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    Quick Nap , Quick LD In BUS :)

    by , 09-10-2011 at 03:07 PM (711 Views)
    So i too kthe nap i woke up few times then went to rem sleep or whatever and i was in restaurant at first... i think the MUSIC Made my go to LD cus i turned on this song

    then in bar of restaurant this song started .. and it was cool 3-4 friends were there and we were goin somewhere but then i teleported somehow to BUS lol.

    i was alone.. and my close friend also behind me or near me but we dont talk anymore so..
    then i walked abit and i was like huh , thats a dream i am dreaming now i am lucid etc .. and walked abit more and i saw 1 gir i think it was "Geodae"l .. i said hey hello , hello ;D in german lol..
    then i said i know you .. do i know u ? i know u i think..
    then i tried to touch her kind of hug and she refused lol

    and i told her.. lets go somewhere else? lets go to a beach ? lets go..... and i iamgine in my mind to go there...i couldnt move alot. grrr i sleept weird in my bed thats why damn anyways it was o k.

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    1. Geodae's Avatar
      Haha, awesome!! I don't really remember my dream from last night, so maybe it was real :0 Hahaha. Sorry I refused to hug you! I wouldn't refuse in real life, I promise!
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    2. Pandabear's Avatar
      Wow, lucky you!
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