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    Fight for 5$ LoL.

    by , 07-19-2011 at 11:58 PM (990 Views)
    Lol it was like that , some girl borrowed my 5 euro / usd ..
    then i dont know wether i lost them or she didnt gave me or i didnt gave back or so..

    then i was walking on the street
    and 2 guys come to me..
    i started fighting lol
    they were punching me..
    i was punching them also so hard..
    they were like laughing hahaa..
    it was like fun fight.. for just 5 euros/usd. .
    then somehow i left them and i continued dreaming ;D

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    1. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      $5 is serious cash
    2. Karlitaki's Avatar
      haha 5$ ill go in bed soon and get em back