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    Ride to the Zombieland

    by , 07-18-2015 at 12:43 PM (326 Views)
    Hey, i don't recall that much but ill try my best.

    I was with a girl which i assume its her lol named Megan, and we were hangin out and we went to a hotel to chill at the Pool and with other friends, we had fun and then she had to go or somethin happened and she dissapeared, i was with mom i think somewhere later on and someone fall down almost dying cus he had some sickness and i tried to help , then he stood up and everything was fine lol, what a dream... anyways then i didnt talk to that girl called Megan for 2-3 days (in my dream) i thought something's going on, got emotional there lol, and i decided to send a message on fb and ask whats up.

    First message i got was a video on her city or something that zombies came to life or something and people dying and stuff like that, anyway i was chatting and i decided to go there and see whats up with her friends etc, on my way i told her or she put the phone voice call on speaker, and i wanted to give an advice lol, the advice was: Hey guys, i want to give an advice because this videos you are watching are not the reality, this media is trying to take over and make us watch this videos to seek their help, they are trying to build their own democracy ''s***" and thats it, well then i assume i wanted to talk to Megan in private and i woke up =D


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