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    30-Day Challenge: Day 21 - Epic Lucid! Dreamsphere Chronicles alpha test.

    by , 07-25-2013 at 10:37 AM (1047 Views)
    Yeeeeehaaaaaaa, seems like I figured it out for real.

    DILD is so easy! And you can control it fully imo. There's no luck involved at all.

    I didn't write the last two nights as the dreams were so short, they weren't worth writing down here. I just wrote them down in my notepad.

    I woke up at around 9am, really late already and I almost had to get up. I was still tired so I just did the same thing as before: I cleared my mind of emotions and expectations.
    Then I tried to sleep while constantly visualizing dream scenes while having the intent to manipulate them in a way that make me lucid.
    Also, I focused on a specific spot in my body that I learned yesterday while meditating. When I focus on this spot, I get extremely calm and somehow it also affects my body (tingling sensations and stuff). It feels like I'm manipulating my own energy. But it helps me to fall asleep so why not

    So I got lucid. The first part is not relevant to the alpha test, read it only if you want to.

    1st: I was in my village. I was on the street and did a nose RC. It didn't work that well but I could breathe a little bit. I tried to push my hand through the other hand, it worked and I immediately knew I was dreaming. The dream wasn't vivid so I touched the floor and did ADA. Suddenly everything got clear. I remembered that I wanted to do one of the alpha tests for our dream RPG. "How do I get to Cardia?", I thought. I'm really bad at creating portals and never succeeded in making one. But while I was working last week I was always riding the elevator. I like elevators. Why shouldn't I summon my own personal elevator that can take me anywhere? Awesome. I imagined an elevator appearing in front of me. A silhouette of my elevator appeared. It was a small, silver-painted elevator. But I wanted it to be bigger. It grew in size and was now fully materialized in my dream. My vision faded black. I woke up. I didn't move and I wanted to go back so I focused on the last image I could remember. I actively visualized myself touching the floor and stuff and I was in the dream again. I had to do some ADA to regain the clarity.
    I got inside the elevator. It was hot inside but there was a huge air conditioner above me. Cool air breezed into my face. I looked at the buttons. There were many buttons and next to each button was a small image with the location it would bring me to. I saw a green button with the name Cardia on it. I pressed it and the elevator began to fly away.
    The door opened and a voice said: "Intermediate stop, Mall.". Why would I want to go to a mall? I walked outside and it was indeed a huge mall. I saw Windy but I knew it was just a DC. She said hello to me and I told her I'm going to Cardia to complete one of the alpha tests. She wanted to come with me.
    I lost lucidity again. I don't remember what happened here clearly but I think I had a FA of waking up and falling asleep again. I was standing in front of my elevator again and did a RC. I was still dreaming. I went inside the elevator with Windy and pressed the button to Cardia again. Suddenly the elevator moved downwards.


    'Bing', a bell rang and the door opened. Now this was Cardia. We were inside a small bakery. I looked around and it looked so medieval and awesome. There was food on a display cabinet. A man was working behind the counter. He looked like a typical baker, but he wore a grayish hat. "Hey, you!", I said. The man turned around. "How can I help you, sir?", he replied. I asked him: "Is this Cardia? And if so, where can I find the Clock Tower?". He looked at me and smiled. "Of course this is Cardia, my name is Dan(n)y (I don't know if it's written with one or two letters lol) and welcome to my bakery. The Clock Tower is right next to us! Look outside the window and you will see it.". I walked to the window and focused on my visual sense through ADA to see things clearly. The tower was right in front of me. It was huge! It's really hard to describe how it looked like. A little bit like this:
    Spoiler for Clock Tower:

    Anyway, so I thanked the Baker and jumped outside the window (Who uses doors anyway ). I looked around and saw people everywhere. Some of them looked like merchants with carts that were pulled by oxen or horses. The clock tower was now in front of me. I wanted to climb it and do the 360 degrees alpha test. It was so huge and I tried to fly upwards. It didn't work, my dream control was crappy for some reason. Windy laughed at me. At one side of the tower there was a rope. I climbed up the rope. It was so exhausting! For some reason I felt the exhaustion from climbing the rope in the dream. Maybe this is really helpful for the RPG later on to prevent being overpowered. But this was just an alpha test so I focused on making the strain on my arms disappear. It worked. I got higher and higher. At the top, there were 4 statues at each corner. And there was a gigantic bell inside the tower. When I was almost at the top, my vision faded again.
    I woke up. "No way, not now!", I thought. I haven't moved so I tried to go back to the dream again. I focused on the last image and I was dreaming again. I did some ADA and RC's to make sure that I won't wake up anytime soon. Now I was at the top of the tower. Cool wind was blowing in my face, it felt so good. I looked around. In front of me was a huge street with shops at each sides. Many houses. In the middle of the street (The street was really broad) was a decorated tree. Children were gathering around it and played some games. It all looked so peaceful. I turned to my left and saw the bakery I came from. On the left side of it was another street that led somewhere inside the village. I couldn't see that far for some reason, my visual sense wasn't that good. I turned around. Behind me was some kind of Townhall. It was big and looked pretty. I searched all over and this picture was the closest to what I saw:
    Spoiler for Townhall:

    To the left and right of the townhall were trees and a little garden with beatiful flowers. I turned to the right side. Another little road, but it led to some kind of park. I saw lots of trees and a little lake in the middle. The area was surrounded by a small wooden fence. I turned to the baker and screamed: "Hey you, what is that area with the trees?". He looked outside the window and answered: "Oh, that's the Mc Bruisy Park! We grow medical herbs and different kinds of plants there!". Yep, he indeed said Mc Bruisy...sounds kinda lame so we might rename it
    I turned around again and looked in each direction to make sure I saw everything my vision allowed me to. Seemed like I've seen everything in an area of maybe 100-200 metres. I had an FA and woke up for real shortly afterwards.

    I also drew a small map in paint, I'm going to post it in the official alpha thread.

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    1. Unbound's Avatar
      That dream sounds so amazing! By the way, what did the statues on the bell tower look like? And don't rename the park, Mc Bruisy park is such a catchy name, yeah a bit lame, but catchy!
      Katsuno and Lmrhone like this.
    2. Katsuno's Avatar
      The statues reminded me of those typical gargoyles, but if I remember correctly the statues in my dreams had some kind of resemblance with angels. It's really hard to tell those little details after you woke up :/
    3. Unbound's Avatar
      Ok, yeah I know how it is.
    4. Lmrhone's Avatar
      Seems like your subc remembered about the skill trees and prevented you from flying hahaha! You got tired from rope climbing!?!? Sounds like Cardia is gonna be more interesting than my initial thoughts. I'd love to get tired during battle and for my subc to remember which skills I'm allowed to use, I can't wait!
      Katsuno likes this.
    5. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      wow amazing