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    Horror Day

    by , 12-28-2013 at 09:24 AM (337 Views)
    Well this dream was the last of my sleep but i found it funny and scary.

    I was with some people and we were going to beach .. we went to beach and we saw incoming a plastic boat u know the one u gotta fill with oxygen air but without air and like crashed , i and it was heading back to sand and i took it out ..
    then we were on the sand and u know like celebrating with families , but i saw 1kid opening holes from the sand and little fly's and those small things ocming outside so i try to cover all those covered holes .. in 1 moment we heard that there is a killer or something ...

    everyone left ..
    and there was a building near unfinished one but almost finished like 90% only painting left..
    i went near and i had to climb on the roof from the wooden thing that electricity comes and see from the top whats going on , and i've took something from there i dont remember something importanrt really like a pendant or i dont know i dont remember.
    So then i was kind of scary and i climbed down from the same way from the electricity line cables and the
    building , that was so pro lol.
    so when i reached down and everyone was left ... you know in dreams u dont do sometimes what u want cus its dream and if you dont know that your dreaming then the dream is going it byself ..
    and it guided me to go inside the building and search for him or something ... wow i was scared abit but i was kind of going silently and when i realised that there is a killer that kills people out on that sea or whatever , i just try to run back lol while running to go back something messaged in my mind "the door you entered is locked" but i didnt care and i went and headed over there as fast as possible to leave that killer.

    when i found the door i was like omg i knew he will lock me in and come and kill me ..
    now what to do ? he put on the Door a metal thing that u have to slide at right but u can't touch it cus u will get electro shock .. and what i did was i slide it with my foot lol , i mean with my shoes i pushed it and TICK, door opened .. i wanted to continue dreaming that maybe if i willl sleep again now i might do , and see that nooble killer what he can do , thats how i pwn !

    have fun

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    Tags: nightmare
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable