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    Buffalo Chicken........

    by , 09-21-2015 at 12:26 AM (338 Views)
    Well I don't recall being lucid in a while but I am remembering my dreams so I guess it's only a matter of time.

    This dream was from Saturday September 19, 2015, these are a bunch of fragments, but one turns out to make me say HUMMM.

    It started in the yard of someones house where I picked up two pecans to eat....while they were getting ready.... after that we get in the car and I start driving...

    Started driving on the expressway we see a police car driving on the opposite side, suddenly they turn around. But doesn't stop us, but speed past. Then we see another car hiding behind some trees....dream switch

    The last fragment......I was working with other people cooking in a kitchen (could have been a jail idk) getting ready to prepare a meal....But there is a man standing their giving orders. I was making buffalo chicken dip (I had never had this) He was yelling out the recipe..."tear 6 doughnuts...add 2 cups of milk...add another 100 ml of milk...get the sourdough bread break it open. While this guy is yelling I'm cooking with someone else cause I remember us tasting the doughnuts before adding the liquid. When we grab the sourdough bread to open it...the inside was spinach and cheese. ......I wake up.

    ***Weird thing that happened to me today, I attended a bridal shower and most of the food was spicy. Hot wings and strips from Zaxby's, and ta da ..buffalo chicken dip. lol I finally got a chance to taste some for the first time

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