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    Engaged Twice

    by , 08-23-2012 at 03:22 AM (259 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    Dream 1:

    I get engaged to two people. The first person is a man. He really wants me to try being gay and I think I kiss him. I really care for him but I quickly realize that I am not gay and I really want kids. I feel horrible but I have to find a way to break it off. I am also engaged to my current wife. I am about to try going along with both engagements but I realize that I can't be married to two people at once (legally). I feel a ton of pressure. I set up presentations and book conference rooms at work to present how I met both people. My coworkers voted on who I should be with and the unanimously voted for my wife.

    Dream 2:

    I am pitching and locating my fastball very well. My slider is OK too although a few went into the dirt. I strike out the first batter with FB (strike), Slider (ball), Slider (ball), FB (strike), Slider (strike). The next batter (some kid with a bitchy mom) was complaining that I am pitching from too close. I explain that I start my windup with my foot on the rubber and my stride can be as long as I want but the mom was being a bitch.

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