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    Bits n Pieces

    by , 09-12-2012 at 07:31 PM (332 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    I could only remember bits and pieces of my dream(s) last night.

    I am at a strange resort with my wife and I am driving a boat. Nobody is speaking English. I am being forced to dance. We go to some island for 11 hours and play baseball there. It is now morning and we are laying out on the ship deck. The waitress is taking drink orders and I ask for a bloody Mary. The waitress makes fun of me and says that I should get a drink with alcohol (hmm). Next we are trying to surf and I am having trouble standing on the board. My cousins L&C are doing it easily and making fun of me.

    Possible explanations:

    Resort: I recently went on a vacation to an all inclusive resort.
    Nobody speaking English: My vacation was in Mexico.
    Forced to dance: I hate dancing.

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