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    2nd of November 2013

    by , 11-03-2013 at 10:07 AM (308 Views)
    DR 1:

    I was with my friend, which I am not so sure who was, in a tram. Sun had been falling down over the horizon. Tram was full of people but unfortunately there was no driver. I asked some lady if she could hold my bottle of ice tea and me and my friend went to the driver's cabin. Then we decided we would have some fun and drive. I was first to drive. I was driving through city and when I came to some station there was another tram in front of ours. I didn't break enough and I bumped into the tram in front on which rear wind shield cracked into thousands of small pieces. After that someone obviously reported us to the police and they started to chase us. My friend was on a row to drive now. Sun has completely vanished over the horizon and outside was pretty much dark. We had been driving for a little more. We didn't know how to close the door so I had to search for the button for that my friend has found it on the right on a small panel. We continued driving. Driver's cabin was completely in dark so I tried to find a button to turn on the panel lighting. My friend got mad on that but I anyway did it. When we came to next station there was police waiting for us. I quickly got again into passengers' compartment and threw myself down on the floor. I started crawling between the people and in the end went outside the tram. After that I was following the tram tracks which started to form some unreasonable patterns and have some curves on which it's impossible to drive a tram like 90 degrees etc. The street was turning right. Then suddenly a tram passed next to me and went to the left where the tracks were leading into the hill which was covered with tall grass. Only the tracks were visible between all the grass. So I went following the tracks. It looked really unreal and there was nothing else around except the tall grass and tracks. I got to a small iron bridge and I crossed it over. I continued following the tracks. I got to some weird like a bridge which was constructed like of a spine of some huge being....and the ribs were pointing out of the spine lol. It was long as the horizon. There wasn't end. It suddenly pulled me I think and I ended up in some strange land which wasn't my country maybe neither earth. There were creatures who looked like people almost. And the chief offered me two forms I can look like. One I picked was a some tall big man. With a hair to his shoulders. And I started to look like that. All I can remember is that they liked me and I don't remember what happened after.

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