. She spread an arm out and I leaned on it as she gently nudged me into the lift. As the lift shut, she continued to hover close to me and smile as she now had the one arm hugging me. The dream ended there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

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      non-lucid , false awakening , memorable
    10. Dream - Dandy Danger & Dream Guide Troubleshooting & The Appointments Manager

      by , 12-29-2017 at 12:58 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 29 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 251 - Separated Sections

      Dream 251 A - Dandy Danger
      I don't remember much of this dream. I was heading along the Princes Highway towards Dandenong. I was walking towards the lonesome Coles store when there were also heaps of high school students, mostly boys, walking that way as well. One boy randomly approached me and bashed me really hard. After that, I was running out of that Coles car park. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 251 B - Dream Guide Troubleshooting (Lucid Dream 10)
      I can only remember this dream from the point where I became lucid. I was in my parents' bedroom, looking in the mirror, when I noticed my appearance was slightly messed up. I then looked at my fingers and said to myself, “I seem to have 6, or 7, or more!”. Then I tried moving my body around a bit. My hips ended up hurting when I was swinging them around and I could hear the bones cracking. I confirmed I was lucid and changed the scene so my body wouldn't hurt anymore.

      I was now in my own bedroom, calling for Dreamy WB. It was only becoming annoyingly harder and harder to get her. I walked out to the kitchen, which looks completely different in comparison to real life. A dream guide appeared eventually, but it wasn't Dreamy WB. On multiple examinations, I found that it was Dreamy SW, whom I was not intending. She obtained her traditional hairstyle with the fringe from 2014 and she was also wearing a sand-yellow coloured jumper.

      At first, I tried to show that I wasn't happy with the situation but I noticed the dream trying to fade out on me. I eventually sighed and said to myself “you'd better stop complaining or you're going to wake up”. Dreamy SW realised what was happening and said to me that I shouldn't just accept what the “Awareness Behind The Dream” says and that I should be allowed to get the dream guide I want. She then encouraged me to keep trying and said that she would help me in any way she could. The scene ended with me calling for Dreamy WB a few more times.

      The scene changed to this dark room with a round wooden table in the middle of it, laid out like an old fashioned office... It must have been the Dream Guide HQ! There was some random burly guy in a corporate outfit with dark hair, wearing sunglasses. He had a mean look about him; I'm thinking he must have been the boss and he was the one with the title of “Awareness Behind The Dream”. Dreamy WB was sitting across from him and the boss goes to her in a frustrated tone, “your bracelet's flashing”. Dreamy WB was wearing a black wristband and there was a light underneath it that was flashing a bright yellow/amber.

      Now I must say, the dream made her look horrendous... You could say that she was naked with minimal coverage. All she was wearing was a purple and orange g-string bikini with a bra top you'd expect to see at a stripper club. Additionally, her skin was all folded over and was very speckled with the wrong colour... She was an utter mess. The only thing half appropriate about her was the fact that she had hair on her head in the correct colour and a pigtail style.

      The dream camera showed her walking towards my location, which was a low balcony in the distorted, front area of my house. She was literally an unidentifiable, walking pile of jelly approaching the stairs. Wherever she walked, the path widened for her and then went back to normal after she left that area. The dream even made the stairs fly up and down when she walked on them. She did nothing except stand in front of me in the front yard and I didn't look pleased at what I was witnessing.

      I looked up aimlessly into the sky but soon, my face gained an expression of purpose. I yelled my head off at the “Awareness Behind The Dream”, throwing every curse at it I could think of. I said stuff like “You stupid! I called for a dream guide and I've got a slob! Give me someone I can bloomin' identify with at least!”. A few seconds later, I was still in frustration while I followed Dreamy WB to the lower part of the front yard.

      She eventually stood still and a pink holographic barrier came up around her, lifting her existence out of the dream world. While the pink barrier was still active, a pair of dress pants ascended from the ground. The second stage was when the top half of a man's tuxedo appeared on top of the pants. The blazer was a matching black and then there was a white shirt underneath with a hot pink tie to match the colour of the energy barrier. The last stage of development was where the head and all other body parts started to fade into vision and place itself onto the figure.

      There was now the resemblance of a full, decent human being who was fit to be classified as a dream guide. Something was still odd about Dreamy WB though; she wasn't human flesh, rather, her skin and hair were some sort of silver, stone-like metal. I stated to the environment that Dreamy WB's hair still wasn't right. The dream then zoomed in onto her undistinguishable hair and showed it being slowly morphed into an afro. The dream went into really slow motion, to make sure that Dreamy WB parted her hair really well.

      When the transformation was finished. Dreamy WB gave me a wide, pleasant smile and just stood there, waiting for me to make my next move. I came closer to her and gave her a hug. Although she appeared as metal, she still felt human like. The dream then showed the area where the stairs previously were and the pathway had morphed itself into a love heart, with the limestone pavement on the outside as a border to the shape and the grass on the inside.

      The dream then moved back to my parents' bedroom where I was under the belief that I had woken up. Since it was a double bed, my brother was lying next to me. I looked over at the clock on my dad's side of the bed (which was my side in the dream) and it said 7:42 with no distortions. After reflecting with my brother about the lucid aspects of the dream, the dream truly ended and it went into a straight transition to Dream C.

      Dream 251 C - The Appointments Manager
      My brother was due for a check up at the dentist. The differences are that the exterior of the building looked different in comparison to real life and it was also night time. I forgot what I was doing exactly but I was walking around in the dark, in the middle of the night with my dad. We eventually found our way back to the clinic and I found out that I had to cancel some people's appointments on the dentist's behalf.

      There was a electronic list of people outside, the door and then a bigger list inside the clinic. I went to the area in the waiting room and started swiping random people off the appointments register. There were originally 7 appointments and now there were only 3 left. A random lady came and told me to also swipe another one so now they only had two remaining.

      After that, AD came into the clinic and surprisingly, she came up behind me and briefly patted me on the back... She'd typically be angry at me. In this dream I could tell what she was wearing; a plan navy top and black leggings, her hair was in the default style with a slight gingerish tinge to it. Although AD was nice to me, I still couldn't find myself to trust her incentives, so I squeezed my water bottle really hard to try getting all the nerves out of me. After my dad questioning me on why I was squeezing my bottle so hard, the dream ended and I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Free Roaming (Have 3 lucid dreams)

      Haven't done a "Behind The Scenes" entry in ages. I think Dream 251 B has a lot to get to the bottom of.
    11. Dream - Tricky Clock And Fingers

      by , 12-08-2017 at 12:05 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 8 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 239 - Tricky Clock And Fingers
      Lucid Dream 8

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I remember, I was walking down the main corridor at Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. I ended up seeing CF there but she didn't want to talk to me and I thought to myself “why?”. Apparently she was too busy hanging out with E.Gen and I.Hick who were walking down the corridor just after her. A few seconds later and I saw CF's dad, trying to say hello to him but he said nothing back.

      The next scene took place at my current house. I forgot what I was doing at the time but my dad ended up turning on the TV. Channel 7 news was playing and there was this interesting concept that the TV viewer could “get up close and take a selfie”. When I got in front of the TV, precisely I appeared like I was the one actually starring on the news... So therefore, the TV was actually a TV/mirror. I got my phone and positioned myself the way I wanted to on the TV and then took a few photos. Once I looked at the photos myself, I thought they were amazing... One shot showed me standing next to some gold statue amongst the pyramids of Egypt.

      The dream flowed well and rather didn't skip to the third scene, but I walked to the third scene myself. I went down the stairs to see what my brother was doing in his bedroom. Just then, all of a sudden, this random guy comes barging into the downstairs area. I stick my head out my brother's door and see a man with black curly hair wearing a Chisholm t-shirt and carrying a cardboard box full of paper. I don't how he just let himself in like that... I said to him, “excuse me, but rather than just letting yourself in, could you please knock next time?”.

      He said sorry very quickly and then was telling me that he was here to deliver my diploma results. He then told me how I was doing great things over there at the moment and that I will just do so much better in the next stage; I mentally knew he was referring to organisation of the cultural day which is exactly what took place in real life. Then I stuck my head into my brother's room and chilled until I thought of what to do next. I saw the cat sitting on the tiles, slapping her tail onto the ground many times. Eventually I went up to my bedroom but the cat was following me.

      For some reason, I now think I'm awake because I am lying in bed and I can see grey sky, out the window, as well as hearing spits of rain. I think to myself, “I hope it stops raining so grandma can see her friend”. I look over to the bedroom clock and it says 9:28, so I'm still convinced that I'm really awake. But upon staring at the number longer, the 2 starts to distort itself. I look away and look back; the clock is trying to say 9:30 but a bar is missing off the number three. I squint my eyes shut and open and now the 9:30 shows in full form. The same thing happened in respect to 9:31. The next number set on the clock is 9:57. And then the clock goes to 11:37. Now when I squint, it keeps changing time on me non-stop.

      The time on the clock is going absolutely crazy and so I decide to give up that technique, now with the addition of knowing I'm certainly not awake. Still, to reinforce and question the fact if I'm dreaming, I decide to look down at my fingers. At the start, they look normal, but when I move them to one side of the room, I can only see four. I now move them across to the left and see some fingers disappearing and others slowly appearing. Additionally, my fingers were long like a witch and whenever they'd change, the bones in them would hurt really bad. I didn't want to witness the pain anymore and so I was now finally and utterly convinced that I was lucid.

      At this stage, I'm actually amazed within the dream that I've finally obtained lucidity again. I then think to myself, “what do I want to do now?”. I then decided that I wanted the cat to go away. The cat kept walking into my room and I told her to shoo repeatedly. It took a while but the cat eventually slinked off and left. Once again, I thought “what do I want to do now?”... Although I was lucid, I wasn't prepared and so didn't have any intentions in mind.

      Then once I had time to gather my thoughts, I said to myself, “I want to get Dreamy WB over here”. I went over to the bedroom door, stuck my head out and started calling for her. Because I was so lucid, I was so focused and persistent. I had called heaps and heaps and there was still nothing. I thought to myself, “why isn't she coming?”. I still kept calling while walking over to one of the multiple mirrors in my bedroom. I quietly said “Dreamy WB, are you there?” as I looked through the mirror.

      Only in the mirror did I catch a glimpse of something amazing. In the dream dimension there was still nothing but in the mirrored dimension, a greyish-black silhouette appeared in the doorway of the bedroom and was very slowly and mysteriously approaching me from behind. When the silhouette got as close as possible, it just stood there, waiting for me to turn around and discover its identity. I turned around and indeed it was Dreamy WB in human form! Her appearance was the afro and the black pencil dress.

      I was so ecstatic to see her, maybe too excited that I could wake up but she brought me back to the moment. Both she and I ended up getting onto the bed and lying down, wrapping each other in a tight hug for a few minutes. I then stuck my head out from her arms and said to her, “I'd like another dream like this”. What I was really saying to her is that I wanted another lucid dream some time soon. I mentally knew that I had nothing else to do in this dream, so I stuck my head back into her chest to prepare myself for waking up. For the whole scene, Dreamy WB was completely quiet, she didn't speak or utter a sound.

      The dream eventually faded out and I was holding my Mario plush in the exact same position that I was hugging Dreamy WB in the dream. I looked at the real life clock and it said 7:34. I never went back to sleep because it took hours to recap every single detail of this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Explorer (Have 1 lucid dream).

      This was an interesting dream. The lucidity starts from the bedroom scene. What was unfortunate though is that the dream took me so much by surprise that I didn't know what I actually wanted to achieve in this dream.

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    12. Dream - Denial To Kryal Castle & Return Of The Dog

      by , 08-05-2017 at 10:53 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 166 - Separated Sections

      Dream 166 A - Denial To Kryal Castle

      My family was planning to go to Kryal Castle but another plan got in the way and I was disappointed. I ended up going to the shops with my mum and my brother, NN and RK also came with us. At the registers, my mum needed help taking bags back to the car. She said that NN and RK could to the car but my brother me and had to stay behind. I complained to my mum, going “Why can't NN and NB stay back?”. It actually ended up being that way. RK and I went back to the car and when we were in the car park, I could see Kryal Castle in the distance. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream 166 B - Return Of The Dog
      This dream took place in my backyard. I was in the upper part, near the door to underneath the house, when I saw the dog running and scurrying up the path from the door to the garage that was open. The dog had a grey aura to her which I subconsciously knew was a sign that she was a deceased entity. When she got to me, she just sat in front of me and wagged her tail with her tongue constantly going in and out. I thought to myself “Why are you here? You're dead right...?”. This actually affirmed that I was dreaming but I was nowhere near becoming lucid.

      What the affirmation did though was give me the prompt to start calling for Dreamy WB. I kept calling and calling, I eventually ran to the fence of the Greek neighbour's house and called her but there was no response. I still called as I went back to the upper part of the house but I suddenly stopped at a horrific sight. Ms L just sprouted out of the soil in the veggie patch as quick as a beanstalk! What was even more terrifying is that the dream made her have these really piercing, glowing eyes, which forced me to wake up in fright.

      I was now perceived to be awake in my bedroom, still with my heart pulsing from the veggie patch sight. Here I was, then ready to start my TAFE day but there was one problem... Why was the clock saying 11:44? That means that I would have been 2 hours and 44 minutes late for classes, and potentially even 3 by the time I got there. I had the alarm clock set for 7:30 in real life. I then woke up and confirmed that I had truly exited the dream as the clock now said 7:11.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

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