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    Run for pizza , Girl, FA ,Cat, Skulls , Fly, River , Hooking , Joint , Friends .

    by , 07-04-2011 at 02:44 PM (1113 Views)
    That was actually my best Lucid, vivid dream ... i ever had #.

    Well i sleept like 3-4 hours then my alarm .. woke up and started remembering my dream ,, it was soo that i was in work and i was doing pizzas...
    in one moment ,, i saw 1 Order at 1 moment pizza margehrita..
    then i saw another guy going to make it?
    i was like running for pizzas. . and 1 woman was running withm e..
    i think i was in public place and i got lucid and i couldnt run i was just falling down couldnt walk lol...... then somehow that woman took me hook me up and we were running and flying ... everywhere we went to keryneia castle near...

    i was thinking that was my uncle with me cus i went with him there a 5-7 years ago i dont remember.. it was awesome and i was flying in this dream i was swimming..
    then idk but i woke up again maybe alarm , and i sleep again ,then FA with LD. but i skiped it and sleeped normal..

    then .. i had next dream.. litle weird but at end made me cool .. lol it was something like i was smewhere and walking and i odnt remember where i was and what i were doing i tihnk it was abit dark.. then i was walking .. and 1cat came to me......
    she/he took my hand and dont leavei t.. it was annoying lol.
    i set her/him down and tryed to relax him/her with touching u know what i mean ..
    then i left
    and she/he tried again to my hand..
    i was like wtf now i wanna walk and go lol.

    i left her and agian. lol

    then 1 guy rides with bicycle and says.. Be careful with that cat.. lol..
    he had same problem.. so what i did ? i tryed to make her/him leave but he/she didnt want to so i drop her.him somewhere with my hand and then i walked abit away and he/she tried to come back to me.. then i made that noise of cat @[email protected] and she/he did too then she/he walked away.. oohhh now i am cool .
    i continued walking .. it was like walking to new journey lol..
    then i just said "Now i am Lucid Dreaming"
    then i Lucid dreamed i was just walking happy and i saw 1 woman and his husband..
    i touched her .. and she started bla bla in Englihs " no now no i dont want and crap" i was like wtf i took her to a place and wanted to do smthing but i woke up..

    Ok next dream... that was fucked up dream srsly didnt waited smthing like that..
    i was with my teacher from my schol and 1 guy friend of him or something and we were walking and we walked to a
    cemetery and i told him man look behind u is the school where ur teaching ..
    they show but not correct. . i told him loook at the right.. he was like oh i am teacher here lol ..
    then we started doingfunny stuff lol . it was like there was in middle of cemetery a skullls.. like 100 and when u burn them they just explode on the air and back to that place in another positions..skulls? heads exploding in the air? wtf.. idk..
    then we saw alot of spiders like 100 years lol and cockcroaches? my frriend says take tihs one is rare and smallest one and so everytime lol..

    well then i was bored or somehtin and i left.. i wanted to fly away.. iDk but i all the dreams i had tdy i had with me a HOOK and i could hook everywhere .. i was hooking to home i was just jumping it was awesome.. then i went home or something and my friend was outside he said come .. we smoke a joint.. he rolled a joint like 50 centimeters.. and we smoked half.. then he said lets go to other place and smokethe rest we can see with the zoom glasses or how they called somewhere..
    then i woke up again i think ;D
    oh and last dream i remember was..
    my friend i was like fighted with im but onyl with words and he said to me in 1 moment im Coming to Athens now..
    i told him wtf why athens? he said study.. i wasl ike u could go everywhere to study but athens..
    i was searrching in my mind to find palces to study for him.. xD but then somehow i teleported or so to a river.. where 3-4 friends were there and chilling
    and wanted to jump into river.. oen guy jumped and he swim cool then other guy too then i wanted too but i dk why i havent i was just listening them talking then i woke up ;D

    thats all for day .. i liked this dream.. like 3 LDS ;D
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      Awesome lds dude!
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