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    by , 06-05-2017 at 01:29 PM (277 Views)
    My mom suffered an accident, and then when I saw her at the hospital she was barely breathing. I cried a lot but soon she recovered. Then I suffered an accident but my "soul" was out of my body, I saw my body on the hospital bed and thought I would die soon. I even felt like I was dissapearing after seeing that, a strong sensation inside my body and my vision being blurred by light, but everything came back to normal. I SOMEHOW could touch my body and everything around me, I kept plugging the equipment that helped me breathe on and off and cried. The I saw my mom sleeping, I started crying because I thought I was dying so I told her that a loved her and bla bla bla but I was crying a lot. Then, other people of my family entered the room... and they could se my soul. So I asked if my body was dead or not, my mom said no.
    Then, there was a part of the dream were Nick Jonas appears, but it was so confusing I don't really know how to explain. And before all this, something about Hogwarts, also too confusing to explain.


    Nick Jonas -> Somehow, I always see celebrities in my dreams.


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