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    Pets In Trouble

    by , 09-23-2012 at 06:15 AM (468 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    Dream 1:

    I am at a water park / amusement park. I go on a crazy roller coaster with my wife.

    Dream 2:

    I am at a doctor's office with my wife talking about having a baby. There is some kind of complication and we have to make a choice. Either I would have to carry the child or my wife needs surgery. They run some tests on my wife and decide that they can do the surgery. They need to put some new walls in her vagina. I ask "how long before we can start trying for a baby?" The doc says one month after the surgery.

    Dream 3:

    I am back at my old house on Pam Lane. I am with my wife and my coworker GM. He is living in DA's house across the street from mine. He is telling me about someone who got murdered. Some little kid comes up on his bike and interrupts us. He asks if I own a beagle. I say yes. The kid says that my beagle got away again and then goes on to explain how everyone in the neighborhood hates my dog. I go out onto the street and see my dog. I start chasing him but he runs down to the end of the street.

    I drive down to the end of the street. My dog is in someone's garage along with my two cats S and V. I park in the driveway, go inside the garage, and knock on the inside door. I ask if I can leave my car there while I take my pets home (I don't want to get hair in my car). She rudely replies "You got 10 minutes." This pisses me off because there is no reason to put a time limit on it since she had nothing to do. She is just being a bitch so I punch her dog in the stomach (in her garage).

    I miraculously pick up all three of my animals (kind of just stacked them) and walk home. It has suddenly changed from daytime to nighttime and I remember that I only have ten minutes. I start speed walking incredibly fast. I look at the houses wiz by and it seems like I am walking about 40 mph. I think "How is it possible for me to be walking this fast?"


    I drop the pets off in my backyard and head back to the old lady's house. I run because I am out of time. I think "Why can't I run as fast as I was speed walking earlier?" I finally get to the house and knock on her garage door. It opens slowly to reveal her smirking face. Apparently she has a camera in her garage and caught me punching her dog. She steps aside to reveal a cop waiting to arrest me for animal cruelty. The cop is a famous fat actor. I run and hide in her neighbors backyard.

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