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    First WILD!

    by , 05-19-2020 at 12:57 PM (539 Views)
    Screens off by 10, mindfulness meditation, supplements and herbs. In bed by 10:30.
    I'm in a hotel with my family, theres some sort of wedding happening. Tina, my grandparents, my dad, aunt, and other family members are there. There are invitations, we drop them. I hold the elevator as my sister picks them up, but the elevator leaves without them. We are at a table, eating food, my plate has asparagus and broccoli, and its falling off my plate and making a big mess. There are other people around. They are looking at us. I wake up.
    We are hurrying to go somewhere else, but I left my stuff. I go back to get it with my dad. We go to a computer station, where I left my headphones, bag, and a charger plugged in. Theres a boy, maybe a teenager, at that station. I ask if he's seen my charger, while I see him stuff it further into his pocket. I ask, how about the one you just put in your pocket? He hands it over, ashamed.
    I wake up, my 3:30 alarm is going off. I'm surprised, I thought I slept through the alarm for some reason. I take my supplements, smoke some of my dream herbs. I lay very still, attempting a WILD.
    Suddenly my vision goes from black to full real life colors. I'm in my old highschool, in a hallway. I look at my hands, way too many fingers! A DREAM! MY FIRST WILD! My dad is there again, I ask him if he's my Dream Guide, and he shrugs. I hold his arm and we walk down the hallway, passing some of my old teachers. Mrs Fina! I say hello. My dad seems to be in a hurry, I tell him to slow down, pop my head into another classroom. Mrs Ingram sees me and comes to hug me; her hair is different and she has to remind me who she is. I tell her she looks beautiful and we hug and I tear up. I return to the hallway as it fades to black. I wake up.
    I'm fighting with some siblings, I feel like it was Avatar the Last Airbender related. I'm fighting with a brother, and he tries to knock me down, but I am holding onto something and don't fall. Then I realize I'm floating.I check my hands, yep! Toooooo many fingers. I walk inside. Its my parent's house in Blue Ridge, in the basement. All three sisters and both parents are there. I remember this day, it was the first (and maybe only) time all 6 of us were together in that house. I remember my dream goals, check pockets, meditate. I sit to meditate and realize I can't reach into my pockets while I'm sitting. I stand and find a hair clip in my front right pocket, keep checking for a wand, and I feel a lighter in my front left, but didn't quite fish it out before the dream changed.
    I'm upstairs in the living room now, my family is all there. I see my old cat, Alice, run across a doorway. I tell my family I just saw her, and I start crying. Then I wake up, for good this time.

    Dream signs: school, family, floating
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    1. JakeMcDake's Avatar
      That's amazing, congratz! Can you please tell a little bit more in depth about your WILD experience, how long time it took before you entered the dream, sensations etc? I'm trying it out myself and would love to hear how YOUR experience was.