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    23rd of October 2013

    by , 10-23-2013 at 11:20 AM (324 Views)
    I fell asleep around 10 pm and woke up around 1 am due to dream I had.

    DR 1:
    I was in my house alone. Outside it was already a pitch-black dark. There were only a few lights in my house still turned on. I was in my bathroom. I was really nervous and was feeling really bad. I went outside my bathroom and turned off all lights except the one in the bathroom. As I was returning to the bathroom I had really heavy feeling and bad feeling. I returned to bathroom and closed myself in and was there for few minutes. Then I peeked out through the bathroom doors and accidentally turned of the light in the bathroom and now the whole house was in dark. I instantly rushed back in the bathroom and was swarmed with fear. I started to breathe heavily. I tried to light the bathroom with the screen of my mobile phone. After a few more minutes I again peeked out of the bathroom and when I pulled back in there was a horror. On the left of me there was a small black creature without a face. My hearth started to pound heavily and my breathing got heavier. My hearth was pounding so fast that it almost went out of my body. The creature started getting closer towards me and screaming. I was so scared I thought I would die. I started to yell from the bottom of my lungs. And then I fell over my back and got unconscious and then I woke up.

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