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    1. When walls and mirrors didn't work

      by , 10-12-2015 at 03:22 AM
      To start off I went to sleep around 1 am, woke up at 4 for a BRB went back to sleep and woke up at 5:55 wbtb. October 11, 2015)

      Later I felt my body starting to vibrate or get that sleeping foot feeling (I'm a stomach sleeper). If felt like someone was watching me trying top come out of my body (could have been myself). I wanted to go through the wall, but something said no, than I said to myself go through the mirror, that didn't happen either. I just floated through the doorway of my bedroom somewhere. When I got their I could see one of my hands with a blue ball and another hand ready to catch it. I just stayed their watching. After about two throws it came into focus. It was me tossing the ball to a baby boy while we were sitting on the floor. Then another child around 6(boy) came and said mom, daddy's home (while he was saying this I didn't remember seeing mouths on anybody). I said great and I get up and he meets me coming from the playroom carrying our daughter that appears to be 2yrs old. He was wearing a red shirt, and something around his head, his features were very clear (I actually know the person, just couldn't tell if we were married but we have a girl and 2 boys). After I saw him I ended up back in my body. I am talking to my friend from the dream and told him I had a dream about him....as soon as I get that out of my mouth I am fully awake around 10 am.

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    2. Get down shots fired......

      by , 10-10-2015 at 03:09 AM
      I'm starting to remember more dreams, just not being lucid...ugg

      This is my first time having a dream like this. From October 4, 2015

      For some reason we were in a double wide trailer. I was in the bedroom with a baby on my way to the kitchen for a bottle. Someone said they are shooting I drop down to the floor quickly....the first bullet comes through the wall..Someone comes into the kitchen and I tell them to get down they say I'm not going to get shot and BAM....they got shot about 3 times..( I remember saying lay your dumb ass down). Next thing I know it's about 2 other bodies there. There was a large see through door in the kitchen so you could see the outside. From the part that I was laying you couldn't see me and I know I needed to make it to the baby and phone. I could hear people talking saying everyone is down not knowing they were parked near the window. I was sliding by the door and one of them saw me slide by. They said we got a mover. I instantly got someone's blood wiped it on my body and laid in a puddle of blood face down and froze holding my breath.......As they looked through the window they said that all were down with no movement and they left..........
      ......I woke up at 5:20 am.

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