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    Memorable Dreams

    1. long journey dream

      by , 10-23-2015 at 09:21 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      My gosh this dream i had was really deep,crazy,nice,interesting,thrilling,exciting,wei rd etc.

      I first started with 4-5 people going to some place...
      was a river if i remember right, and something happened and they got splitted and went along alone, and i had to go from another way to catch them.. i couldnt... i think the country was Israel lol, i really remember this dream somewhere i had it before, so it was like replay of the dream... then i went to some building like a church or whatever it was where i had to enter some doors and go down down to get inside the place where we normally had to be, untill a israel squad caught me and be like what u doin here etc etc i didnt know what to say so i pretend to be just there as a visitor etc and they told me not to go in the doors etc, they started taking showers and what so ever.. after they send me somewhere, they thought i am lost, which i did lol, to some guy in some other place i dont really remember what we did but he helped me u know live for that day, and slowly the dream started changing... started getting crazy lol, it was like i was viewing other's ppl dreams, where some people got stuck into some punishment stuff like they had to participate through some crazy things.... torturements or whatever u call it, then i had to ride a car and win someone lol, then there was this crazy room water room on the bottom
      where all people dead and someone was with me i forgot who who went through it and i was following...
      so wha happened we went up slowly (the room was really cubic with fancy green/blue color only) energetic room or something and we went to the top which was the end of the building, sounds weird i dont even understand what this was ...
      then i dont really remember, i keept waking up and gettin back to sleep to continue the dream, so yeah at the end i remember even being wit hmy mom on some building, and we were talking and on the edge of the building it had that feature (same from that water room) where the gravity holds you up (on the air lol) and we jumped from one building to another and could get to any window we like or at the top of it.... i dont know what happened to those 4-5 people i was with, if i was Lucid i could get there, but i wasnt.. so yeah end of dream was a kind of REPLY of the dream again, just from different perspect of view....

      dats it!
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    2. building dream worlds

      by , 09-27-2015 at 02:56 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i was like okay today after WBTB i will try to astral project (obe)
      i sleept/ hit the sleep paralysis and somehow i i was suprised and woke up, then again 2-3 times it happened the same, i remember
      i also had falsea awakenings, that i got out of my room and went to the kitchen and i saw things missing, so i decided to jump from the window and it was like the appartment i lived on was above the sky Lol i flied so high for few secs, and i woke up, decided to re-try.

      This time i was trying to SP and get out of my body more aware, so i had many FA, and i remember that i tried to fly from my bed and i did, but when i tried to switch back to my self so i an see is this me or what, i woke up, but directly went to another SP and a dream, where i met someone on Steam (a friend) and i told him dude i gotta get through this SP thing, he told me put some rap music on headphones and go for it, and also send me some links in youtube to watch, (didnt understood what he send me anyways some weird video) so i woke up after a bit i thought ok last time, i hit SP couldnt notice i was dreaming, was FAand i felt like someone sit on my Foot, so i was like damn thats real or what? when i tried to move abit i woke up..

      then ok i decided to listen to this whole album:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Rvnn89-08 and sleep.

      i did, after 2-3 songs of it i appear somewhere... that was really wow lol, too bad i didnt realize i was dreaming there, i was i na park? sitting on some place behind a building, drinking and listening to music lol, so there was (15 meters) away from me a woman, she looked asian and she was staring me like every 2-3 secs she had to look at me, and i was like the heck she wants and why she sitting there too...
      anyway after that i started doing some crazy stuff, i went somewhere probably underground or something, and i wanted to build an alternative exit of my building?, so somehow i was doing that... u know was like carving but everything was done lol, and at one moment i remember i was outside in a public park and there was many ppl waiting some big monsters or big machines to take action and i took pics with my iphone and i dont know what that was exactly, so i moved back on that building trynna make it done, dream scene changed again, i was at some park near another building, and on 4th floor or 5th, there was some girls doing gymnastics lol, i was staring and it was fun, i got seduced in few words, and there was 2 sisters seeing me sitting down there, they say hey to me and move hands with a greeting, then i see them disssapear, after 1 min i see them coming down to the park with their father and one brother, they tell me so my daughters said u were taking PICS, i loled and i said huh? okay lets check... i checked all pics lol i've seen the pics of that big monster/robot things that i did earlier and his dad and son didnt believe me so they wanted to watch on my other ''Folders'' while there are no other folders in iphone for pics Lol, but somehow i found other stuff, and that was about that building was doing trying to make another exit or another entrance, so somehow i went back to that building and i did the exit Lol, i did a big hole with big fences and like stairway and i was like wow look at dat i did it...

      anyway thats it for now

    3. lucid experiments and having fun

      by , 09-26-2015 at 12:24 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i woke up, always wanna WBTB lol after i wake up, so i put some calming melodies/music to let me fall asleep, had 2-3 times Sleep paralysis and couldnt get through so i woke up again and again, till the time where i was like ok now i can do it and get in SP anytime i want and then enter the dream scene, i did ... so i was near some beach park, no idea was trying to have fun around u know, catch some ladies etc, but wasnt easy lol so i woke up 1-2 times and re-entered my last dream was a dream with my bro surrounded by like 10 ppl came and ask me to give em my euro coins u know 2 euro / 1 euro etc and i told them ok ill drop on the air and u choose [words or numbers] u win if you guess right, then i run lol and there was that guy from Youtube Vitalyzdtv trynna catch me and i jumped above a Fence (flied) did a flip and entered into a big game soccer field with that red sand while he wanna catch me and he got stuck on a fence and i asked, u believe in god? he said yes, u believe in jesus and prophet mohammed? he told yes i believe peace be upon them
      then i trolled him by saying.. "haha you in a dream and u got pranked i am the camera and laughed and i flied back and decide to wake up lol.

      dats it
      lucid , memorable
    4. Ride to the Zombieland

      by , 07-18-2015 at 12:43 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hey, i don't recall that much but ill try my best.

      I was with a girl which i assume its her lol named Megan, and we were hangin out and we went to a hotel to chill at the Pool and with other friends, we had fun and then she had to go or somethin happened and she dissapeared, i was with mom i think somewhere later on and someone fall down almost dying cus he had some sickness and i tried to help , then he stood up and everything was fine lol, what a dream... anyways then i didnt talk to that girl called Megan for 2-3 days (in my dream) i thought something's going on, got emotional there lol, and i decided to send a message on fb and ask whats up.

      First message i got was a video on her city or something that zombies came to life or something and people dying and stuff like that, anyway i was chatting and i decided to go there and see whats up with her friends etc, on my way i told her or she put the phone voice call on speaker, and i wanted to give an advice lol, the advice was: Hey guys, i want to give an advice because this videos you are watching are not the reality, this media is trying to take over and make us watch this videos to seek their help, they are trying to build their own democracy ''s***" and thats it, well then i assume i wanted to talk to Megan in private and i woke up =D

      memorable , non-lucid
    5. Freaky Nightmare

      by , 03-23-2015 at 02:01 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Mehh, another nightmare, that was another creepy ass sleep.

      Well just came home from work kind of tired etc, got home, helped mom abit
      ate something, watched a movie, felt asleep with the movie on, then my bro knocked the door and woke me up
      to print him sum stuff, then i was too tired, went online for around 5 minutes, turned off completely the PC,lights,door,window, jumped in Bed, turned iphone on watched few adviceable random videos, and felt asleep...

      First i had some nice dream or lets say normal then it started gettin worse..... and worse and now ill explain you the worse point lol.

      There, i choose to play a Movie in a dream.. and i chose somethin about a woman, idk who which etc, but i played it, i wasnt home, this happened i guess in my work (since i worked alot this week) its normal that i'd dream of my workplace (in a different way ofcourse)
      so that woman or whoever was.. while i watching the film, i started hearing stuff etc, making me scary u know the feeling?
      woke up several times like 5-6.. tried to clear my head out but fk it i went back again and again so the dream continued..
      i always tried to go closely to the dream and find out what the stupid movie was about (i meant i had an image of the movie playing) lol.

      So .. i went around and i went into the frozen fridge and saw that woman and scared, i went back and asked my collegaues to help etc, but then no one could do anytihng or somethin.. (forgot my self what happened) woke up again i guess after few mins,) and cus im muslim there are sayings to slightly spit at the left 3x and sleep cs it makes the ''devil or lets say bad spirits'' go away'' and say 33x times god is the greatest, praise to god, etc.'' although i tried.. i fall asleep 3x times.. i prolly did it in my sleep paralysis or somethin..

      at the end of the dream i was really boom exhausted, couldnt anymore.. i mean in m room full silence, i actually had the windows little bit opened, so fresh air was comin on..., and went back to sleep.. then it was gettin very worse, i mean i could hear it even more.. and i asked mmore people around.. and nothin helped so what i did .. with my crazy brain mind, went on the side of the whole dream.. like lets say its A Theater and i go on the right side where are the walk way, and i am like.. skippin the movie (its like a movie player lol)
      but couldnt see the freakin end i skipped on the nd and it was done, i rewinded back, and i saw the credits..
      then i woke up.. finally... turn lights on, go take a piss, eat some fruit, and relax on pc right now =D writin ths weirded dream.

    6. Killing / Flying / Ballin

      by , 11-19-2014 at 08:01 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hell, that was a crazy ass dream i had..
      i remember only few scenes.. first i was a bad man or something in a killing field and killing people or something with karate techniques,
      then some monsters came with arrows and shit so we busted em, and later on i got rocket man that think u can fly by pressing a button so i flied baaaaaaack to that big tower nearly like in GTA, and i got stuck in a building of army, killed few nubs there and almost died my self lol but i had hooked my self back to 3rd floor and when i got up, the master was there and killed almost every soldier, so he yellled to make party lol and there was on another room a swimming pool with Mud, which moves u back to jump again etc, i didn't jump but i saw 2pac once and we were ready to jump.. after few seconds what i hear? his song playing "Straight Ballin" and i yelled "motherf****** str8 ballin"
      and he started rapping lol, so i woke up after so much excitement or something.. had to go to bathroom too .

      lucid , memorable
    7. War Dream

      by , 06-27-2014 at 05:32 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hey ,

      Today i had a really crazy dream ...
      It was about some campaign on a astronaut ship or something that i had to join or be there.
      So what happened was i was inside there and we were about 20/30 people i think
      so something happened and someone got infected from something and he turned to a creature or something
      and we had some war about it , i dont remember everything lol.

      I remember after we arrived in earth .. i had to take some airplane you know those which only 1 person can drive
      the fight planes. And flyyyyyyyyy above the woods etc and find some place..
      while i was flying i had a great feeling and so i wanted to get down and stop to see the feeling , when i got
      down somewhere .. near some city or village a monster came to me Lol , so i attacked it by shooting with the bullets of the plane and bombs but there were few more and one got my foot from behind and ate me and i woke up lol.

      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    8. Horror Day

      by , 12-28-2013 at 09:24 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well this dream was the last of my sleep but i found it funny and scary.

      I was with some people and we were going to beach .. we went to beach and we saw incoming a plastic boat u know the one u gotta fill with oxygen air but without air and like crashed , i and it was heading back to sand and i took it out ..
      then we were on the sand and u know like celebrating with families , but i saw 1kid opening holes from the sand and little fly's and those small things ocming outside so i try to cover all those covered holes .. in 1 moment we heard that there is a killer or something ...

      everyone left ..
      and there was a building near unfinished one but almost finished like 90% only painting left..
      i went near and i had to climb on the roof from the wooden thing that electricity comes and see from the top whats going on , and i've took something from there i dont remember something importanrt really like a pendant or i dont know i dont remember.
      So then i was kind of scary and i climbed down from the same way from the electricity line cables and the
      building , that was so pro lol.
      so when i reached down and everyone was left ... you know in dreams u dont do sometimes what u want cus its dream and if you dont know that your dreaming then the dream is going it byself ..
      and it guided me to go inside the building and search for him or something ... wow i was scared abit but i was kind of going silently and when i realised that there is a killer that kills people out on that sea or whatever , i just try to run back lol while running to go back something messaged in my mind "the door you entered is locked" but i didnt care and i went and headed over there as fast as possible to leave that killer.

      when i found the door i was like omg i knew he will lock me in and come and kill me ..
      now what to do ? he put on the Door a metal thing that u have to slide at right but u can't touch it cus u will get electro shock .. and what i did was i slide it with my foot lol , i mean with my shoes i pushed it and TICK, door opened .. i wanted to continue dreaming that maybe if i willl sleep again now i might do , and see that nooble killer what he can do , thats how i pwn !

      have fun
      Tags: nightmare
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Back to Childhood

      by , 07-24-2013 at 04:09 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So this dream was really nice..
      ofcourse i had antoher dreams but somehow i remember my childhood and wanted to live it again.. so i teleprted to my old childhood house in nicosia (cyprus)
      i got lucid abit..
      i went out and first place i walked it was the shop market where was a old man , it was fun.. but shop was bigger and another guy isntead of old man..
      i bought some stuff snacs etc to go to the best net cafe and to a priest that i wasvisiting when i was young
      before i go i asked the guy in shop
      what happen to "giannakis?" that old man
      he told me he got short time left
      i asked he can hear etc? yes ..
      ok tell him hi from me spartakos and my family.
      he ok..
      then after sometime i walked out and was ready to go to the priest..
      but i couldnt walk i was excited i tihnk and it was hard to control
      so i woke up slwly.

      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    10. Weird NightMARE Dammit

      by , 10-04-2011 at 04:53 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      I sleep at like half 5 am and i had normal dreams,, but then i started being in my room and nothing was happening .. but i started listening to a voice like little girl and she wanted to go out of my house and walk all the time... i went with her but i was in dream and i knew i was dreamin i was in lucid.. and that girl or baby was like eyes?

      it wasnt a body
      it was builded with one or 2 eyes lol.
      so weird thats i was asking her can i ask u something?
      then she gets more weird and i am more like scared or idk what to do to wake up lol..

      then somehow i woke up but for real .. i didnt i still woke up back to my room and playing pc or something i knew i was in LD and that girl or whatever was playing withmy but all the time same meldody or song or questions i dont know i was just fckd up and i didnt know what to do was running on my room on my house like krazy xD .. then she again.. we jump from the window and we went near the river and i asked her Can i ask u something?
      she said yes.
      why are you so .. [started getting very weird face xD]
      and i said something but i forgot what it was...

      then i rly wanted to wake upp and i jumped and woke up in yreal.. i mean fuck this..

      why when im allways sick i get ngihtmares? thats weird and i am sure it happens to everyone..
      nightmare , memorable
    11. Restaurant Work & Sex at the Bridge

      by , 09-30-2011 at 02:36 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i was high and i sleept .. then cus i saw a movie and it had 1 cool girl .. at the morning i woke up several times and had stress about smthing .. then sleept back and i was in the restaurant i work usually.. , so then i was working working there were too much dishes idk alot of stuff and there were like 4 waitresses 2 who cook and myself..
      so i was working then i asked do i work toomorrow , they said no just satturday .. ok.. and it was just 12:00 am and .. i was like wtf everyone's leaving? i mean , restaurant closes at 2:00 at night and kitchen at 23:00 Lol.

      then somehow.. i was walking down to the (warehouse) and there was a girl ... that girl i saw in the movie @The.Covenant '' the blonde'' @
      then i took her and started kissing her everywhere but remember when i asked my self why is everyone leaving.. i also said and know that i am dreaming ;D..
      then after kissing her we like teleported or walked fast i dont remember exactly to a bridge.. she started getting naked and i started having sex lol.. then in middle of it.. i hear from somewhere.. @HEY [email protected]
      i am like wtf?
      then again .. @Hey [email protected] wtf... 3 times he said that.. then idk i started losing lucidity control and woke up.. But i keept my eyes closed cus i wanted to go back to the same dream..
      i entered the dream but the prob is , i was thinking about bridge.. and i was like fasttttt walking to the exact place where i was with the girl and i loosed control then and woke up ..

      than i sleept back ... i had weird dream lol . i dont remember it but itt was like damm it was also funny.. there was in a Tram Station[google it if u dont know what it means] a chinese lady and chinese man they both used rock o.o , they started pissing.. like dogs.
      everyone was laughing and he was saying why u laughing at .. rofl i was laughing alot too.. then i saw a old lady at the right or what it was.. i forgot and she started pissing too i think lol.. so weird.. then something happened i had like powers.. that the moon was coming down or so and i did smoething with my hands and i stopped it on a specific location.. i went near it and it was so big .. then i started moving my hand and doing things it started like being changed.. like from an planet to metal stuff or like the paris Tower..

      thats all i remember have fun ;D
    12. Old Friends , The Insider Game? , Schoool Trip?

      by , 09-16-2011 at 12:18 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      i sleept like 8-9 hours.. was nice sleep so waht i remember is..

      i was home and i saw 2 friends from Cyprus[ the country where i lived 10 years] 5 years ago..
      i was like woot what they doin here.. i wasnt Lucid but still suprised..
      they where waiting a friend... thei friend was a friend i know in germany from poland he was very close friend from me so but im not talki anymore to him.. so ..
      next what happened is .. they had to go.. and i went to that PL guy and i said to him u have to pay me 50$ u owe me. he tell me only 50? i give u 70.. i said no only 50 with low voice.. and he repeat what i said to make fun of me.. then i said loud i want just my 50euros LOL.
      and we walked somewhere idk if he gaveme or not..and i moved to another dream but as i remember.. the other dream was with him too.

      it was so , that wer were somewhere and we had to play 1 game to win. . the Insider game? i woke up and though about that name cus.. the game was like i was inside a circle on the ground.. and he had to say things.. so if i say ok he takes 1 point ad if no nothing.. and the guy who takes 3 points = win .. = but win what? idk eithe.r

      so he said 1 thing i said yes then something happeened and i woke up and though about that game..

      next dream.. it was kind of school trip... weird and cool ;D..

      we were like 10 persons + teacher and director or smth like that..
      and we were walking to a big house it was like president's house lol.
      so we went there , we had a few ladys with us aswell and we went and sit there somewhere....
      the problem was we couldnt smoke..but i took a ciggaret and started smokingit then i look UP.. i see like 5 cameras... i go to other placce... same things.. i go to the steps.. same thing.. then i went out to like "terase" and school mates were there smoking too but where hidden and told me wtf here are too muich cameras.. i sad yeah like 100 cameras hidden.. so we hear someone walking with few girlsd we though is police or so and it was the director he took me from back and everyone got scared lol.. then we walk away slowly to the way of Underground Trains and woke up..

      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Run for pizza , Girl, FA ,Cat, Skulls , Fly, River , Hooking , Joint , Friends .

      by , 07-04-2011 at 02:44 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      That was actually my best Lucid, vivid dream ... i ever had #.

      Well i sleept like 3-4 hours then my alarm .. woke up and started remembering my dream ,, it was soo that i was in work and i was doing pizzas...
      in one moment ,, i saw 1 Order at 1 moment pizza margehrita..
      then i saw another guy going to make it?
      i was like running for pizzas. . and 1 woman was running withm e..
      i think i was in public place and i got lucid and i couldnt run i was just falling down couldnt walk lol...... then somehow that woman took me hook me up and we were running and flying ... everywhere we went to keryneia castle near...

      i was thinking that was my uncle with me cus i went with him there a 5-7 years ago i dont remember.. it was awesome and i was flying in this dream i was swimming..
      then idk but i woke up again maybe alarm , and i sleep again ,then FA with LD. but i skiped it and sleeped normal..

      then .. i had next dream.. litle weird but at end made me cool .. lol it was something like i was smewhere and walking and i odnt remember where i was and what i were doing i tihnk it was abit dark.. then i was walking .. and 1cat came to me......
      she/he took my hand and dont leavei t.. it was annoying lol.
      i set her/him down and tryed to relax him/her with touching u know what i mean ..
      then i left
      and she/he tried again to my hand..
      i was like wtf now i wanna walk and go lol.

      i left her and agian. lol

      then 1 guy rides with bicycle and says.. Be careful with that cat.. lol..
      he had same problem.. so what i did ? i tryed to make her/him leave but he/she didnt want to so i drop her.him somewhere with my hand and then i walked abit away and he/she tried to come back to me.. then i made that noise of cat @[email protected] and she/he did too then she/he walked away.. oohhh now i am cool .
      i continued walking .. it was like walking to new journey lol..
      then i just said "Now i am Lucid Dreaming"
      then i Lucid dreamed i was just walking happy and i saw 1 woman and his husband..
      i touched her .. and she started bla bla in Englihs " no now no i dont want and crap" i was like wtf i took her to a place and wanted to do smthing but i woke up..

      Ok next dream... that was fucked up dream srsly didnt waited smthing like that..
      i was with my teacher from my schol and 1 guy friend of him or something and we were walking and we walked to a
      cemetery and i told him man look behind u is the school where ur teaching ..
      they show but not correct. . i told him loook at the right.. he was like oh i am teacher here lol ..
      then we started doingfunny stuff lol . it was like there was in middle of cemetery a skullls.. like 100 and when u burn them they just explode on the air and back to that place in another positions..skulls? heads exploding in the air? wtf.. idk..
      then we saw alot of spiders like 100 years lol and cockcroaches? my frriend says take tihs one is rare and smallest one and so everytime lol..

      well then i was bored or somehtin and i left.. i wanted to fly away.. iDk but i all the dreams i had tdy i had with me a HOOK and i could hook everywhere .. i was hooking to home i was just jumping it was awesome.. then i went home or something and my friend was outside he said come .. we smoke a joint.. he rolled a joint like 50 centimeters.. and we smoked half.. then he said lets go to other place and smokethe rest we can see with the zoom glasses or how they called somewhere..
      then i woke up again i think ;D
      oh and last dream i remember was..
      my friend i was like fighted with im but onyl with words and he said to me in 1 moment im Coming to Athens now..
      i told him wtf why athens? he said study.. i wasl ike u could go everywhere to study but athens..
      i was searrching in my mind to find palces to study for him.. xD but then somehow i teleported or so to a river.. where 3-4 friends were there and chilling
      and wanted to jump into river.. oen guy jumped and he swim cool then other guy too then i wanted too but i dk why i havent i was just listening them talking then i woke up ;D

      thats all for day .. i liked this dream.. like 3 LDS ;D
    14. At Train Wagons , Family , bro and Uncle , HI and FA

      by , 06-03-2011 at 12:55 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So ppl i was drunk like 1 day ago.. i sleept woke up stayed awake for like 1 hour chatted on DV and so..
      i had a beautiful dream .. i remember somehow i was at the train i mean old train but was running so Fast !
      the train bagons were with that
      idk how it can be ... but i was up there and was holding not to fall down ... then i reminded me of something and i just lay and enjoy the run
      we urnned alot there was messages everywhere we run lol . it was like race map that someone create it .
      so at the end i was gonna fall down but hell not i didnt so it was the end of riding .. the train had like 4 persons inside, a old man 2 boys and 1 bitch.
      i got off from the train and i walked then 1 car comes and i tell him whats up or something he says oh those titties are cool she wants a f.. to that bitch on the train.. loled .. then changed dream i think , i woke up in my dream and LD' i writted exactly this train dream in my dream llol at the ddreamviews DJ.

      [ i dnt know if that was dream but i was hearing all the time laughs , and ppl chillin. it was real for few moments cus of my bro and my uncle was doing that ]

      then slept back and guess what .. another beautifull dream
      it was me and family..
      we're sitting outside somewhere and eating,drink or so it was like dinner.. and i was talking with some1 and then there was a woman she wanted to Fk , she mashassed me at my head and my back but then she is crazy that she got nervous cus i was holoding something or so lol.. and she went to my bro.. which my bro was in bed.. i think it was our dream family house lol.
      so then, i remember being being at schoool [strange school lol] it was mixed with my other dreams so there was something like a reastaurant near school and i went there...
      i see that lady she had a free seat but she gave it to a old woman and went somewhere.. then at the right it was my mom and more 2 ppl..
      i wanted to enjoy with my mom .. so i seated there it was like that

      so i sat and then that bitch waitress came and told me u cannot seat there . doesnt matter if its an empty space lol... k fuk i stand up and walked abit and i said i want to SIT i wanted! lol..
      then that bitch waitress said to me so: " how many coins do u have?"
      wtf? i looked at my t-shirt it said 9 i scream and said NINE.
      she says .. u need 10 to sit [LOL] xD like a game.
      then she gave me the microphone ? there was microphone u know from schools for culture stuff when all students or schoolers meet.
      and i took it and i went litle outside from school with that bitch and i was asking her what to do.. then i just did it my self.. that waitress got kicked in ass by 2 womans before me talking.

      i was saying in microphone "Hey , im sorry but i dont know how to find coins i want 1 coin to join a dinner with my mom please someone give me i will be there in a few secs" looool . then whole school just laughed..
      so then i changed dream.. it was mine Uncle my bro and me .. that was krazy dream lol.
      first of all he came to my room and took the small headphones but he took the false ones anyways.

      so we were home.. home was absolutely different , like moddest.
      and allways when i wake up i go outside from the door and i see my Uncle he hugs me and he takes me up and he takes me to my bro's ROOM lol...[ i mean everytime ]
      and its like i have to wake up my bro .. i think he was sick or smthing cus face was white ..
      i wake him up and say hi whats up .. he just continues sleeping .. then my uncle laughs everytime haha...
      so i got into LD somehow that i can control my self and so and i woke up / or i was in my room and i went to open the door.. i knew i am dreaming but i forgot that when i open the door the room is full different and i see straight my kitchen ... then i open my door i see i am like wtf and who is next to me >>>>>>>>>> my Uncle..
      he takes me up again and hugs like wtf xD and takes me to bro room..
      i do the same like hello him or wakke him up and ask whats up .. i said smthing and my uncle laughed again ..
      then dream finished with being home with uncle and i teleported somehow to my BED..
      i had then SP lol and HI .. it was coool that i watch the wall and there is a cover from bob marley.. and i imagine who is behind me .. first i htough of something and i scared but i though about it and i wasnt scared anymore.. next i hear a chainsaw working so loud lol .. and i see behind me that man from chainsaw massacre movie [how is called] .. or it was jason from freddy vs jason movies.. then i didnt want to think jst abt it he annoy me.. so i though about bikes.. and i started with my mouth closed making noises? idk how this work but is kind of cool . i was trying to make the noize of suzuki gsxr [that whoom whoom whoom whoom all the time lol whoom whoom ]
      then i got it and again chainsaw or other weapons i dont know lolz... and i just wanted to wake up . so i closed my eyes and wake up in real life writing this here.

      THanks for reading.


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    15. Scariest Nightmare i ever Had . . .

      by , 04-29-2011 at 12:16 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well i haven't smoked any pot , i came from work sit on PC for 2-3 hours max , then i watched 1 film (The Policeman Story - By Chan) and i sleept.

      Well i was dreaming , everything was going Cool in my dreams .. i was at work and working .. everything was ok then Something happened and we got like more than 100 Orders means 100 papers to read and cook 100 things ... so we received them and i was like wooow.. lets cook i was ready and soo but then something weird happened we stopped working and my co-worker was calling someone and talking about the problem [ the problem was we had no Power so we couldn't work.

      He was on calling so long so i didnt know what to do and i walked somewhere , i wanted to piss so i pissed somewhere and in that moment
      "I Don't know how it came in my mind , but in my mind i had "Weed" "

      So i had weed somewhere and i wanted to smoke ... i smoked ( i dont remember if i smoked much or litle ) but ... when i smoked my Brain was Really BoMBeD i mean WoW!

      Then the bad dream started . .. ...
      I Was all the time afraid from everyone and everything i dont know why but i guess cus i smoked the weed and my brain was full bomed so that means i was 100% Stoned , so what i did its i've left the kitchen and gone in Bed ( no idea what room no idea how i got there but i got in some room and there was big Bed Big Room so i lay on the bed and in that moment for me it was my most scariest time because ( i was full HiGH ) and wanted to do something so that Weed Effect will not be that strong in my head or loose that effect and so , but in Bed the ROOM was WEIRD , It was Big Room , Big Bed , but weird things inside.

      so in that moment i tried to Sleep (in my dream) so it maybe Help . . .
      well i tried to sleep and i sleept ! but i had most weirdest Dreams ... Like imagine being stoned in a dream and sleeping in that dream stoned in a Unknown Room and being scaried from almost anything?

      when i sleept i was dreaming my self Teleporting , and i was teleported like 1-2 times somewhere ( Forgot where )
      and 3-4 times at Tree's almost on the top of tree's ( 1st teleport snow tree , 2nd sahara tree 3rd i dont know somewhere else and so .. )

      So the Question\s are what i was doing in that tree ?
      Well what i remember is

      * Saw a woman at the Tree sitting like dog and doing nothing , a old man like 60-70 years old With a Shotgun and a PhotoCamera ( he was sitting behind the Butt of that woman and doing nothing aswell ) .
      In that moment i didnt know what i am doing up there , i didnt know what to do so i thinked so :
      The Old man is Spying that woman with camera and shotgun and because i was in scaried mood i pull him with my foot down and pulled the woman too.
      they couldn't move , touch me , talk to me and anything they were like Statues ...

      So in that moment when i pulled them down i woke up in my dream and i was in Bed , i was afraid i didnt want to move the 1 door was closed the 1 was opened and wanted to close both but i didnt want to stand up and do it ... so i tried to sleep again and sleept and had other weird dream again.

      it was so that i am again at the Top of the Tree , i see like 4-5 Different animals sitting there. (wtf)
      and look how weird it is when your dreaming in your dream and your stoned and ur brain will explode and u can't get out of that dream that easy and ur afraid to do anything so i was like wtf are those animals doing here at the three and what i am doing aswell and the weather was snowing ...

      so in my mind i thinked that animals are bad and will hurt me so i pulled the 1 down with my foot then i tried to pull another 1 i just tried to and that animal talked to me he said his (name) i was like wtf then then i pulled him anyways down with my foot and there was Rapid and he said "Call me ,, and his name which i forgot "
      i had more few similar dreams in my dream like those with that old man and woman too i pulled them 2-3 times down and the animals too xD...

      so after pulling those animals i woke up in my dream and i was still scared from anything and i stand up run fast out of the door and call my mom ... i knew she was cooking or something then she says my name and comes out she or i tried to hug her but the body crashed or something like it was ghost ( just something fake to scary me) so then i didnt know where i was and what to do and wanted to wake up in RL i guess so i went somewhere and Drink 1 Glass of water ...

      i finally woke up/
      my heart was beating like crazy it was 6 am and i writed that whole story in that moment , i mean i hate those Nightmares ! it was interesting but it was tooo long and didnt enjoyed it like seeing people at the trees spying womans with camera and shotgun?
      animals sitting and telling me their names? double dreaming also... my mom wasnt my mom in my dream too , the kitchen where i work like everyday in RL where i work?

      i am going crazy
      well then after i finished writing this down i sleept again and i had different dreams which i dont remember it had to do with other friends and people

      Thanks if u readed this if u have / had or found interesting my dream please comment

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable