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    short nap

    by , 10-24-2015 at 04:27 PM (336 Views)
    So in that nap i took..
    it was about an appartment i lived with my bro i guesss...
    when suddenly we opened the entry door and crawled out like kids and saw ppl gettin out
    we crawl back in and someone pushed opened the door said u have to leave cuz there is some bee's or fly's virus that they are coming lol..
    so we got out then we got in and analyzed it etc, and they call police or something to help us with some tools to fix the hydraulics or whatever, so a person who lived with us almost got shot by sniper for enterin the appartment, and they wanted to destroy it..
    so eh rushed inside it with his 1 automatic gun (i was the camera lol) and started hacking his appartment papers that he is owner and shooting lol... well thats it ;D

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