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    Land Shark

    by , 10-11-2014 at 08:40 PM (327 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    It's been two years since recording my dreams so it will take a while to build up my recall again. Recall was very fragmented in this first attempt.

    Dream 1: I am a slave and locked up in a room with my wife and DA. The only way to get out is to fill up some slots with either trading cards or dvds. I see a shelf full of unopened trading cards and I select a large pack of 1990 Hockey cards. I open them to reveal a bunch of random baseball cards.

    Dream 2: My mom and dad ask me about my stress levels at work. I reply that I am only stressed out 2 times per year, each time lasting a week.

    Dream 3: My wife and I are at a huge park with a very large swimming pool. There are hundreds of people sitting around the pool observing a shark - it is kind of like sea world. My wife has her feet in the water and I warn her that the shark is coming our way. She takes her feet out of the water. As the shark gets close to us it turns upside down and comes out of the water. We are frightened but embarrassed to run away. It is as if everyone knows the shark is harmless. We slowly back away and the shark continues to follow us on land. After a while the shark turns into some large cat (Cheetah?) and runs off.

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