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    1. Freaky Nightmare

      by , 03-23-2015 at 02:01 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Mehh, another nightmare, that was another creepy ass sleep.

      Well just came home from work kind of tired etc, got home, helped mom abit
      ate something, watched a movie, felt asleep with the movie on, then my bro knocked the door and woke me up
      to print him sum stuff, then i was too tired, went online for around 5 minutes, turned off completely the PC,lights,door,window, jumped in Bed, turned iphone on watched few adviceable random videos, and felt asleep...

      First i had some nice dream or lets say normal then it started gettin worse..... and worse and now ill explain you the worse point lol.

      There, i choose to play a Movie in a dream.. and i chose somethin about a woman, idk who which etc, but i played it, i wasnt home, this happened i guess in my work (since i worked alot this week) its normal that i'd dream of my workplace (in a different way ofcourse)
      so that woman or whoever was.. while i watching the film, i started hearing stuff etc, making me scary u know the feeling?
      woke up several times like 5-6.. tried to clear my head out but fk it i went back again and again so the dream continued..
      i always tried to go closely to the dream and find out what the stupid movie was about (i meant i had an image of the movie playing) lol.

      So .. i went around and i went into the frozen fridge and saw that woman and scared, i went back and asked my collegaues to help etc, but then no one could do anytihng or somethin.. (forgot my self what happened) woke up again i guess after few mins,) and cus im muslim there are sayings to slightly spit at the left 3x and sleep cs it makes the ''devil or lets say bad spirits'' go away'' and say 33x times god is the greatest, praise to god, etc.'' although i tried.. i fall asleep 3x times.. i prolly did it in my sleep paralysis or somethin..

      at the end of the dream i was really boom exhausted, couldnt anymore.. i mean in m room full silence, i actually had the windows little bit opened, so fresh air was comin on..., and went back to sleep.. then it was gettin very worse, i mean i could hear it even more.. and i asked mmore people around.. and nothin helped so what i did .. with my crazy brain mind, went on the side of the whole dream.. like lets say its A Theater and i go on the right side where are the walk way, and i am like.. skippin the movie (its like a movie player lol)
      but couldnt see the freakin end i skipped on the nd and it was done, i rewinded back, and i saw the credits..
      then i woke up.. finally... turn lights on, go take a piss, eat some fruit, and relax on pc right now =D writin ths weirded dream.

    2. Horror Day

      by , 12-28-2013 at 09:24 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well this dream was the last of my sleep but i found it funny and scary.

      I was with some people and we were going to beach .. we went to beach and we saw incoming a plastic boat u know the one u gotta fill with oxygen air but without air and like crashed , i and it was heading back to sand and i took it out ..
      then we were on the sand and u know like celebrating with families , but i saw 1kid opening holes from the sand and little fly's and those small things ocming outside so i try to cover all those covered holes .. in 1 moment we heard that there is a killer or something ...

      everyone left ..
      and there was a building near unfinished one but almost finished like 90% only painting left..
      i went near and i had to climb on the roof from the wooden thing that electricity comes and see from the top whats going on , and i've took something from there i dont remember something importanrt really like a pendant or i dont know i dont remember.
      So then i was kind of scary and i climbed down from the same way from the electricity line cables and the
      building , that was so pro lol.
      so when i reached down and everyone was left ... you know in dreams u dont do sometimes what u want cus its dream and if you dont know that your dreaming then the dream is going it byself ..
      and it guided me to go inside the building and search for him or something ... wow i was scared abit but i was kind of going silently and when i realised that there is a killer that kills people out on that sea or whatever , i just try to run back lol while running to go back something messaged in my mind "the door you entered is locked" but i didnt care and i went and headed over there as fast as possible to leave that killer.

      when i found the door i was like omg i knew he will lock me in and come and kill me ..
      now what to do ? he put on the Door a metal thing that u have to slide at right but u can't touch it cus u will get electro shock .. and what i did was i slide it with my foot lol , i mean with my shoes i pushed it and TICK, door opened .. i wanted to continue dreaming that maybe if i willl sleep again now i might do , and see that nooble killer what he can do , thats how i pwn !

      have fun
      Tags: nightmare
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. Weird NightMARE Dammit

      by , 10-04-2011 at 04:53 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      I sleep at like half 5 am and i had normal dreams,, but then i started being in my room and nothing was happening .. but i started listening to a voice like little girl and she wanted to go out of my house and walk all the time... i went with her but i was in dream and i knew i was dreamin i was in lucid.. and that girl or baby was like eyes?

      it wasnt a body
      it was builded with one or 2 eyes lol.
      so weird thats i was asking her can i ask u something?
      then she gets more weird and i am more like scared or idk what to do to wake up lol..

      then somehow i woke up but for real .. i didnt i still woke up back to my room and playing pc or something i knew i was in LD and that girl or whatever was playing withmy but all the time same meldody or song or questions i dont know i was just fckd up and i didnt know what to do was running on my room on my house like krazy xD .. then she again.. we jump from the window and we went near the river and i asked her Can i ask u something?
      she said yes.
      why are you so .. [started getting very weird face xD]
      and i said something but i forgot what it was...

      then i rly wanted to wake upp and i jumped and woke up in yreal.. i mean fuck this..

      why when im allways sick i get ngihtmares? thats weird and i am sure it happens to everyone..
      nightmare , memorable
    4. Scariest Nightmare i ever Had . . .

      by , 04-29-2011 at 12:16 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well i haven't smoked any pot , i came from work sit on PC for 2-3 hours max , then i watched 1 film (The Policeman Story - By Chan) and i sleept.

      Well i was dreaming , everything was going Cool in my dreams .. i was at work and working .. everything was ok then Something happened and we got like more than 100 Orders means 100 papers to read and cook 100 things ... so we received them and i was like wooow.. lets cook i was ready and soo but then something weird happened we stopped working and my co-worker was calling someone and talking about the problem [ the problem was we had no Power so we couldn't work.

      He was on calling so long so i didnt know what to do and i walked somewhere , i wanted to piss so i pissed somewhere and in that moment
      "I Don't know how it came in my mind , but in my mind i had "Weed" "

      So i had weed somewhere and i wanted to smoke ... i smoked ( i dont remember if i smoked much or litle ) but ... when i smoked my Brain was Really BoMBeD i mean WoW!

      Then the bad dream started . .. ...
      I Was all the time afraid from everyone and everything i dont know why but i guess cus i smoked the weed and my brain was full bomed so that means i was 100% Stoned , so what i did its i've left the kitchen and gone in Bed ( no idea what room no idea how i got there but i got in some room and there was big Bed Big Room so i lay on the bed and in that moment for me it was my most scariest time because ( i was full HiGH ) and wanted to do something so that Weed Effect will not be that strong in my head or loose that effect and so , but in Bed the ROOM was WEIRD , It was Big Room , Big Bed , but weird things inside.

      so in that moment i tried to Sleep (in my dream) so it maybe Help . . .
      well i tried to sleep and i sleept ! but i had most weirdest Dreams ... Like imagine being stoned in a dream and sleeping in that dream stoned in a Unknown Room and being scaried from almost anything?

      when i sleept i was dreaming my self Teleporting , and i was teleported like 1-2 times somewhere ( Forgot where )
      and 3-4 times at Tree's almost on the top of tree's ( 1st teleport snow tree , 2nd sahara tree 3rd i dont know somewhere else and so .. )

      So the Question\s are what i was doing in that tree ?
      Well what i remember is

      * Saw a woman at the Tree sitting like dog and doing nothing , a old man like 60-70 years old With a Shotgun and a PhotoCamera ( he was sitting behind the Butt of that woman and doing nothing aswell ) .
      In that moment i didnt know what i am doing up there , i didnt know what to do so i thinked so :
      The Old man is Spying that woman with camera and shotgun and because i was in scaried mood i pull him with my foot down and pulled the woman too.
      they couldn't move , touch me , talk to me and anything they were like Statues ...

      So in that moment when i pulled them down i woke up in my dream and i was in Bed , i was afraid i didnt want to move the 1 door was closed the 1 was opened and wanted to close both but i didnt want to stand up and do it ... so i tried to sleep again and sleept and had other weird dream again.

      it was so that i am again at the Top of the Tree , i see like 4-5 Different animals sitting there. (wtf)
      and look how weird it is when your dreaming in your dream and your stoned and ur brain will explode and u can't get out of that dream that easy and ur afraid to do anything so i was like wtf are those animals doing here at the three and what i am doing aswell and the weather was snowing ...

      so in my mind i thinked that animals are bad and will hurt me so i pulled the 1 down with my foot then i tried to pull another 1 i just tried to and that animal talked to me he said his (name) i was like wtf then then i pulled him anyways down with my foot and there was Rapid and he said "Call me ,, and his name which i forgot "
      i had more few similar dreams in my dream like those with that old man and woman too i pulled them 2-3 times down and the animals too xD...

      so after pulling those animals i woke up in my dream and i was still scared from anything and i stand up run fast out of the door and call my mom ... i knew she was cooking or something then she says my name and comes out she or i tried to hug her but the body crashed or something like it was ghost ( just something fake to scary me) so then i didnt know where i was and what to do and wanted to wake up in RL i guess so i went somewhere and Drink 1 Glass of water ...

      i finally woke up/
      my heart was beating like crazy it was 6 am and i writed that whole story in that moment , i mean i hate those Nightmares ! it was interesting but it was tooo long and didnt enjoyed it like seeing people at the trees spying womans with camera and shotgun?
      animals sitting and telling me their names? double dreaming also... my mom wasnt my mom in my dream too , the kitchen where i work like everyday in RL where i work?

      i am going crazy
      well then after i finished writing this down i sleept again and i had different dreams which i dont remember it had to do with other friends and people

      Thanks if u readed this if u have / had or found interesting my dream please comment

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable