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    Back to Childhood

    by , 07-24-2013 at 04:09 PM (319 Views)
    So this dream was really nice..
    ofcourse i had antoher dreams but somehow i remember my childhood and wanted to live it again.. so i teleprted to my old childhood house in nicosia (cyprus)
    i got lucid abit..
    i went out and first place i walked it was the shop market where was a old man , it was fun.. but shop was bigger and another guy isntead of old man..
    i bought some stuff snacs etc to go to the best net cafe and to a priest that i wasvisiting when i was young
    before i go i asked the guy in shop
    what happen to "giannakis?" that old man
    he told me he got short time left
    i asked he can hear etc? yes ..
    ok tell him hi from me spartakos and my family.
    he ok..
    then after sometime i walked out and was ready to go to the priest..
    but i couldnt walk i was excited i tihnk and it was hard to control
    so i woke up slwly.


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