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    Soldier Forest War against monsters

    by , 02-18-2012 at 02:13 PM (634 Views)
    so i thats my2nd dream i remember and that was pro dream ..

    i was in a forest witharmy in a safe spot .. and the lieutenant or what he is called. ... he organized us to go and attack monsters in forrest...

    we made 3 big lines with soldiers..
    1st and 2nd line was with mans and 3rd with womans ..

    then the lieutenant said if any woman see any mob dont attack and just contact us to kill it lol..

    anyway then he said to rush .. we rushed and kick their ass in forrest... specially i was pro climber like monkey and run so fast that i killed that many mobs with my blade..
    i didnt got gun .. only others got..

    then i wanted to run back to safe... and 2 mobs were folllowing me...

    i runned so fast and i jump [in] the river and swim so fast ... then run again and the 1 mob tried to kill me and i cut it in 2 pieces... then still running and 1more mob jumped at me and couldnt leave me.. then after 2 secs i see 1 army lady.. with 1 pro BLADE

    ready to kick monster's ass .

    bam boom cut in 5 pieces

    i hear victory and i woke upxD.


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    1. PandaBears's Avatar
      Really badass dream you had! For some odd reason I would feel like it's you overcoming something. Something that was bad and you took control!
    2. Karlitaki's Avatar
      haha yea, thanks for the comment ^_^